One Hour Compo - Round 219 (OHC219)

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Dec 20, 2012 Arcana
  1. christmas?
  2. Shattered Sky
  3. apocalpytic chaos in thasauce
Lots of good stuff it's so hard to vote
Dec 26, 2012 Misael.K
  1. Swan Song
  2. No More Hope
  3. Shattered Sky
A-zu-ra: Don't ever stop making music, plox. Best "goodbye world" song ever.

Forty-Two: Another great goodbye song.

blastron: This sounds like "you're in a post-apocalyptic world, don't lose hope".

Songs I Liked Very Much:
A-zu-ra; Forty-Two; blastron; MandraSigma.

Songs I Liked:
Arcana; CJthemusicdude; DarkShadow; johnfn; mcmiagblackmanisgod; sci; ScootaLewis; TheMisterCat.
Dec 27, 2012 johnfn
  1. Shattered Sky
  2. Swan Song
  3. Apocralypse
sorry i missed the listening party last time. here's some more comprehensive notes to make up for it:

somasis: this was kinda crazy. first bits remind me of flying lotus, very neat sound design... the end was pretty abrasive though :p
natsukashi: lol wut. i see what you did there.
scootalewis: you're back! you used famitracker! you just need to incorporate the singing you used to do...
themastercat: ok that was really impressive. you should toss some reverb on those vocals. mad props for doing this in an hour.
ducks: what did i miss the theme being ducks or something. LOL. actually i enjoyed your instrument choice here, minus the quacks :P
mcmiagblackmanisgod: YES VOCAL CHOPS. MY FAVORITEE. ok i felt like the song could have developed a little after that. but wow that national emergency sample! i've never heard that before! crazy.
arcana: dubz! lol. that beat could be a little more pronounced maybe, i like it, but make it bigger. nice work.
a-zu-ra: what's that sample that opens the piece? it's good. LOL ecstasy of life. but actually you rendered it in a really nice way, different underlying chords. very a-zu-ra esque handling of the melody. very nice.
42: even your misses are very impressive. nice work.
Misael.K: i feel like some of the instruments/chord choices kinda clashed, but it was still pretty good. nice choice of instrumentation :3
skrullz: ok thats pretty distorted. man this sounds like the skrullz i know... ambulance? HUH. ponies? or something? IDK i'm out of my element here. HARDSTYLE. i feel like i have ADD. also i think your song drove my dogs crazy while i was listening to it haha. it was pretty bizarre. you should try to write something cohesive one of these weeks :3
blastron: i second the motion of giving blastron 30 extra minutes. that was awesome. very interesting emphasis on the beat. i wanted that melody to shine out a little stronger towards the end. other than that, perfect.
darkshadow: that was really ambitious. i think you should work a little on dynamics - separate loud parts from quiet parts, etc. i liked the melody. dupchip ftw. :3
johnfn: man that sucked! sorry!
MandraSigma: that was weird. interesting instrument choice
MilesTiden: I love chrono trigger. :3 was really hoping it would burst forth. sadly no. still good.
sci: ARGH MY EARS. ok that's better. really liked the first bits.
Dec 27, 2012 CJthemusicdude
  1. Ducks rule the world
  2. Something Something Doomsday
  3. apocalpytic chaos in thasauce
Shut the hell up
Dec 27, 2012 DarkShadow
  1. Shattered Sky
  2. Apocralypse
  3. I don't even listen to Dubstep
TheMisterCat - very nice vocal entry. good harmony with the vocal melodies. drum pattern is interesting, along with the piano building up slowly.

DucksUnlimited - nice rendition of Blue Danube in there. lol at samples. calm feel.

Arcana - really interesting beats! good job with the wubs.

A-zu-ra - really peaceful feel.

Skrullz - really catchy progression and melody at 1:34.

blastron - well developed and builds up well throughout the song.