One Hour Compo - Round 755 (OHC755)

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Mar 30, 2023 Koekepan
  1. keep it movin'
  2. Returning Home
  3. take flight
Colorado's sassybird lyrics win. But there's a lot of room for Greendjssa's composition on the podium.
Mar 30, 2023 coloradoweeks
  1. I Thought I Could Handle This
  2. Bird Watch Over Me
  3. Two Birds. One Worm. Then One Bird.

great tracks everybody!

Mar 30, 2023 Arcana
  1. keep it movin'
  2. Two Birds. One Worm. Then One Bird.
  3. ADHD Birds in E Major

I really thought coloradoweeks did such a good job with the delivery here. so edgy and intense.

obScene next for the really creative thematic elements in the music. Super cool

Mar 30, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. keep it movin'
  2. Bird Watch Over Me
  3. ADHD Birds in E Major

I want my boord

Apr 05, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Returning Home
  2. avian alien intelligence
  3. ADHD Birds in E Major

Because i didn't submit anything, i don't need to reply to comments or talk about my entry, so onto the actual voting!

Lyra_183 - Great singing, sounds like an intro to an album, the lyric writing is top notch in this! The levels are perfect too, and tone is great. Would love to hear a beat on this, good job!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Hmm do the numbers mean anything? I'm not sure if they do, but if so that's quite a creative description. Long silence in the beginning, probably for a very long fade in. Vocals are super pitched down, might have a go at time stretching to find out what they're saying. Drums come in quite unexpected at a unfortunately quite aggressive volume. Nearly was a Jumpscare for a moment. The rate of the drumbeats in comparison to the rest of the sounds is sadly a bit off balance. The drums could be pushed back, and the ambience a little more up front. It feels like the drums are doing all the work, when the ambience to me is more of the star. And that's ignoring the sudden end. But the idea was very memorable, it has potential, good job!

cotmm68030 - 6 minute big boi. I think you are our 6 minute man, not me lol. But i love that, because i love long form pieces, especially when done well. The bird sounds makes this piece. Really adds to the sparse Quake like atmosphere. I am reminded of some kind of forest but in black and white, as if it's some kind of flashback. Also weirdly enough i am getting a mix of Autechre meets Boards of Canada? The heavy dense experimentation of Autechre with the bittersweet calmness of Boards of Canada. Hey sometimes i'm compared to games like Mega Man, so it's not all unusual lol. This is some lovely sound design, you took a nice every day sound, and really made it unique. It's not necessarily the most acessable listen, but the textures were on point, this is super creative, theme relevant, and gave me a full on 6 minute journey, without it being tiring or boring. If anything it's too short haha. This was enough for the 2nd spot, beautiful sound design. Incredible work!

Meistr - I'm sorry to hear that lol. This is very pretty and....unfocused? It seems you have this idea that you are struggling to maintain, because it takes a while before it stabilises. No but you got me, anything with strings and piano is an instant win for me. Especially with such a lovely emotional harmonic tinge, and a pretty melody. Yes it's a extremely quiet waveform, and yes it could be a bit longer, more fleshed out, but the melodies and instruments were too nice enough, not to give you this. In fact it was too pretty, i gave you the third spot. Amazing work!

DarkShadow - Good lord straight into it, not even a second to prepare myself lol. Damn that is one speedy piece. The whole thing rattles my brain, in a sadly not good way. I'm probably not the target audience for this, sorry. Good job though!

Greendjssa - Music Box and polyrhythms. It's like Aphex Twin meets Philip Glass lol. You said you are adding other sounds to this, and i don't hear them, just a solo music box. Maybe i misread or something. Very pretty piece i must say, really showcasing beauty and simplicity in one instrument, i love it. Even managed to make a lovely melody out this, which is not easy when you limit yourself to a single sound. I loved this so much, i gave it the top spot. I really felt the theme from using a single music box sound (And a seriously good quality one too, where did you get that?), it was awesome. Incredible work!

