One Hour Compo - Round 809 (OHC809)

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Apr 11, 2024 Arcana
  1. island in space
  2. Curly Swirl
  3. Expanding Root Universe

coloradoweeks had a really nice song with subtle strings and really tender lyrics and a soft vocal performance.

ethansight had really killer production. Super awesome kick and arp sequence and a catchy beat.

A2Z had something that was lofi and yet delightfully upbeat. it rocked.

Apr 14, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. moon child's query
  2. A Lonely Existence
  3. island in space

All comments are replied to on discord, making this section irrelevant. Onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This track is essentially a slow evolving one that starts with an motif on two synths, that loops until the end. The motif will change depending on the chord played, but ultimately it remains similar throughout. As we listen we have a chord progression on various synths, designed in a way so it's not only extremely uplifting, but also more than major and minor, so we have a bit of that 7th chord sparkle. Later on we slowly introduce drums which are played in a 3 on the floor style, and a dynamic melody that undergoes a lot of variations throughout, some repeating and some not. Lastly towards the end, we add in a thick choir followed by some more arps which are samples from recordings. It's about keeping it as varied as possible whilst still keeping the repetition going. It's basically a slow morphing piece that rewards you over time. It's not a super complicated piece, but it does have it's charm. I'm surprised how many adored this when i went to check the comments, it's not normally the case that a track that isn't that complex, ends up being probably the best track i've ever made according to these people, the positivity was off the roof. To be fair i do like this as well, it's pretty cool. Glad you liked it!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - How can you show up to OHC with only 10 minutes to spare and then whip out a 1:12 piece. I was expecting 20 seconds, but no, you managed to make a full on 1 minute piece out of this, i'm very impressed. I could maybe get 1:12 if it was solo piano, or if i had 20 minutes, maybe some drums and a synth (Or in less common cases i'll just reach for an old project, instead of starting from scratch). Anyways onto the music, these are some amazing chords. I know you make lovely progressions, but damn i like this one. Totally fits the space vibe here well. Even with the short time you still managed to achieve some seriously good mixing! Great drum changes at the end, and pretty arps. This one was justly lovely, i'm shocked, especially for such a short period of time. So sad i can't vote for this one, i had to decide between 7 different entries and my results are final. This is definately voting worthy, amazing work!

DarkShadow - DarkShadow is the master of all bass work. Not one track is complete without the signature saw bassline. I do like the melodic work in this, although the drums are quite....mild this week. They don't seem to match the melody work as much as it could. I do like the off-beat elements in this, it's perhaps not my favourite from you, but it is very cool i like this a lot. Good job!

Souperion - It's been a while since i've heard Souperion go into the space ambient route, only this time i'm hearing a lot of Asian inspired flutes in this. It really makes for a cool blend of styles and sound. The dynamics in this one are pretty! Love how you introduce intense parts, and soft parts to this, it's great. The bass is playing a straight up Bb throughout, and i think it works super well here, because you've added a bit of a drone element without loosing any of the melodic complexities. The notes do change at the end though. The ending though with the arp work was just lovely. Amazing stuff here, this is a lovely composition, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Wassup Thunder - What's this? Wassup is not doing Eurobeat? Say it ain't so! This is also some pretty pads, and a nice soft melody. Ok i take it back, this is dance music, although still not eurobeat, so my point stands lol. But it doesn't matter, because this is very science fiction like. The drums are catchy, and the melody ideas are super pretty! It's got all the lovely atmospheric qualities, but with an intense bassline to go with it. The drums are also very dynamic too, the different velocity changes is a lovely touch. You also seem to emphasise more on the drone aspect here, like Souperion's, but done in the context of a more dance approach. This was just some seriously catchy stuff, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Cerfueil - Nice arp work here, feels like were going NES inspired, but in the context of a modern beat. The melody is super nice here, you really know how to make a strong melody. It definately has the airy space feel, almost isolated and empty. I also like how the chord changes in every instance, it feels semi-synthwavey. I do think we could with a bassline here, even though i did say i like the airy feel, mostly to add a bit of progression to the sound. The double time arps towards the middle was pretty great i must say. You say it's repetitive, and to a degree i can see that, however it's not just a loop based piece, so i think it's alright. I do see you adding more to make it more of a slow building piece, and maybe even change a few chords to add a bit of a surprise element. I definately see potential so don't be discouraged! Good job!

A2Z - This is as HOME as it can get, except in the concept of an extremely fast beat. Maybe i just associate swell synths like that with HOME, forgive me lol. I do like the bassline here, it's super funky. The whole thing is very crazy and chaotic, and whilst i love that, it did make it hard for me to process a lot of what's going on. The melody was so crazy it flew by me, and i didn't even get a chance to dissect it lol. The chords and arps though were very pretty. For the record i don't hate fast music, nearly every track i make is up-tempo to a degree, it's just when the melody is played like that, i haven't a clue on what you're doing. The mix is good, but i did notice the melody really liked to take up maybe a little too much space. I sense a lot of potential here, it's a extremely good idea. Good job!

