One Hour Compo - Round 786 (OHC786)

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Nov 02, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. fox diminished
  2. Fox Is On The Run
  3. He do a lil mysteryfox

Nov 03, 2023 Arcana
  1. a night in the life of mister fox
  2. kitsune.do_morning_hunt()
  3. Winter Fox Spirit

Coloradoweeks nails it with lyrics. Too on topic, too on topic

Nov 04, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Quickety Split
  2. Winter Fox Spirit
  3. Fox Is On The Run

All the comments are replied to on discord rendering this irrelevant. Onto the actual voting!

TheVideoGamer - It's not the worst thing i've done, it's at least a song of some kind, but's not good. It's just a 1 bar phrase looped nonstop, but done in a EDM build-up and drop kind of way. Were talking a kind of Future Bass/Synthwave DnB track. It's a bit of a weirdly happy tune. That's about it, it's extremely basic. The 2nd part does a key change, but that's the only change, it's just a copy and paste of the first part. I mean i had 50 minutes total producing time, with around 25 of them, being mostly mixing and sidechaining and things like that. The track itself could be expanded to something, so again it's not the worst thing, but man DST was really kicking my ass this week. I'm just not good with Daylight Savings. It at least affirms my never-ending complaining about why DST should have died a death ages ago. Oh well, even if i don't get votes, i still come here for the other tunes presented here, so thanks again!

Treyt - I'm kind of shocked you managed to include a 13 second tail in a 33 second piece. It effectively makes the whole track 20 seconds lol. I mean i'm grateful you at least entered, but i'm not good with extremely short lengths, because i'm getting no music essentially. I do like the synthy and flutey like sounds though, kind of feels like an intro to something. Good job!

JH Sounds - I was wondering how long it was gonna take for you to cover this haha. This is probably a world record for the fastest cover song ever. Not even 2 days into the release, were hearing a JH rendition. I have to say, even though the original is distinctly Beatles, this is distinctly JH sounding haha. I rather enjoyed this a lot, definately great piano work in this. Lots of fun, well done!

DarkShadow - Every song of yours just reminds me of 8-bit robots at a laser rave lol. That kicks is extremely clicky today, however the drop this time was very interesting. Not a drop i expect from DarkShadow, but i like it. The synths are as DarkShadow as ever. The kickdrum was kind of painful to be honest, i'm sorry. I like my drums with punchiness, and this sounds like you've chopped off a lot of the tail end. Surprisingly to say it was 1:42 it felt a lot shorter at around 0:40 instead, but maybe it's because i've gotten so used to your speedy hardcore madness, that it just brushes over my head. Not my personal favourite if i have to be honest, but it was a lot of fun, good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - I'm kind of the last person to say this, given my track record, but sometimes a track doesn't need to be 5 minutes to be awesome. I can vibe hard with a 2 minute length, as much as i can with a 6 minute one. Of course i have my 6 minuters, because i do a lot of copy and pasting, and i feel like my ideas are not as interesting at only 1 minute in. I mean we all have our styles and ideas. CotMM needs his 6 minutes to do longform ambient pieces. It's each to their own. Even though you say you don't want this to have an epic drop (In your description), you still manage to pound up a lot of epic sections, that feel like the ultimate climax to the whole track. So your description kind of renders in the track. Really though i'm into that, because it alleviates boredom, and makes for a lovely dynamically varied beat. I've not even gotten to the music yet, your description caught my eye lol. But this is very cute, almost like Anime Platformer music, with a super uplifting melody and a lovely bounce to the chords. It's got that nice 9-bit sound, where it's 85 percent NES with some modern production values thrown in. The melody is fire, and the arrangement was top notch. Theme fitting too, i loved this a lot. So good, i ended up picking this for the 2nd spot, it was just awesome! Amazing work!

cotmm68030 - So this is a monologue of why Foxes are the best creatures, because of their exceptional hearing? And it's all in German, because shout out to Mister Fox? Forgive me, but was this theme chosen deliberately because a certain someone? A B-Day or something? Also this is a really good voice you got here, it's either someone who speaks German well, or you managed to find a really convincing AI program to speak for this track. The vocals are louder than the rest of the track, so this results in more of a University Lecture kind of thing, instead of a musical soundscape, which is a shame, because the music is really good, quite cold sounding! However the vocals are pretty loud, in comparison to the rest. The ambient stuff, is very warm, but also very cool, it's a weird and wonderful clash of textures, that sound super relaxing and kind of tonal. I do wish the vocal wasn't so mechanical. Which definately leads me to firmly believe you generated this on a AI Text to Speech. It's kind of sad, because the background material is actually voting worthy (That's how good it was, i loved it), but i just wasn't feeling the vocal personally, it's just...clashing. Sorry dude, but good job!

Greendjssa - Amen Break! I love how you have a great grasp on the tonal qualities of the music box. Really adds a childlike wonder to the sound. The breakdowns are lovely, but maybe a little too...sparse. I'm just holding out for a little more, than a bassline. But the intense parts, where the music box is centre stage were exceptionally good, and the reason why i leant towards giving you it. Well done!

thesocialcontract - Nice strummed chords, goes really well with the drums. The bassline is detuned a little too heavy for my liking, but it's not a huge issue. The track kind of has a EBM drum feel, but with synthwave melodies, and chords. The melody is very dynamic, and i'm a huge fan. Riser was a bit loud, a bit of adjust is needed. You introduce a lovely syncopated synth......during the fade out of the piece. Definately a great track for sure, but with a lot of potential for some mixing touches, and synths to add more epicenes. I know time limits can be difficult, so i try to be open minded. Still though, good job!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Is this your first time into modular? Or is this been a thing for a while now? Very long fade in, and fade out, feels like were in space. Even with the craziness of modular, you still keep it to a pretty mellow almost space like feel. You know i was expecting this as a full on ambient piece, the drums were super jarring, not what i was hoping for at all. I love the vocal work in here, but man those drums are super deep, it kind of takes me out of it to be honest. You could have removed the drums, added some more pad sounds that are woven in and out, and hell i could have voted for it. Still though, not terrible, and it was a lot of fun, so don't be discouraged! Good job!

