One Hour Compo - Round 797 (OHC797)

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Jan 18, 2024 Koekepan
  1. runaway
  2. Space Vacation
  3. Critical Pressure Fault
Coloradoweeks does a good voice log in space.
Jan 18, 2024 LillyMeadows
  1. Planet 452
  2. What Is Happening To Me
  3. Live is not responding

Jan 18, 2024 Arcana
  1. New Worlds
  2. Critical Pressure Fault
  3. It Exceeded All Simulations
    Wassup Thunder

Dex: This rocked. Super megaman like, nice ornamentation

Wassup Thunder this bopped hard and had a lot of cool stuff going on.

MisaelK: Enjoyed the form and the tonal shift between sections

Honorable mentions:

DDRKirby, TVG, nukage, Koekepan, lunarice, LillyMeadows

Jan 24, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. Space Vacation
  2. Fixing the damn Osmotic Breather. Again.
  3. runaway

All comments are replied to on discord, so onto voting!

TheVideoGamer - I tend not to add much to this section, because usually it's already explained in the description, but i will go over how the track was conceived. I initially did this in a breakbeat style, but i felt the chords went by way too fast, so i had to slow it down, so the piano was playing 16th notes. It resulted it being around 80bpm, and whilst good, i felt it need a bit of a surprise element, a bit of suspense. So i opted to add the drums in a 3/4 style, and have the bassline play straight triplets, which also adds to the 3/4 feel, despite the melodies and chords being pure 4/4. In order to quantify the effect, i had to slow it down further, and the final BPM ended up being 56, which is alarmingly slow, however once you hear it, you might feel it's closer to like 90bpm, based on how it's played. For the most part we stick to 4 chords, from the 8th note like stab progression, to the strings, and then the main melody, sticking to simple runs, minus the odd triplet here and there. We do get a section change, but it's just chord changes, not so much instrument or vibe changes. We do have a brief fade moment, before we shift to a key changed, before eventually settling on a piano ending, with some different emotional chords for that depth, and to prevent it from sounding too repetitive overall. I like this once, it's simple but gets the job done really well. Glad you liked it too!

Koekepan - You've finally found your calling with 4 minutes. The days of 6 minutes are behind us lol. This has a very cool alien spaceship sound, with a lot of very intricate mechanical sounds that kind of weave in and out. Lots of really cool blippy arps, and soft and weird mellow pads. The whole thing is just like Alien Techno, except the kicks aren't as harsh as you might find in a normal techno piece. I also love the delay's in this, creates a kind of polyrhythm effect. It's a very meditative piece, that honestly i could listen to for 10 minutes. There isn't much of a melody in this, yet it feels like there is one, it's great. Totally theme fitting, and honestly just lovely stuff, so lovely i picked it for the 2nd spot! Incredible work!

BJKMenu - This is probably the first time we hear just straight punk rock from you. The rock songs you've done have mostly been in the context of blues styled riffs. But to me, this is straight up punk. The chord choices are very sick, i love the direction of the chords, really makes for unusual melody idea. Whole thing just reminds me of Lynyrd Skynyrd but more punk rocky. Guitar tones are amazing, whole thing was catchy. I think there was some note clashes at the end, but really it was minor. Lovely stuff, well done!

DarkShadow - I always think to myself, wow that is probably the loudest DarkShadow entry to date, and then you say "Hold my beer" lol. Seriously how loud do you want it haha. Look i do like the laser basslines in this, and it has a very strong hardcore groove, but the clipping just hurts my ears, and this is why i often put you in the good job category. It's nothing to do with the composition, but just how insanely loud you just mix the tracks. Sorry dude, good job!

LillyMeadows - Welcome, this is my introduction to your music. Hope you'll stay awhile, i'd love to see what else you'll cook up! Now your tracks reminds me of THEGREATDESTROYER22. A somewhat regular here, who is very much a fond of Industrial Music, particularly NIN, which this reminds me heavily off. I also get comparisons to Cabaret Voltaire, particularly the mid 80's cabaret. The track itself is no shortage of grooves, the drums here are extremely tight, especially for a genre of this intensity. I do think you could go for some distorted guitar work here, make it more metal sounding. It also adds a nice melodic element, as i felt when it's just mostly drums, it drowns out a lot of the tonal parts. With the guitars, we get more of a epic sound, rather than a intense wall of drums. Still though, you definately had guts to make industrial music, i don't often hear that in compo's like these, so you definately won me over there. It has a lot of potential here, good job!

