One Hour Compo - Round 256 (OHC256)

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Sep 05, 2013 flipbit03
  1. Electronic Emotion (vs shemusic)
  2. Lights! Camera! Compo!
  3. I'd Watch It
DDRKirby is just a f00qing genius, not even gonna start.....

CJ's entry is also awesome, mang got skills!

Tomapella gets the third prize for the awesomely fun and refreshing last entry of the compo that made for a shockingly nice ending! TED NUGENT lol fuq you mang <3

Sep 05, 2013 Arcana
  1. Electronic Emotion (vs shemusic)
  2. Tonight's Show
  3. flipbit03 - Snooby: The Flunky Server
This was a hard vote to decide on.

DDRKirby: That was really good. I don't really know what else to say about it other than, keep it up. You keep improving and getting more interesting and innovative! Glad that you keep making music here.

Misael: I really liked this. It was happy. And cheerful, and very pleasant. It's new stuff from you and you did it well.

flipbit: Great first entry. I eat this stuff up. Hope to see you again.
Sep 05, 2013 johnfn
  1. Electronic Emotion (vs shemusic)
  2. Demonstration
  3. Nightclub (CLUB MIX)
DDRKirby(ISQ): This song is so good that I died while listening to it. The glitching is WAY well done, nice work. I also love the crowd cheering along to ecstasy of life.

DarkShadow: This song also killed me, bringing my death tally in this OHC up to 2. Honestly it wasn't really doing it for me until 3:03, then it suddenly became awesome as the onslaught of thousands of notes hit my ears.

Arcana: Holy crap, I had all my votes set up and then this came along, causing me to redo everything.

Snacker: Sorry, Arcana just edged you out of 3rd place. D: it was still really good though.

Misael.K's thing was really happy and pretty with this chord progression in the middle that was really exciting.

Somasis' thing kicked so hard!!! Those beats were serious business!!

flipbit03's thing was really nice with super duper tasty sound design.

A-zu-ra's thing opened with seriously the craziest solo ever, and then moves into more of your typical A-zu-ra song structure, which is really nice and beautiful. And yes, it has the best ending of any OHC song I've ever heard. Though I secretly wanted to hear more of the solo. :X

mcmiag's thing was real nice, good attention to reverb and beats.

Tomapella's thing... LOL. Please stick around. You are funny AND a good composer.

I actually feel like my entry was the worst of the bunch! haha that's what I get for playing guitar live in a song for the first time ever eh?
Sep 12, 2013 JH Sounds
  1. i got a large appetite for some pussy and weed
  2. Lights! Camera! Compo!
  3. Sunrise Inside
1 - that was an adventure

2 - how cute was that? that was so cute

3 - it's got like those warm fuzzies, you know? GOOD STUFF (okay, I don't wanna be partial)
Sep 12, 2013 Misael.K
  1. Demonstration
  2. streaming live from johnfn's room
  3. Nightclub (CLUB MIX)
DarkShadow: The first 30 seconds are incredible. Those short bursts of organ/pad sound great.

johnfn: I like those out-of-place clicks. Such a happy song, too!

Arcana: some great sounds, keep it up.

What I liked a lot:
Arcana; DarkShadow; DDRKirby(ISQ); johnfn; mcmiagblackmanisgod; Tomapella.

What I also liked:
A-zu-ra; CJthemusicdude; flipbit03; DucksUnlimited; Snacker.
Sep 12, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. Sunrise Inside
  2. Electronic Emotion (vs shemusic)
  3. Nightclub (CLUB MIX)
Arcana - awesome song.
A-zu-ra - awesome overdrive solo, along with the rest of the song. great ending.
DDRKirby(ISQ) - awesome song, amazing glitching style and samples.
Acuity - nice song, has some catchy melodies. like the chord progression.
johnfn - great guitar work, nice and relaxing song.
flipbit03 - clean sounds. enjoyable song.
Snacker - so catchy with the trance synths and samples.