BJKMenu - I listen to a lot of weird music, nothing will stop me lol. That is one cool funky guitar arp and synth, it kind of belongs to a Mario game, but without the guitar (If you were to be serious). The drum changes are pretty dope, it's one half latin, one half metal. The augmented chords don't seem to fit the theme personally, and the time changes are...kind of ridiculous lol, but it's definately different. While i admit, it's not my favourite i've heard a lot more crazy music than this, and i did get knack for the cool switches and melodic ideas. It's definately a lot of fun! Good job!

Lunarice - For the record, it's not you, it's everyone, but i don't have a strong connection to short tracks, because it makes it hard for me to write some thoughts down, if there is so little music. So don't think i'm going after you, it's really for anyone that does this. I do like the lo-fi aspect to this, and the drums have some cool rhythms to them. I can tell it's all played live, because there is a lot of loose rhythms and out of time moments. It's pretty good, but i feel there is something missing, that could really propel this. Mostly in the form of a new drum part, or a different synth sound. Something to add excitement. Also an ending could really take this places! Still though, lots of fun to be had, i enjoyed it, good job!

Arcana - Ooh this is film music inspired! I get Thomas Newman vibes. The DnB parts are...actually fire! This is not the usual The vocal work is really great here! It actually is in key, and the melody is kind of catchy! There was one part where the backing vocals, sort of loose the tuning, but it corrects itself within a couple of seconds. I'm just shocked at how different this sounds, and good this is, as well. No loud parts, no weird tuning, it's just a super nicely mixed track, with a great vocal. Maybe a better dynamic transition towards the end, when the vocal jump in volume could work, but now i'm being super nitpicky. Best track from you to date honestly. I delegated between Colorado and you for the third spot, as both are pretty lovely tracks, but i leant towards yours, because one, it was actually a pretty amazing tune from you, and two, i loved the way you kept a very consistent mix, even with the thunderous orchestral drums, i just loved it. Amazing work!

Coloradoweeks - Punkarado weeks! That is a cool guitar sound, very lo-fi. Any faster and it sounds like Paramore lol. This is some sweet guitar work, i loved it! The light and shade parts are sick too! The only criticism i have, is the drums are...a little repetitive. I could do with more fills and changes, and maybe more of a stronger sound, to keep it's intensity. The harmonisation at the end, was wonderful though, great effect! Honestly even with it's potential mixing and other things, the composition and incredible singing kind of won me over, so i'll give you this. I had to decide between you and Arcana for the third spot, and in the end i chose Arcana. Still has the power to be voted on though, it's that good, Awesome work!

Ethansight - Pizzicato! Ethansight chords! Lovely bass modulation into the drop, i have no clue how you do it, but damn! I love that flute melody, so god damn catchy! I swear you've upgraded, in a awesome way! That melody was amazing, and those chords are super catchy, and lively. Perfectly fitting for the fox theme, and quite energetic and much fun! It's a shame it's 1:23, because i need 5 minutes of this, it's soo god damn good! I struggled, to find critiques here, because wow this is amazing. It's literally to no one's surprise that i picked this for the top spot, Incredible work!

Top 3 - Ethansight, DDRKirby(ISQ), Arcana.

Coloradoweeks is also potential for the list.

Awesome - JH Sounds, DDRKirby(ISQ), Greendjssa, Arcana, Coloradoweeks, Ethansight.

Needs Work - Treyt, DarkShadow, cotmm68030, thesocialcontract, THEGREATDESTROYER22, BJKMenu, Lunarice.

Nov 09, 2023 ethansight
  1. DST Has Failed Me Yet Again. What Are You Looking At Mr. Fox Go
  2. Winter Fox Spirit
  3. Fox Is On The Run


1 TheVideoGamer - Liking the unashamed big saws, and on such a happy progression too! Satisfying drums with good variety. For some reason the middle section really makes me feel like I just got first place in Mario Kart and the music turns up a notch you know? Like the wobbly synth to finish it out too, very fun lighthearted piece. 

2 DDRKirby - Happy happy spirit! All the parts fit together wonderfully, a very chilly uplifting mood

3 Arcana - Wow was not expecting some dnb! High energy, like the slight chugs and orchestra trying it all together. Dramatic!

4 Treyt - Fox do be

JH Sounds - Quite nice rendition, peppy strings

DarkShadow - Hi tech high energy no basss

cotmm - The cool part about stories in other languages is you can imagine any story you want! In this case a grand adventure across the known foxxy territories

Greendjssa - Fuzzy groovy bassy jam

thesocialcontract - Your new synth is dripping wet!

TheGreatDestroyer - Completely ominous, I think this fox is at the end of it's rope...

bjkmenu - This is slightly crazy and a very enjoyable listen, foxfiigghhttt

lunarice - slightly cursed wobbly lullaby

coloradoweeks - ooo dark and moody, some grit to this one wooo

Nov 09, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Winter Fox Spirit
  2. a night in the life of mister fox
  3. Quickety Split

awesum: JH Sounds, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Greendjssa, thesocialcontract, coloradoweeks, ethansight.
good: Treyt, cotmm68030, THEGREATDESTROYER22, bjkmenu, lunarice, Arcana, TheVideoGamer.