One Hour Compo - Round 746 (OHC746)

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Jan 26, 2023 Arcana
  1. Swimming Along
  2. Underwater Spine Tinglers
  3. Bioluminescence

Dex just had such a good mixture of intimate and dramatic instruments, it was a really nice piece with a lot of motion.

Jan 26, 2023 A2Z
  1. Mysterious Specimen
  2. transparefish
  3. ギョ うごめく不気味 (The Eerie Wriggle)


Feb 02, 2023 Misael.K
  1. little fishies
  2. transparefish
  3. Bioluminescence

Many great entries to choose from!

eva: one of your best entries so far. Digging the melancholic tones.

NickC: a solid entry, super peaceful, with just a hint of weirdness.

A2Z: very chill, nice movements.

awesum: A2Z, Barley, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, eva, NickC, obScene, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, handknit, Lyra_183, ThaTaskmasta.

Feb 02, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. ギョ うごめく不気味 (The Eerie Wriggle)
  2. Bioluminescence
  3. transparefish


@CotMM - I had to backtrack there, i was like what the hell lol. That actually would be a pretty fun movie haha.

@Misael.K - Going from "ahhh" to "Untz Untz Ahhh Untz Untz" lol

@Dex - Don't you just love augmented chords?

@Misael.K - What's with all the dog analogies when the theme is a picture of a bunch of fish XD

@Arcana - I unfortunately cannot do soft lol.

@Misael.K - I guess my song is about dogs lol

@A2Z - Hope you stay awhile. There's some fun entries to be had XD


@CotMM - How about even better. Laserdisc lol

@Misael.K - LOUD NOISES!!!

@A2Z - That's what distortion does to you haha.

@CotMM - For the record, all of the sounds are deliberately distorted. This is not accidental. It seems though people might find it a little too loud...

@Arcana - I wouldn't have guessed haha.

@Misael.K - I mean i was aiming for some kind of Melodic Industrial thing. I think the problem i have when making Industrial or any heavy music genres, is that i often go for the loudest at the expense of quality. Because i was too focused on the industrial aspect, the potential mixing qualities is overrun by over the top loudness. It's hard to be honest, because the whole point of Industrial Music is to be loud, but usually at the cost of mixing. This might be a bit too much for some. Also bare in mind that i made this in like 15-20 minutes, so the last thing on my mind was quality mixing lol.

@A2Z - Well it is a melodic piece....if a bit saturated.

@Coloradoweeks - Thanks. I like making the most abstract pieces lol.

@Misael.K - It reminds me of Synthwave ELO for some reason haha.

@A2Z - Big Dirty Stinkin' Bass!

@CotMM - You guys come up with the funniest responses XD

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then.........

TheVideoGamer - This track began life as it always does with a simple chord progression. I can't remember the name, but i was listening to a track and decided to notate it down because i liked it a lot. However i sort of got the notes wrong. Instead of getting rid of it, i instead built it up into a 3 minute track. I didn't go for longer than 3 minutes, because it got to the stage where it was just shy of being very repetitive, so i decided to end the track and move onto part 2. The track was originally 3/4, but with the inclusion of a house beat it slowly shifted back to 4/4. The track also contains a separate chord progression which comes every now and again, and is there to mostly bridge the gaps between parts. All in all, i like this one.

ThaTaskmasta - Part 2 was designed because the first one was close to being too repetitive, so i had to end it and move it. I had no inspiration or ideas to continue it, so i just made a quick ending and left it as it is. Part 2 was a way to sort of counter balance that, in the sense that it's a lot more harsher than before. The first one was calm but had a strong groove, whereas this one is loud and aggressive, but yet also containing a warm calming melodic overtone. The distortion is deliberate, designed to sound like some faulty speaker or something, mixed with a beautiful melody and chord progression. Some people say it's too loud, and to a degree they're right. This was made in 15 minutes, so it does need some clean up here and there, and some expansion. The distortion was again deliberate, as i was trying to make something beautiful but also at the same time, extremely noisy, in a sort of contrast. Hope you liked it anyways!

Lyra_183 - Good evening lol. Had a nice sleep? I assume the hiccup at the beginning was not deliberate? The singing is lovely as always, i can sense you are counting time in your head, based on the finger clicks i can faintly hear. The ending is pretty funny lol. I love the medley of random tunes in a Lyra style. I also heard some faint harmonisations in here, which is actually pretty great. Imagine this with a beat of some kind, good job!

Eva - Interesting how you are 2nd, i don't often see that. I usually have thoughts as to which track is likely on next and which isn't. Sweet Psych guitar vibes. The distortion really makes it a little hard to tell what you're playing, which is both pretty cool and also pretty interesting at the same time. There is clearly a voice in this, but it's getting punched by the guitar so hard, it's practically a faint whisper. The guitar tones were nice, but sadly drown out a bit of the mix, making the drums also hard to identify. If this was cleaned up, and the vocals were made to be brighter, then this is the makings of an awesome idea. I still liked it though, good job!

cotmm68030 - That title was probably a mouthful for chorus lol. Never heard of the manga, but then again i don't really consume manga all that much. The textures in this one are pretty great. It sounds like were in an underwater cavern, it's quite spacious and perfect for a movie. This has definately got the atmosphere. It would fit perfectly for The Meg movie. It just has that scary underwater ambience. Sound design is lovely, regardless of whether it's samples or not. It's just beautiful stuff, so beautiful and theme accurate i picked you for the top spot! Incredible work!

