One Hour Compo - Round 214 (OHC214)

Votes (5)

Nov 15, 2012 Arcana
  1. Mushi ni Asobu Tokoro
  2. Hive Mind
  3. Virality
honorable mentions to johnfn, Bren, General Mumble, DarkShadow!
Nov 15, 2012 johnfn
  1. Mushi ni Asobu Tokoro
  2. Caveat Nautilida
    General Mumble
  3. Supremacy of Bees
A-zu-ra: This is one of the best OHC entries I have heard.

I often miss out on voting on your entries because I don't realize that they're good until after a few listens (Tales of Blank comes to mind). Glad to finally vote for this one!

General Mumble: this is really amazing, I always love your vocal work.

fusion2004: YES.

shadix: Very good. I really enjoyed the piano.
Nov 16, 2012 Kaxon
  1. Mushi ni Asobu Tokoro
  2. Nature, bugs, etc
  3. Virality
All three of these are really outstanding.
Nov 22, 2012 Misael.K
  1. Excerpts from an Ant Colony's History
  2. Lifespan
  3. Mushi ni Asobu Tokoro
DijiTwitch: A very peaceful piece. I imagine a game with this, managing a colony of bugs, where every bug has a name. Sort of like a "Bug Fortress", if you will.

OMGitslewis: Very intense! I didn't know the last moments of a bug's lufe were so exhilarating.

A-zu-ra: But sure, a bug's life can also be happy and all that.

+3 (Very good)
A-zu-ra; AutomaticJack; DijiTwitch; Draconiator; mcmiagblackmanisgod; OMGitslewis.

+1 (Good)
Acuity; Beetie Swelle; Bren; DarkShadow; DDRKirby(ISQ); Fusion2004; General Mumble; johnfn; Obtuse; sci; seventhelement; Shadix.
Nov 22, 2012 DarkShadow
  1. Hive Mind
  2. Bugzez and Shit
  3. Itching scratching bouncing
DDRKirby(ISQ) - amazing bg sounds. dubstep. develops well.

AutomaticJack - those fast arps do give some kind of repelling feel, could fit the theme somehow.

Arcana - nice job with the chiptune! the intro strings seemed to be off sometimes. powerful filter effects!