A2Z - Wow those chords, you never disappoint me in the melody department. It sounds simple in terms of progression, but the way you mix it with the synths, and how it's played, it's just got that secret seasoning that i love. I love when the beat comes in, it's light and soft (In a nice way, it's perfect advertisement music, I love it), whilst still being upbeat, definately punchy. I thought we were gonna stick to 2 chords, but you then decide not only to do a key change, but a full on time signature change too wow. It's the finite details like that, which really get to me sometimes. Shame you end the piece as i was just really getting into it, but of course when you run out of time, it gets to you. Still though this was absolutely sick, amazing stuff, in fact so amazing (And honestly quite theme accurate), i picked it for the top spot, incredible work!

Lunarice - I can feel the lo-fi influence in this. So much so i need to do some studying to this lol. Wasn't expecting rain samples for what is a space theme, but hey, interpretations are all subjective. The chords are quite pretty i must say, lot of add9's. I do like the melody in this, but it is very buried in the mix, so i felt it might have been a last minute addition. I also don't like how there is a reverse crash cymbal, implying that there is going to be a huge climax of some kind, or even a drop, and yet it never comes, resulting in what i think is just a duplicate section. Towards the end, i felt we could have gone for a few more chord changes, but that's mostly a taste thing. Really the track was very chill, and honestly i dig the idea, the beat was lovely, the rain samples kind of work. It just has so much potential really. Good job!

Dex - When you came out with the chiptune (Or at least chiptune inspired) in the last 2hts i was kind of in love with this new style change from you, so i am super glad you decided to do another round of this for this compo, it was kind of awesome. Hope you keep with this phase for a bit longer. It definately feels authentic to chiptune, and the melody is seriously strong stuff! The only slight criticism i have, is that it's 2 chords throughout. Now that could work, and i have seen it done well, but in this case i don't feel like it goes anywhere. So it's not so much the arrangement, but rather i feel like we overstay our welcome a little. Even changing the key can lead to some really cool results, if you ever feel like keeping the chords. Still though, it doesn't negate the rest, this was just dope as hell, i loved it! I thought about it a fair bit, and in the end i decided to give it to you, there was more to like than dislike. Well done!

Garian - Ok these chords are definately not planned. It sounds like you went for a loose approach, drawing chords in on the fly, rather than planning a progression, which's actually surprisingly sick! It results in some really great intricate chords, that both sound futuristic (Which might be from the synth), and just...eerie. Whole thing is not super complex, but the 80s vibe is there and the drum grooves are quite lovely. Catchy for sure. A bit of a very tiny nitpick, but i could do with a tiny little bit more of an arrangement. I just feel there isn't really much of a section change if you get me, but again it's extremely minor. Aside from that i loved this, well done!

Misael.K - I really love how you start of in a sort of downtempo style (Even with the distorted guitar) with a slightly slow 4 on the floor drum groove (Perhaps disco inspired), and some semi-jazzy piano playing, all very mysterious, but then you switch it up immediately into a fast section, that seems to be almost like two different BPM's contrasting with each other. A fast part and a slow part. The fast section being basically straight up DnB (With a bit of a slow beat on top). It feels like you are making the track faster, without removing any of the slow parts from the first section, essentially being 2 different contrasting tempo's, something i really love about this. Sometimes you add things i wouldn't expect you to add, and honestly i find it a little inspiring, because then i go away and do some cool unorthodox ideas that were similar to stuff you might you. It's all inspiration. Anyways, Your voice singing is lovely (Not too loud, or quiet as well), and production is extremely solid. I so wish this was on the top 3, but alas i can only choose 3. If there were ever a 4th place vote, this would be it, it's that good. Amazing work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - DDR coming with the space rap. Always nice to hear you rap, you are great at rapping, definately miles better than the crap i would do lol. I really dig the chords, kind of mysterious, and has a lot of airy qualities to it. Even though it’s hip hop, there isn’t really much in terms of hip hop production as most of it sounds like (To me) essentially straight up electronica downtempo stuff. The rap is awesome but to me it's a little bit masked by the synth heavy stuff. Not totally Inaudible, just a little quiet. I would have gone for a bit more vocal adjusting in that department. Still though props for rapping, you're already better than me. Despite all that, your production is super top notch, and already cancels out the bad stuff, i loved it a lot. Still absolutely worth a vote, awesome work!