DarkShadow - Moar craziness from you. Not once have you made anything less than 180bpm lol. The sound design is pretty cool in this, it sounds like a whirring computer. It's also the first i've seen you change tempo, that's different. It's pretty all over the shop (As sadly a lot of your entries are), but i still can't deny it was a lot of fun, good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Title was pretty great, what are you on about haha. Loving the ambient synths here, really nice underwater vibe. Loving the synthwave work, it's pretty awesome. Melody work is fire as always! Synth bass is juicy as hell. It's like a mixture of Ambient and Synthwave i love it. Nothing else to say, killer production, well done!

Barley - Straight into the noisy metal! This has some pretty hard hitting vocals, i like that a lot! The drums are a bit quiet in this one for my liking, but i am amazed at your vocal performance, it's pretty impressive. I could not do that, especially not for that long. This has a lot of potential, as the mixing here could be refined a little. I love the idea, not far before it becomes awesome! Good job!

Dex - Ooh nice chords. Quite the synth work here. Goes super well with the rock parts and the orchestra parts. It has a really nice melody, pretty syncopated. Guitar work reminds me late 90's Latin for some reason. The melody is perhaps a little too loud, but the idea itself is lovely. I do love the breakdown, that's a lovely touch. Torn on this, because there is potential for it to be refined, but the idea was pretty great. In the end i leant slightly towards the awesome section. Well done!

A2Z - Lots of intricate chord sequences tonight. This is both very pretty, but very calm as well. Pretty uplifting stuff, perfect for a IOS mobile game, kind of a mix between Undertale and a Puzzle Game. Love how it keeps building up from only 2 chords, very great use of simplicity. The release was pretty satisfying as well. The end switches things up with a slightly different take on the same chords, very beautiful. It was enough for the 2nd spot. Amazing work!

Handknit - Interesting synth sounds, both a mix of dissonant and consonant sounds. Drums were pretty tight. I like the groove, but it's a bit disjointed personally. I feel there is potential for refinement here. The drums are out of time in parts, and the melody doesn't have much variation. It's probably too experimental maybe, or maybe i'm not the audience, after all taste is personal. Good job though!

Arcana - Nice EP sounds. Kind of sounds like it's emulating a funk/soul kind of record. The drums are a bit quiet in this, but they do pick up pace in section B, which i'm a big fan. Your singing is pretty great in this, however i sense you are struggling to grasp the idea of harmonisation, as there is a bit of out tune notes in parts, or maybe you are still practicing. It has a lot of potential, it does sound really nice, good job!

obScene - I sense obScene's trademark Cinematic Industrial style coming. Lovely distorted leads, string textures, and a whole host of nice pads. Relaxing, but also sounds like it's fed through a water filter. Your chord choices in this are pretty abstract too, i love it. The drums were super unexpected, the last thing i was expecting for this style. The leads in this one are pretty in your face compared to other tracks of yours, however it doesn't diminish anything about your track. Ending is abrupt. Honestly i still loved it, awesome melodies, i just love your cinematic vibe so much, well done!

Coloradoweeks - Colorado goes punk rock? I'm intrigued. The guitar tone is pretty lovely, and i'm a big fan of the drums. The vocals are pretty muffled, and i'm not sure if it's intentional. The track is pretty awesome, but the vocals are the lead star, so seeing them a little in the back is a bit...interesting to say the least. The mix has a lot of potential here, especially in regards to the vocals. The idea was lovely, has the potential to add it into the awesome section. Good job!

NickC - Beautiful melodies. You are known for some beautiful melodies (With the occasional spicy note, which shouldn't work, but it does). I just love the slow developing vibe here, going from nothing to everything in like 2 minutes. The lead synth in this is extremely expressive i love it. Super beautiful stuff, really chill but high energy at the same time, love it, enough for the 3rd spot, amazing work!

Misael.K - 5 minute Misael let's goo. Super pretty almost psychedelic chords. Sounds like a C add 9 or something. Great drum work, nice breakbeats. Loving the expressive pads here, although i think the melody is a bit out of tune, i'm not sure. The pads may need toning down, especially in the context of the drums. Syncopated chords was a lovely touch, but also a bit aggressive and loud. I don't know if you mixed this a bit too loud, as some parts of your track are in your face. The idea is lovely though, so much potential to be has here. I'm in love with the chords it's pretty lovely. I mean if you toned down the chords a bit volume wise, maybe bring the drums up, you are already on your way to an awesome experience. The idea was just lovely. Good job though!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, A2Z, NickC.

These entries also deserved a spot on the list:

DDRKirby(ISQ) (This one was soo good, i wish it was on the list!)


Awesome - cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, A2Z, obScene, NickC.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Eva, DarkShadow, Barley, Handknit, Arcana, Coloradoweeks, Misael.K.