One Hour Compo - Round 382 (OHC382)

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Feb 04, 2016 Arcana
  1. Frozen Leaf
  2. OHC 382 Out With The Tide
  3. Distracted By The Delicious Rose
Honorable mensions: RSK and sci and GLL.

I really enjoyed the gentle soft sounds and timbres this week. Everything sounded very nice. Good job everyone!
Feb 04, 2016 Patashu
  1. Minds of Flourescense
  2. Quivering Wonders
  3. small color flower dizzyy
I liked literally every entry this Compo!
Feb 04, 2016 Koekepan
  1. Distracted By The Delicious Rose
  2. Frozen Leaf
  3. OHC 382 Out With The Tide
Terribly difficult week to vote. So many great entries. This took me a long time to figure out.

Patashu's intelligent use of a limited sonic palette stood out, but also complemented a well-crafted composition. Nothing wrong with this one and lots right. The simple fade for the ending was less than it could have been - but again, nothing wrong.

Forty-Two did beautiful lounge music, and did it with artistry. The tap on the hanging cymbal, the smooth piano ... tasty!

MisaelK wins it all, though. By a nose, but still a win. That ballad piano combined with the sensitively added violins, the interlude of drama ... charming.
Feb 07, 2016 Random-storykeeper
  1. OHC 382 Out With The Tide
  2. Frozen Leaf
  3. transported to another world by magic flowers
If I could have put both my first and second place entries in first, I would have. But sadly...

1) "OHC 382 Out With The Tide" - This entry just blew me away with its clean, simple sound design and emotional melody. It almost sounds tragic and eerie at the same time with some warm underwater tones. I absolutely adore this piece.

2) "Frozen Leaf" - Another excellent entry; those piano chords are wonderful and there's a very warm pleasant sound. Honestly, even after listening to it multiple times, this piece only feels like half its length, so it manages to be engaging throughout.

3) "transported to another world by magic flowers" - Although it does tend to lean towards excessive repetition, I think the sounds in this really convey the sense of being whisked away to another world. I love that bit with the broken chords from 3:48 to 4:47 and how it slowly starts to get out of tune.


This was a top notch round, wish I could've voted for more entries.

- "Distracted By The Delicious Rose" - I like the chords in this; it's very fitting for that "temptation" sort of tone.

- "small color flower dizzyy" - That bass...what a solid groove.

- "I was too afraid to accept" - I like the "lead", if I may call it that. There's lots of alien-esque, extraterrestrial sounds here. It's also a creative take on the theme.

- "SpeedBlack" - To be honest, this made me realise how much I've missed hearing dusthillguy's entries. Always entertaining.

- "Senil engaro" - Another very nice, warm piece. I have mixed feelings about that buzzy bass, which doesn't exactly blend in, but the way it's arranged doesn't make it so jarring. I like the overall pace of this entry as well.

- "Succulent Cobra" - I really like the vibrato in the voice. The lyrics seem to be nonsense for the most part, but that's what makes this amusing. The piano accompaniment is brilliant though.

- "Minds of Flourescense" - I like the percussion in this a lot, and how this piece constantly builds up to the 2 minute mark. The guitar playing in this is pretty good too!

Great job everyone!
Feb 11, 2016 Misael.K
  1. transported to another world by magic flowers
  2. OHC 382 Out With The Tide
  3. Frozen Leaf
NickC: I love this, those pads have the best texture in the world, and the chords are perfect. Some more variation would've been killer.

Patashu: good sounds, I'm picturing an old world in ruins, a flower the last thing left. I like how this is different from your usual "a million notes in your face" style.

Forty-Two: very soothing entry, I like how everything kinda falls into place as the song progresses.


awesum: Forty-Two, NickC, Patashu, Random-storykeeper, Takeshi64.
good: Arcana, dusthillguy, sci.