Koekepan - Another one with a long fade in. Really liking the granular stuff in this, the delays are really going to town. Also got this lovely portamento in the melody, makes it a bit C418 Music Disc like. There is also a bit of nice ambience to the whole groove, which is great for a bird theme. I do dig the chord changes and the slowly developing drums. The kick is a bit loud compared to the rest (If you want my honest feedback), but this sounds like it was played in live, so who knows. The track is lovely, and with a bit more mixing, it would be perfect for me. Good job though!

obScene - What a cool rhythm we have here, it's got a lot of lovely syncopation. I can feel the pentatonic scale in this, and the slowly developing strings is a winner for me. I also feel like you tried to synthesize some bird noises using a Square Wave in this, who knows. I was expecting to be a little more calmer, but we ended up in a more dramatic, kind of a nerve-racking piece, like the intro to some Luigi's Mansion styled video game. That's not to say it's bad, it's lovely, but it felt out of place a little. I was hugely put off by the sudden decision to just stop dead the middle, amplified how incomplete this was. Damn shame really, i really wanted this on the Awesome section, it had some lovely moments, but i just didn't feel it in comparison to the theme, nor did i enjoy the random yet casual stop, made me feel like my headphones were broken lol. Still enjoyed it though, good job!

NickC - Sweet guitar riffs, kind of country inspired. The bass parts are strong in this, compared to the rest of the guitar, not sure if this is intentional or not, but probably could do with a little dynamics in this for me. On a positive note, the melodies are super pretty, lovely mix of 7ths, and 9ths, played in a sort of broken slightly dissonant way. You always through these weird notes in, that i should gel with, but instead it makes the piece way better. The melodies are pretty as hell, but i feel dynamics and balance could change this into awesome territories. I'm also not sure what the ending was about lol, we suddenly change keys and tempo without rhyme or reason. Still though, a whole ton of fun, enjoyed it a lot, good job!

Arcana - Ooh Arcana flexing his pretty melodic chops, i'm all for it! Probably the prettiest Arcana chord progression i've heard to date. I can sense you are trying to make a pop song, in the style of maybe 1975 or some pop rock kind of deal. In this case, the idea is off to a lovely start, the melody is down, and the chords are lovely. However i feel we need a strong bassline in this, or at least more stronger than what we already hear. The vocals are actually really nicely mixed, but they feel they don't blend in the piano as much as they should, and the drums should also have a little more dynamics, so it isn't loud, soft and the loud again. But this is just a taste thing, some people might be different. It's still lovely though, i am definately into those chords, you should do more with those kinds of chords, good job!

Coloradoweeks - House grooves for the win! I love that last chord before the loop, unexpected and fits perfectly. Singing is incredible as always, a friendly reminder i cannot even come close to the voice you have. The groove is super tight, and the harmonisation is just amazing. The drums could be a bit beefier and louder, if i were really to critique, and maybe introduce a bit of an ending (If we get into nitpick territories), but it didn't do enough to diminish it's worthy of being placed into the awesome section. I mean amazing vocals can do that to me sometimes lol. I so wanted this to be on, but i only had 3 options to choose from. If there was a 4th place this would be it. Theme accuracy swayed me for the top 3 i'm sorry. Amazing work though!

Xaleph - I don't think i've seen you around, apart from maybe a few compo's you've organised here and there. Intro was lovely, but then again it's the classic Lo-Fi Hip Hop rain sample followed by the filter into the main section. Chords are simple but delightful, and the groove is super tight. I just love how it continuously builds up despite it being two chords. The piano is really the start of the show, so much so the beat is almost secondary to the piano. Even though 2 chords is not much, you still manage to keep my interest throughout. I am afraid your description is on the money, it does need a bit of mixing, since the piano was upfront, but the bass was a bit to the back. However i didn't think it was clipping, at least not to the severity you think it is. So whilst i am going to put this as a Good job, it was an awesome idea with so much potential, definately had a lot of fun listening to this. Good job!

