One Hour Compo - Round 818 (OHC818)

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Jun 13, 2024 Koekepan
  1. House of Shadows
  2. Thicket
  3. Overgrowth and Decay
Nukage's entry captured the intense strength of roots digging their way in and tearing the structure up.
Jun 13, 2024 Cerfeuil
  1. house
  2. House of Shadows
  3. perennial degradation

Jun 13, 2024 Arcana
  1. The Place I Grew Up In
  2. New Memories Displacing Old
  3. Thicket

there was something really compelling about TVG's track where it had a really up front "ambient sound" feeling, where all of the creaks and wind were in your face. I guess it's like it's some strange alien sound scape almost because it was so unnatural.

Jun 14, 2024 ashka
  1. Nature Comes
  2. House of Shadows
  3. perennial degradation

Jun 15, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. Thicket
  2. Nature Comes
  3. perennial degradation

All comments are replied to on Discord so this section is irrelevant. Onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This track is more of an aural experience than simply a catchy piece of music, as it’s designed to invoke the feeling of it being abandoned. The images are of an empty overgrown house so it kind of works. I started with ambient SFX like heavy wind, creaking doors and even leaves blowing with the hope to make it more of ambient or even dark ambient journey, but once I’d finished my SFX, I had a crazy idea to make a beat and then filter it with a high pass, to give off a radio station effect. That way you feel like an old station is playing or something even if the beat isn’t old lol. I saved what I had, and then I used an old progression I saved as a project as I felt it was perfect for this. The beat was then made in a triplet style, because 4/4 just didn’t seem right I don’t know why. Once the beat was made, I just mixed it adding a filter and combining it with the SFX. It’s definitely a sick idea, that is worthy of expansion, as the track itself could do with less compression more mixing, but I wasn’t aware of how loud the wind was. All in all it was a sick idea though, might explore it more in the future. Glad you liked it anyways!

cotmm68030 - The 6 minute man returns again. Loving this weird calming feel. Even though it’s not melodic as such, it does have a strange relaxing quality to the sound. Loving the distorted guitars, really makes it stand out, adds a sense of tension in the atmosphere. The reverb usage here is perfect, and the sound layering is also really great. It really feels like we’re going through many textures out of a few sounds, compared to a lot of them. I also heard a lot of what appears to be thunder sounds in this? Around 2 minutes you introduce some mallet sounds, that in my opinion kind of take it away a little. It doesn’t ruin the track, but I think it would be better without them. However I see what you are trying to go for in terms of the arrangement and sound. All in all, I really like this. Everything is arranged really nicely,  nothing sticks out in an aggressive way. It’s just a great cohesive journey. It was so good i picked it for the 3rd spot, it was awesome. Yours was the most theme accurate out of the 3, but i liked the others more for musicality, but it doesn't matter this is still on the list, it's awesome stuff. Amazing work!

Eva - Great guitar feedback! Loving the snare sound it’s great. I feel like they’re some guitar parts that have been chopped up like it’s a sample. Your voice is completely buried, it was almost like just another guitar part. I think this might be deliberate though. I do like the chord progression, but I think this has potential for it to be smoothed out, especially for your voice. Also it’s quite short, but this is more of a nitpick/small issue. It’s still a lovely idea though so don’t be discouraged. Good job!

DarkShadow - One day we’ll hear a DarkShadow track that isn’t so sad heavy lol. This has a great filter going on and a nice rhythm in the beat I must say. I do think it’s a little dissonant at times, but the grooves are great. Not my favourite from you, but man it’s always a lot of fun listening to your entries. Good job!

Koekepan - Classic Koekepan ambience, but with a lot of interesting glitchy distortion going on. I thought it was a dodgy file or something, but no i downloaded it and it was the same as before. So i assumed it was a glitch or something. Looked at the comments and no it seems deliberate. I definately thought the file was corrupted at the beginning lol. This is pretty i must say, but you do know your glassy textures and soft pads well. Feels like more of that space music i love. I will say the glitchy distorted thing was cool, but i keep thinking there's a fault with the file, and that kind of puts me off not gonna lie. It's unfortunately the reason why i'll be giving this the good job rating, not the well done one, i'm sorry. It's a cool piece though i'll give you that, a lot of fun. Good job!

Ashka - MY MAN RETURNS WOO!!!! I try and not be biased, but my god every track you make is just incredible. It's impossible when you're just too good. The bass work is awesome, and the melody is sick. The synth choices are so cute it's amazing. For once i can actually give critique, because i do think the bass work in this is a little overpowering. I know it's rare if not non-existent to see criticism, because i do think you're just too good, but if i need to, then this is it. A pad could also add a lot of cool etherealness to the sound. However despite that, you absolutely make up for it with the rest. The incredible synth choices, the sick chords. There's too much good than bad for me to critique, so i'll be definately giving you this one. In fact i'm giving you the top spot, even the critiques didn't stop it lol. Incredible work!

BJKMenu - Was the intro intentional lol. Lyric work is very funny, i was laughing a little. I do like the mild punk vibes, great drum work. Electric Piano in the middle overtook some elements for me, the vocal could be blended better as well, perhaps a little too quiet. The ending fill was also amusing, because it was random. I definately feel you are having fun here, because there was a lot of amusing moments, and funny lyrics. I do think smoothing out could work here, i feel some parts are overshadows by others, but i did enjoy it, and i will especially give it points for it being funny. Good job!