Arcana - You know i'm amazed at how you guys make melodic music out of Modular synthesis. I would probably end up with warbly jank, that is probably unlistenable to some. Those drums are pretty awesome to be honest. You do like reverb on your drums, but this is on another level. I love these kinds of beats! It’s kind of smooth, and in some ways relaxing despite it being essentially modular stuff, which again this is not exactly that easy to me, so hats off. I've also noticed there isn't really a lot of 4-5 minutes pieces this week, so many tracks quite short, all things considered. Great chords, somewhat calming. The vocals are great but can be fairly detuned at times, so it takes themselves out of the chords a bit. However despite that, i still think this is one the more stronger ones you've made. I also have to give props for that high register, my god even i cannot reach barely an octave lower than that, super impressive! Just a little bit of polish in this, could really make it voting worthy, but despite that there was more to like than dislike, and those drums are pretty awesome to be honest, so i'll give this to you. Well done!

Coloradoweeks - This is not the first of many Techno Weeks compositions, but it is at the moment probably the hardest hitting. Even though i know you have done stuff like this, it still kind of surprises me, as i normally associate you with synthpop lol. What also is surprising, is just how good it is! It's always just well produced, and very much a banger, even when this is not your usual style. This is more or less an electro piece, (Modern Electro as in Electro house. Not 80's electro, although genres are all blurry these days), with some lovely reese like basslines, and sick beats. I thought it was all instrumental until I heard a few spoken words here, effectively breaking the purely instrumental cycle, but it works so well, it adds a bit of a storytelling element to the whole thing. I just love the arrangement, and the melody ideas, its soo dope! It’s just straight up banging techno or electro or whatever EDM you would call it. Abrupt ending, but aside from that, it was awesome, so awesome i ended up picking you 3rd! Amazing work!

Wassup Thunder - The minute i hit play i was immediately greeted with anything but Wassup, it sounded nowhere near like your usual style, until your signature Euro Beats come in. It’s very ambient focused, with some sick synth work, and cool eerie chords, but then the drums kick in and we pick up the pace for some good ol’ Wassup Euro synths. It has some really sick synth leads, catchy melodies and a pretty sick ending. The whole chords are quite phase heavy, which really adds so the space vibe. Minor nitpick, but maybe get a stronger kickdrum to add more of a umph to the sound, but again it's a bit of a nitpick. I can't really say anything else to be honest, it's pretty lovely stuff, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Nukage - It's not often for you to do a live performance in compo, and it's a first time i've heard a new producer tag, i feel like were definately levelling up, or this is just unique to your live performances who knows. There are some slightly uneven parts (Dynamically), but I think you're adjusting on the spot in terms of the volume. I also sense you're playing the drums manually instead of programming them, based on some moments where the snare seems to be slightly delayed compared to the rest of the track. The intro is super ethereal I love it, but when the drums kick in for real, it turns into a hard hitting dubstep type piece, which doesn't really come through when looking at the waveform, but it does come through in the track. Despite that it's quite a tame mix for Nukage, usually you really like your tracks really hard hitting, and yet this feels more softer, more relaxing almost lol. It does end suddenly for me, but it is only 1:39 in length, so I can give you the benefit of the doubt. Still thought I really dig this, the melodic work is lovely, and despite the potential, there is a lot of sick moments, definately more to like than dislike, well done!

Top 3 - A2Z, Koekepan, Coloradoweeks.

My top 3 took some time, and truthfully could have gone in any order, but in the end, i went based on not just being space themed, but how well it connects the image for me. All 3 are amazing though either way!

These 3 entries also deserve a spot on the list:

Misael.K (This was too good! So mad it can't be on, but i can only pick 3. If there was 4th place this would be it!)

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Despite my slight critiques, i still think this deserves a place on the list)

Wassup Thunder (This was too good! It also deserves to be on the list!)

Awesome - Koekepan, BJKMenu, A2Z, Dex, Garian, Misael.K, DDRKirby(ISQ), Arcana, Coloradoweeks, Wassup Thunder, Nukage.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, LillyMeadows, Lunarice.

Jan 25, 2024 Misael.K
  1. Planet 452
  2. Fixing the damn Osmotic Breather. Again.
  3. Interplanetary Enchantment

DDRKirby(ISQ): great music, great lyrics, great rapping.

Koekepan: cool exploratory ambient music.

TheVideoGamer: nice buildps and nice sections.

awesum: A2Z, bjkmenu, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, Koekepan, LillyMeadows, lunarice, nukage, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: Arcana, coloradoweeks, Garian.