One Hour Compo - Round 259 (OHC259)

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Sep 26, 2013 DijiTwitch
  1. Ticking Time Bomb
  2. frick
  3. time will move like there's no tomorrow
1. Perfectly thematic, incredibly fun and made me feel nostalgic.


3. Aural mysterious gooey substance, just the way I like it. thank you sci
Sep 26, 2013 easynam
  1. Ticking Time Bomb
  2. Lost in Time
  3. This will soon be over
azura: this sounds really frantic in a good way and the speedup is cool and this is cool
CJ: good flow good music
obScene: nice instrumentation, especially the violin

I'm not very good at writing comments SOry
Sep 26, 2013 Usabell
  1. Flow Unlimited
  2. approaching
  3. Ticking Time Bomb
What a great round! With a theme like this, it was not easy to write music, and yet you guys did so many awesome pieces! Very hard to vote :P
Sep 26, 2013 Arcana
  1. Flow Unlimited
  2. 404
  3. This will soon be over
DDRKirby: lots of development, lots of energy. Great style.

easynam: I love the sounds of this one. It was a lot of fun

obScene: Hope you carry this one a bit farther. Deserves development. I enjoyed it a lot.

Others I really liked and might have voted for if I had more vote slots:

johnfn: The return after the bridge was great.
DrumJ8: Awesome jazzy style. Lead was a tad too loud but otherwise really enjoyable.
MandraSigma: loved the string-like instrument and the vaguely Middle Eastern beats here
Usabell: great development and great sound selection/design

Sep 26, 2013 Atmospherium
  1. Ticking Time Bomb
  2. 404
  3. frick
A-zu-ra - So much amazing stuff going on in this track. The ascending piano progression, the atonal touches, the buildup in speed... Everything fit the theme and was perfectly executed.

easynam - Very entertaining track, it nailed the feel of being rushed. Great edits, great production.

Somasis - This is one of the most entertaining tracks I've ever heard. Great work.
Sep 26, 2013 johnfn
  1. Flow Unlimited
  2. Ticking Time Bomb
  3. 404
in a week full of incredible entries...

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The only way you couldn't vote this first is if you hate music. DDR, amazing job at combining all the stuff you've been working on over the last few months - melodies, chip dubstep, glitch. Normally a song you wrote would only have one of the three, but this song has all of them. Inspiring work.

A-zu-ra - if a-zu-ra tells you to prepare to be blown away, it seems likely you really are going to be blown away. holy crap. dat drumwork. dat melody. those crazy piano lines. Reminds me of melody's song from OHC132 (don't ask, I like listening to old OHC songs sometimes ok?)

easynam - oh my GOD WHAT. the only thing i don't really like is the hardstyle kick in the chorus, but the melodies were awesome and the chords...asdfg.


Honorable mentions go to (vaguely in order of how much i liked them):

CJthemusicdude - I can't believe I missed this part of the party, this is awesome.
usabell - great melodies, great song.
Arcana - oh my goodness so much improvement! I would like to take all the credit for this because of our meetup, but i can't.
sci - best 30 second song? best 30 second song.
Misael.K - nah this was great. Sad it had no words, happy about everything else.
Acuity - those were some sick beats, get cj to rap for you next time :D
Atmospherium - Oh man, more of that sweet guitar please. I demand crazy solos.
blastron - very nicely done. felt like a military march. the autotune/whatever gave a really unique feel to the vocals.
obScene - I love chrono cross and I feel a vague influence here so that instantly brings it to the top in my book. great violin.

Good job you guys, seriously. Your work is an inspiration. You simultaneously make me embarrassed to even submit songs here and honored to be part of OHC :D
Sep 26, 2013 Acuity
  1. Flow Unlimited
  2. Limited Fantasy World
  3. still got things left to do
There were so many good entries this week, it was really hard to choose.

DDRKirby(ISQ) - REALLY catchy melody!

Arcana - The sound of your synths!

DrumJ8 - Awesome bass!
Oct 03, 2013 Misael.K
  1. Thursdays
  2. This will soon be over
  3. Flow Unlimited
Most half-assed attempt at voting ever. Sorry!

Atmospherium: because live is awesome.

obScene: because I love your style.

DDRKirby: because.
Oct 03, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. Ticking Time Bomb
  2. Limited Fantasy World
  3. Limited Resource
easynam - catchy speedcore.
DDRKirby(ISQ) - awesome chip style, great glitching. so many effects and various melodies.
sci - like the drum stretching.
Acuity - nice piano work. the strings are great. the second piano has an interesting style. gives a really chill feel.
A-zu-ra - amazing style, great work. the piano chords add the appropriate feel to it. the subtle arps in the background are great.
Arcana - the choppy bass synth is really powerful. the drum pattern progresses well with track, such as adding fills or claps. the synth pads(strings?) creates a good break.
johnfn - the lfo'd lfo helps transition between the ends of patterns well. nice work overall.
blastron - the vocal melodies are interesting, fitting several words into one note- it gives the impression of the song being short overall.
Misael.K - nice instrumental. still sounds great being able to listen to the several details- the soft piano, drum patterns.. vocals would be great as well.
obScene - nice set of instruments to build the atmosphere. peaceful and enjoyable.
Zedd - yeah this is similar to Columbia or something. compared the tracks and this is definitely cleaner.
CJthemusicdude - catchy rap, good job. nice subtle effects too, such as the stereo delay, vibrato, ..