One Hour Compo - Round 524 (OHC524)

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Oct 25, 2018 Arcana
  1. Spooks
  2. haunted house 2: revenge of the haunt
  3. HOpeless MUsical RAge (Puru - Homura Remake)
Nice work newcomer. XenoSound if you see this you should join IRC listening party where we listen to and talk about the songs.

johnfn for keeping on theme with a cute spooky tune. The snare at the beginning was kind of dull, but then it matters less after the kick and hats come in.

DDRKirby, great work, though it didn't strike me so much theme-wise. Struck all of the right emotional and musical notes. Good development, very strong production, though I thought the stuttered delayed note that played every bar felt repeated too often. I really like this style of music though, you did it so well. Great job.
Oct 25, 2018 johnfn
  1. HOpeless MUsical RAge (Puru - Homura Remake)
  2. Yeet
  3. Spooks
misael.k with that very close (but inevitably unsatisfying (for him)) 4th place