NickC - This is very experimental for NickC, although your music isn't really that accessible to begin with lol. I don't know how you made that synth sound, but it's extremely granular, it's almost CotMM level of experimentation. The chords are....amazing. Holy hell i wasn't expecting those swell pads, they're beautiful. Not the most consonant of chord progressions, but man it's quite pretty i will say. The mallet also works well, i was expecting it to be in the way, but not it adds a nice subtle melody element to the piece. I also was not expecting drums, these drums do not sound like you at all. I love them, this is awesome. This is insanely good! I don't know what you ate this week, but if you can eat more of it, then that would be brilliant, because this is so cool and experimental. Of course Nick being Nick you decide to Drill and Bass your way through the ending haha. I seriously could not think of anything else to say, it's just a super lovely composition. So lovely i decided to place it on the top spot, incredible work!

Coloradoweeks - Plink piano and synths! You also went for a major key, but mixed with some serious detuning. I don't even think this is A=432 tuning anymore lol. The way you've adapted your vocal to this tuning is awesome too, that takes some skills. Some chords were definately spicy, but i am a big fan of spice, so it's definately ok with me. This is both chill, but also has a mild groove to it, it's really great. I like the slow developments in the lyrics too, really adds something to the piece. Despite the dynamic variations in the voice, i'm kind of struggling to really write any thoughts down in the piece, largely because it's a great piece. The sustained chords at the end was a lovely contrast, and the singing is incredible as always. Yeah this is just lovely, so lovely i placed it on the 3rd spot. Amazing work!

Misael.K - Oh man already you're brining the Misael flair here. I love these chords and cute melody! It's such a Misael type beat, that your other beats don't even match as much as this. This is also quite uplifting, but not in an extremely happy way like i did with mine, but rather it's very chill and somewhat wholesome. The melody is very blurry in this one, it's almost being eaten by the rest, however if we ignore the melody, the track is really great! I love the catchy beats in this, and the groovy bassline. I also love how you keep adding to just two chords, without it being boring. Sometimes just looping too chords can result in something super repetitive, but in this case it works super well to the advantage. The last part of the song though, really amplifies the different chord changes, so the 2 chord vamp is long gone. There is so many different layers to what is essentially one progression being repeated throughout. The layering is just awesome. Nothing else to say here really, this was a sick piece. If the melody was amplified more, it would be even better, but this was amazing as it was. So amazing i place it on the 2nd spot, incredible work!

Arcana - We have a long tail here lol. Great chords, very space like, this trance vibe would go well with this theme, which you've definately delivered. Singing is great too, definately got some nice melodic action here, although some of the timing feels deliberately off, but i don't know if that's me. I do like the mixing on the kick, it's very punchy but not obtrusive. I do think the clap should be more present, unless i'm mistaken and there isn't a clap here (I can definately here it). Some parts of the melody feel like they don't align with the drums, not so much detuned, but more so that there is a bit of a disconnect rhythmically here. Honestly though it's still a very cool piece, with a lot of potential here, so don't be discouraged. I found it very cool, good job!

Ethansight - Pretty choirs, very space like. That is some seriously good electric piano melodies, it's super funky and rhythmical, but really adds to the space feel. That piano is also very dynamic too, really really goes well with the chords. That bassline and beat was also extremely funky, i can't help but not move. The chord changes at the end was seriously fire! This is one hell of a funky piece. The mixing was seriously great too! I loved this one a lot, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Top 3 - NickC, Misael.K, Coloradoweeks.

Very hard choosing 3 this week, like extremely hard. DDRKirby nearly went on the list, but sadly he didn't. This is my final selection after a long delegation.

These entries are amazing and also need to be on the list:

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Oh man this was amazing, i so want to put it on the list!)

Souperion (Man this was pretty, another amazing voting worthy entry!)

Wassup Thunder (Super sick. So wish it was on the list. Also voting worthy!)

Ethansight (Extremely catchy stuff, also voting worthy!)

Awesome - DDRKirby(ISQ), Souperion, Wassup Thunder, NickC, Coloradoweeks, Misael.K, Ethansight.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Cerfueil, A2Z, Arcana.

Apr 18, 2024 NickC
  1. island in space
  2. The Stars Her Leaves, The Planets Her Boughs
  3. Upon the Treetops in the Stars

Apr 18, 2024 Misael.K
  1. island in space
  2. Upon the Treetops in the Stars
  3. moon child's query

coloradoweeks: very chill, delicious chords.

TheVideoGamer: super lovely! what a journey.

NickC: beautiful with a twist ending.

awesum: A2Z, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), ethansight, NickC, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: Arcana, Cerfeuil, Souperion.

Apr 18, 2024 ethansight
  1. Upon the Treetops in the Stars
  2. island in space
  3. Expanding Root Universe

Lovely theme, great music from everyone~!