One Hour Compo - Round 246 (OHC246)

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Jun 27, 2013 Arcana
  1. Faster Than A
  2. ending without you
  3. another earth
blastron: Great structure and arrangement. All of the elements of a good song are in this one - it's mixed well, it has a good sound, and the arrangement is stellar. I really enjoyed this one.

starla: Your singing is sooo good. You also produce like a queen too, with all the right amount of effects and processing to bring that voice out. Compo more k

johnfn: I really enjoyed this one, the pads were great. The piano was great. I was thinking while this was playing that johnfn's becoming one of the stars of OHC nowadays. Keep it up.

Jun 28, 2013 johnfn
  1. ending without you
  2. Faster Than A
  3. Star Highlighter
DucksUnlimited - echoey piano, eery pad. sounds mysterious! piano notes are pretty random though.
dusthillguy - lol it's so short but i really like it. Nice subtle penises.
somasisMakesBadStuff - BREAK... with a ridiculous amount of reverb. i like it, particularly the breakcore parts..... duh. long reverb trail at the end. good stuff bro.
Forty-Two: funky instrument choices, lots of deeper stuff. some subtle but nice melodies.
DrumJ8: this is pretty funky, liking the chords in the end section. pretty nice groove. :)
DDRKirby(ISQ): Nice pads and choir noises. Wow from the pluck it doesn't sound very chip at all. Of course by 1:02 you absolve me of that notion. The chord prog in this one is really funky. I kept trying to guess the next chord and getting it wrong. Real nice melodies. Nice.
easynam: haha this is really cheery! super happy RPG-soundin' tune :)
sci - concept for this one cracks me up. Execution is pretty awesome though :D
DarkShadow: Haha, the intro synths sound a little like classic Acuity synths. Nice chill intro, but the obvious meat of the song is after the 1 minute mark, where it goes awesome. Something about those bassline chips just work so well. This song is really awesome man, keep it up!
blastron: Aw ye this is a groovy shooting star. The introduction of the (what is it?) vibraphone (?) is nice at :40. Familiar blastron-esque chord prog at :55, and it starts to kick in at 1:12. This is one of the coolest things you've done, I love the grooving bass! If the bassline had a little more bass to it it would be even better, perhaps. Awesome!
Bren: Slow song! Which surprises me cuz I would have imagined the theme as speedier. I like it though.
Arcana: Man a lot of these notes sound dissonant! Be careful! The weird inverse white noise sweeps are really intriguing though. Be careful about your notes and it'll turn out good.
Raspberryfloof: Welcome to OHC! :D Already sounds good even at the start. Really strong thematic connection, the arp totally sounds like a shooting star noise. The lead melody sounds a little dissonant towards the end, but it's a great first OHC!
Acuity: That is the subbiest sub bass I have ever heard. In fact comparing it to the original I think you're making the entire song quieter haha. The work on beatz is pretty good though!
Misael.K: Man that is some vocal range. Notes are shakey but that's ok, this is really real good :O
easynamalso: lol what's the story here? sounded like an improvised piano piece?
IXI: It sounds a little messy (dont have delay on the bassline!) but its cool too. sounded a little gamey.
starla: haha, nexus! it sounds a little loud but the rest of the song is AWESOME.

- DDRKirby(ISQ)
- DarkShadow
- blastron
- Misael.K
- starla

Tough call on #3, I would say it's a 3 way tie between Misael.K, DarkShadow and DDRKirby(ISQ). So I arbitrarily chose DarkShadow. Blame it on not having enough slots :(
Jun 28, 2013 Raspberryfloof
  1. another earth
  2. Across the Sky
  3. Faster Than A
Lots of good music this week! ^^

johnfn's entry was my favorite -- I loved the atmosphere you gave it, the progression through the song felt like following the shooting star along on its course towards a planet, its descent towards the surface, and the calm after impact -- a brilliant song all around!

DDRKirby's captures a slightly different theme, watching a shooting star fall across the night sky and basking in its majesty. A wonderfully upbeat, positive-sounding song!

blastron's song is excellently upbeat--it reminds me of mid-90's SNES/Sega Genesis games~

Forty-Two's song is very atmospheric, and I loved the piano <3 I just wish it was longer!

I also really liked Bren and starla's entries a lot! (I wish I could sing as well as starla ._.;;;; )

I really enjoyed listening to all these songs! ^^;
Jul 04, 2013 Misael.K
  1. another earth
  2. Across the Sky
  3. When you wish upon a sidechain
johnfn: some awesomeness going around in here.

DDRKirby: I love the warmness, good job.

DrumJ8: I like this a lot! It's got a very particular style.

What I Liked a Lot:
DDRKirby(ISQ); DrumJ8; johnfn; starla.

What I Also Liked:
Acuity; blastron; Bren; dusthillguy; DucksUnlimited; Forty-Two; IXI; Raspberryfloof; sci.
Jul 04, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. Across the Sky
  2. another earth
  3. ending without you
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