One Hour Compo - Round 635 (OHC635)

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Dec 10, 2020 Arcana
  1. Winter's Sun
  2. Flowers Flow
    JH Sounds
  3. Barren Snowscape
Atmospherium for the lyrics and the overall sound, especially those crunchy drums. Really liked it. I felt the singing could be a little more intense but I liked the overall ideas here!

JH Sounds for the nice melody and rhythms. Again here the singing could have been a little more on pitch but the song was so fun and bright, I enjoyed it.

Johnfn for that intense transition, that was really great.

Also under consideration:

Dec 10, 2020 InvisibleObserver
  1. icy area
  2. Blooms Endure
  3. out of place
Dec 11, 2020 JH Sounds
  1. Barren Snowscape
  2. Tulips Through Snow
  3. Piercing Through Icy Reign
Oh shit there's a bear
Dec 11, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Bloom Against the Cold
    Wassup Thunder
  2. Frozen Beauty
  3. Blooms Endure

@Arcana - You could call it D&S. Drums and Samples haha. There is a bass, but i didn't want it to be the star, i wanted the guitar samples to shine instead.

@Souperion - Mario Kart lol, what's with the unusual comparisons. Way too relaxing for Mario Kart.

@Wassup Thunder - Anything snowy really.

@Atmospherium - Only the best for you lol.

@NickC - Are you guys like endorsed by Nintendo or something? Every track i make has some relation to one of these games by this company...

@Misael.K - A bit chilly eh? Haha...

@Wassup Thunder - Only the best mah dude lol.

@Arcana - I really wanted to loop that guitar oh so badly, but i couldn't know...repetitive.

@Misael.K - There was bass in the entire time haha.

@Souperion - I know the feeling, super relaxing, super high energy.

@JH Sounds - Why thank you...

@Johnfn - TVG never sleeps!

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

TheVideoGamer - This track initially started as more like 80's children's music. The image was something you would find on like a UK sesame street, where all the cartoon characters would run in the snow lol. I don't know i tired a 3/4 thing, but the result was er...boring i shall say. I didn't have the energy to propel it forward, hence where the second idea came in. This one, relied more on beautiful guitar samples, from records, which were layered to create pretty much relaxing emotional melodies. On top of that, i added in DnB breaks to create the ultimate relaxing experience. I really like this one.

Now then....

DrumJ8 - Good to see you again. Based on your name, it seemed obvious you were the master of drum grooves, however in this case, you actually have melodic ideas, which sound pretty great. Put it short, i've think you might have gotten an upgraded. Good job!

canamla - Ooh i had high hopes for this one. The textures and sounds that create the atmosphere are fantastic, it was getting me so hyped up, however the drums came in, and i was a little disappointed. I mean it's all taste, but i feel the kick and clap could be better, you know different sounds, but the rest was fantastic though. I'm torn on this one, so good job!

DarkShadow - I have to be weary when you come on lol, since your tracks are like a loud burst of energy haha.

thesocialcontract - Yay you entered!!

Souperion - Ooh i can totally see this for some Christmas movie. I love the arrangement sounds, so pretty. I also like how in some parts it's quite Asian inspired, even if it's Christmas themed. Just....amazing dude!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - DDR delivers on some...holy shiiiitt what is that, chord sequences. Like the chords man are...on another level. The arrangement is also rich and exciting. Well done!

Wassup Thunder - Man this is on point with the theme! I love how pretty it is, even more so than Souperion's! This definitely suits it, and provides such a awesome array of sounds. Incredible dude!

Arcana - An arcana entry i actually enjoy, a lot. The melody is nice, and works super well with the chords. Well done!

Misael.K - Ok, what is up with you guys and these rich chord progressions! Daam! Now i totally imagine a beat here, which could make it more than exciting, but what I'm hearing is just....too good. How good are them chords man!! Amazing dude!

NickC - Ok the track is soo good, it started of exactly in the way i love, however the one thing letting it down is the melody, it does not fit with the straight pulse of the harmony. It's out of time, which is sad, because the rest is just straight up amazing. Good job though!

Atmospherium - A lot of people are calling this reggae, which is odd, it feels more like rockish, with only 1 or 2 elements of reggae. I will say this though, i'm super amazed by your voice. Like it's soooo good. Your voice does wonders to these kinds of tracks. Well done!

InvisibleObserver - The real meat of the track, is when it ends :/ Shame....

JH Sounds - I feel you need to mix the voice in a bit better, otherwise the rest was lovely. Good job!

johnfn - I so need a loud beat for this, it sounds soo good. I love the chords chosen, this is one hell of a nice ride. Well done!

Top 3 - Wassup Thunder, Misael.K, Souperion.

Awesome - Souperion, DDRKirby(ISQ), Wassup Thunder, Arcana, Misael.K, Atmospherium, Johnfn.

Needs Work - DrumJ8, Canamla, DarkShadow, thesocialcontract, NickC, InvisibleObserver, JH Sounds.
Dec 17, 2020 canamla
  1. Barren Snowscape
  2. Frozen Beauty
  3. Bloom Against the Cold
    Wassup Thunder
- Barren Snowscape was so pretty then it got groovy and the shift was very well done
- Frozen Beauty sounds like great game level music. The sweeping synths give a nice mystique and the lead really compliments the feeling I got from it.
- Bloom Against the Cold is very well composed. The variety of instruments coming, going, or persisting all mesh nicely. This feels the credits music. Very pretty.
Dec 17, 2020 ethansight
  1. It Feels Wonderful Outside
  2. Frosty Flowerpatch
  3. Barren Snowscape
TheVideoGamer: Happy loops, and solid sub ride
DDR: great arps
johnfn: built into something nice