Meistr - Oh wow that is sick intro, great guitar sounds! Amazing singer as always, but i do think he sounds a little off with the autotune. He is an incredible natural singer, so i find the auto tune to be a bit unnescary. Also i felt the intro was very quiet in comparison to the drop, it was like a full 180 in dynamics, to the point where it was nearly too loud. Drop was very cool, i was hyped for maybe classic Dubstep, but instead got something closer to Baltimore Club instead. It's not a bad track for sure, i loved the synths, and that sick intro, but ignoring the very short length, i felt there was a lot of moments that definately need smoothing. For the most part i care about the composition over mix, unless the mix is too noticeable that it takes away from the listening experience. It doesn't make the track bad, that's what i need to stress, but it does need a lot of smoothing. Still though, amazing idea, i totally see potential, so don't be discouraged! Good job!

Nukage - Woah that was a great fill into the intro, i totally feel like i'm in a Zombie Wasteland. Based on the intro i was hyped for it to be metal, but you do have a lot of suprises so who knows. The growls totally made me anticipate Dubstep, but then you creep in the guitars, thus completely going back to my metal expectations. The metal drop was not only insanely hard, but also really nicely mixed as well. Also not as distorted as some tracks of yours can be. This is just perfect throughout. I might not agree with a lot of the EDM fusion in this, but you make up for it in the high quality mark. I don't know what it is, but i can never find anything outright bad to critique in your tracks, unless the track is very loud or very quiet lol. I mean the only one is that i don't agree with a lot of the EDM parts here, but aside from that, the track is epic and hard hitting, and just all around awesome. Awesome work!

Cerfeuil - Loving the 8-bit synths, you've kind of played it like a telephone, or at least the melody/rhythms remind me of a telephone. The drums are really sick, loving that Kraftwerk Q sound, totally feel like i'm in the 80's. Also digging the sound effects here, i'm totally in an oldschool rave. I do think this could be taken further with a bassline, and maybe more smoothing of the repetition. I love repetition, if i know it's deliberate, and honestly i don't feel it's deliberate here, which might seem abrasive i'm sorry, but that doesn't mean the track is bad. I definately got what vibe you were going for, i dug the drums a lot, and i especially dug the cool rhythmical arrangements. I think it has a lot of potential, to make it a little less harsh in parts (Not too loud though, so that's good). I like this a lot, it's a lot of fun, good job!

NickC - This seems to be closer to Dark Ambient week, lots of scary pad sounds. The sounds in this are very CotMM, except yours is probably a synth, and not a very unorthodox sound. I am reminded of the Left 4 Dead series when i hear this, the music is similar. I always think you're gonna go full ambient, but then you introduce a break or a bassline later on, completely changing expectations. The beat is very great, lo-fi but also packs a punch, and the bassline is juicy but not overpowering. The melody in this isn't really a melody, and more of a background element, despite it being advertised as a melody. Not something you'd want to chillout to, but man it's very cool. High quality and cool synth sounds are present, and the drums and bass don't detract from the airy nature of the pads. I do wish it ended properly though, it was quite abrupt, but aside from that i feel like giving you this, it was fire. Awesome work!

Lunarice - Sick percussion, we're exploring all of the orchestral percussion in this. The pad and bassline make for a really deep moody combo, kind of chill, but you also introduce a really great reverse piano line, that not many people use in music, i love it. The whole vibe reeks of C418 inspiration, i love that piano melody it's very pretty. Honestly listening to this, the only thing this could really benefit is some velocity variation, especially in the drums to humanise them a bit. But aside from that, this was a lovely piece, honestly that melody was killer. I'm definately giving you this one, awesome work!

Arcana - Cool FM piano, great singing. The singing here is really nice, you do really well with your natural voice. The drums are great too, it makes for a nice pop song. Loving the phrasing on the melody that was too nice! Some of the timing in the EP were a little off, and the vocal work are a little too upfront. Sometimes the backing needs to play more of a role, yet in this one, the backing is more of a background element. Some of the double tracking can also result in a bit too much detune, which might have been inadvertent. Honestly i like this, it's definately more of your stronger entries, even if i feel this could do with a bit more smoothing. It has a lot of potential, so don't be discouraged, good job!

Misael.K - Man you know how to make a chord progression, sometimes it even inspires me to make more weirder progressions too. That beat is sick, it's like a full in electro IDM beat going on. I also sense a bit of background vocals here, or that could be a synth. In before you tell me in chat lol. That melody is great as always, but the one thing love is the slow developments here. The bassline addition signifies very little, but yet it was such a sick change, because you also add a 4 on the floor, it added so much but it was such a small change. The phased pads are also awesome, this is one hell of a composition. Definately not even hesitating, this one was awesome. So awesome i chose this for the 2nd spot, it was just amazing, incredible work!

Top 3 - Ashka, Misael.K, cotmm6030.

These 3 also deserve to be on the list:

Nukage (Amazing metal vibes, totally could vote for this)

Lunarice (My favourite composition from you to date, i could totally vote for this, but i am only restricted to 3)

NickC (Super amazing pads, could also vote for this one. Alas i only could vote for 3.)

Awesome - cotmm68030, Ashka, Nukage, NickC, Lunarice, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Eva, DarkShadow, BJKMenu, Meistr, Koekepan, Cerfeuil, Arcana.

Jun 20, 2024 Misael.K
  1. Thicket
  2. perennial degradation
  3. i need a bobcat

ashka: magical.

cotmm68030: ominous.

bjkmenu: funny.

awesum: ashka, bjkmenu, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, eva, nukage, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, Cerfeuil, Koekepan, lunarice, Meistr, NickC.