Handknit - Quiet waveform. Lots of reverb and delay in this, almost to the point where it makes it like a soundscape. Cool noodles on the guitar, quite an expressive avant garde piece. I feel there is sadly no structure to this, which might be a bit harsh, i'm sorry. I just feel like i'm not the audience for this, there is a lack of a strongly defined melody, and the chords are more for atmosphere than they are for melody. I know i sound hypocritical as i praised CotMM Dark Ambience piece, but didn't gave this the same praise. I think what holds it back, is the constant rhythmical styled plucks of the guitar that is consistently playing without rest, i would tone it down and treat it as like a drum part. I'd also simplify the guitar part, make it more of like a pad. If anything the ending part was the best, because you explored a lovely melody, with a slightly wonky rhythm. That had a lot of potential, i mean the whole thing does to be honest. It is a lot of fun to listen to, so don't be discouraged. Good job!

JH Sounds - Borrowed melody huh? Maybe i know this melody then? Well i am listening, and i can't tell, so maybe you mean borrowed chords? I am not that good at recognising songs sometimes, especially if i don't listen to the artist. The melody is lovely in this, and the chords are very delightful and uplifting. It's like a kids educational program lol. Ton of fun, well done!

Misael.K - The return of the singing voice! Topped with super pretty major 7th chords, because of course they're pretty. The pad is very cool, it's got a bit of a really nice swell effect to the sound. You seem to struggle with high registers, i've noticed. You sing miles better than me (So this is not coming from malice), but it doesn't seem to match with the song when you get that high. The vocals could also do with a tad bit more mixing, they don't seem to blend with the powerful drums and piano as much as they should. Track is beautiful, but is worthy of more mixing, and a nice bassline here. Has a lot of potential, don't be discouraged, it is lovely. Good job!

Eclipse - Welcome there, i don't think i've met you. This is a pretty piano piece, with some nice bird FX in the background. Really fits the nice simple theme. I mean we already did this theme, why are we doing it again? I really dig the cool chord changes in this, really makes it super jazzy, very unusual. I can't tell if this is played live, my hutch is that you used a VST and sequenced it. which let's be honest, that is the exact process i use for my piano pieces. After a minute the piece ends, and we are left with 2 additional minutes of just bird noises. Relaxing, but obviously unintentional. It was probably a render mistake on your part. For me the piece ends at 1 minute in, but take it as you will. Has a lot of potential for expansion, maybe add some reverb to the piano to make it less dry, and some dynamics. Sounds lovely tough, good job!

Top 3 - Greendjssa, cotmm68030, Meistr.

It was initially gonna be CotMM first and then Greendjssa, but Green's ended up growing on my quite a bit, so at the last minute, my position changed. Still 3 amazing pieces though!

Coloradoweeks would be 4th place if there was such a thing. Theme relevancy was what swayed me for my top 3.

Also i've just noticed how very little people have made it to the awesome section this week. Either my standards are way too high, or i'm probably getting nitpicky in some of my comments, this is actually honestly a bit unfortunate, I'm genuinely sorry for it to be this way. Still though, none of this implies your tracks are bad, it's me really saying "Lovely idea, with a lot of potential". Instead of "Your idea sucks, do better" (Which i would never say, dear god lol. I'm just using it as an example). So hopefully everyone understands where i'm coming from. Thanks for your patience!

Awesome - cotmm68030, Meistr, Greendjssa, Coloradoweeks, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, THEGREATDESTROYER22, DarkShadow, Koekepan, obScene, NickC, Arcana, Xaleph, Handknit, Misael.K, Eclipse.

Apr 06, 2023 Misael.K
  1. keep it movin'
  2. Fluttering (v4)
  3. Returning Home

coloradoweeks: an awesome bop!

Xaleph: very smooth.

greendjssa: cute like a bird.

awesum: Arcana, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Greendjssa, handknit, JH Sounds, Koekepan, Meistr, NickC, obScene, Xaleph.
good: Eclipse, Lyra_183, THEGREATDESTROYER22.

Apr 06, 2023 NickC
  1. After Math
  2. Piano
  3. avian alien intelligence