One Hour Compo - Round 762 (OHC762)

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May 18, 2023 Koekepan
  1. writers block hit me hard this week y'all, i'm sorry
  2. FaLLING
  3. Undone
coloradoweeks absolutely nailed the theme, and did a great delivery of her concept.

Nukage's thousandyardgaze was very well delivered as well, and sonically rich.
May 18, 2023 Arcana
  1. Encephalitis Augmentation Matrix
  2. Undone
  3. Normal Product

Really got into the noise vibes

May 19, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. writers block hit me hard this week y'all, i'm sorry
  2. Process Constructed In The Mind
  3. Normal Product

At least I voted

May 23, 2023 voider.
  1. Never Enough
  2. Death is a begining, life is an ending.
  3. Find The Samples

May 24, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. you say intermodulation distortion like it's a bad thing
  2. Normal Product
  3. At Least It's Free
    JH Sounds

Because i replied to the comments in Discord, this is more or less irrelevant, so onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This track is basically the 2nd in a long line of spot the sample type of games (I don't know why i said long line lol, this implies more and i'm not sure if i'm ready for it just yet haha), where i make a track using audio samples from past OHC rounds. Basically i go through the round, select tracks that sound musically useful to me, and then i chop it up to make a beat with. The goal is to have 10 different users with different samples from mostly different rounds, that i must use for my beat. Because i don't know how they are going to work in a new context, it becomes a fun challenge to work with sound sources i wouldn't normally generate with a VST, and since many people make styles of music that i wouldn't make, it's even more of a fun exercise. The concept of a spot the sample game sort of naturally falls into place, as i make a hint of saying that i sampled past OHC rounds, try and see if you can spot them. So it's sort of a fun extra thing you can do. Even if i didn't imply any game at all, you would still be listening to a normal piece of music submitted for OHC, especially if it's a round with a theme. So it still works even in a normal OHC setting. It's a bit tricky, as scavenging for samples takes up some OHC time, and trying to get them to fit can sometimes make for some unusual listens. Oh well, glad you liked it anyways!

Lyra_183 - It takes guts to sing to the point of passing out. I can't even sing, so i should be given you a vote just for that lol. No but seriously you do have quite the pipes here lol. I actually really digging the rhythmical ideas here, and the cool scale work here. Honestly this was really nicely done, so i'll give you this, well done!

cotmm68030 - Straight into the textures, not even a single second to anticipate, it's all distortion and texture. Any louder and it would be closer to Merzbow territories. It's not at the moment, because i've not once felt the need to turn down my volume haha. This is some extremely dope textures, it sounds like some dodgy garage door or something, it's got a lot of great layering and processing here. They don't call you the sound design man for nothing. Looking at what you've written in the chat, this has essentially become 2 tracks 1 sample lol. I feel like you should release an Album using the same source material over and over, it's actually a great sample. Honestly this was quite the journey, i actually loved it, sort of hypnotic in a way. Awesome work!

Meistr - This made me laugh lol. In terms of a 1-1 it's actually pretty close, i'm pleasantly surprised. It is 40 seconds (Or 30 if you count the tail), so i did need to repeat it a few times to get the message, but i'll give you points for you making me chuckle a bit, so good job!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Ooh that is one lovely looking waveform. I can tell there is a surprise at the end, i'll anxiously await for that. Very lovely pads and textures, lots of drone inspired stuff. Weirdly warm in parts, but with a very unnerving atmosphere, sounds like a zombie wasteland, except all of the zombies are dead. It feels like something is about to happen, like a sudden explosion or wave of aliens or zombies. I love how it slowly builds up too, even though we start with some pretty deep yet intense textures, it still feels like we are adding more, slowly building it into something quite big, even if the changes are small. It is of a more...minimalism styled piece (In terms of repetition in parts), however i felt it worked to the advantaged, and really enforced the atmosphere, so it wasn't a turn off as much as you think it might be. The surprise i was expecting, was more underwhelming than i thought, which is a good thing, as i was worried about any potential jumpscares lol. The drums do add a lot of nice tension and rhythm to the sound, making it more action packed, even if they don't last as long. Ending is abrupt, and this is already a long paragraph, so i'll give you this, it was really good! Awesome work!

DarkShadow - Yep it's DarkShadow alright. Intense and uncompromising. Sadly this is 29 seconds, so i had to spam it like 5 times to even get something out of it, so i'm afraid it's too short, and therefore a good job. Sorry.

Nukage - I think i've heard this preset before? Or maybe it might have been a different track form someone else. I do so many of these compo's i kind of forget what's what. The drop was quite unexpected, but holy crap did it go hard. I don't know if i like your Dubstep better or your Metal, because you both make them go so hard, you are a just a sick producer. Now my theory about the preset is completely proven true, the minute the vocals come in. This is a Metal remix of your round 724 submission. I knew it based from the lyrics. Now the track itself goes super hard, but honestly, and don't take this the wrong way, but i'm not huge on the vocal mix here. It seems drowned in reverb, and can amplify some of the noise in the track, causing almost clipping. it could have been a time thing, or maybe it was a stylistic choice who knows, but i felt it sort of made the whole track very crunchy at times. This is sad to be honest, because the backing track is pretty...amazing actually so it makes me extremely conflicted. I decided to relisten, and honestly whilst my critiques haven't changed, i was leaning towards a well done for this, because the backing still goes insanely hard. Well done!

Koekepan - I like the clang of the bell, sounds like hitting a wine glass. The synth arps make it very trancy like, even though this is more ambient/downtempo material. I like the deep bass pad in this, slowly makes it Vangelis science fiction like. Lots of nice cold pad layers, and the percussion adds a nice bit of depth without it being intruding. It's a semi-rhythmical layer that puches up the pads into a nice slow airy feel. Speaking of airy, there's a lot of great high end sine like pads that really accentuate some of the coldness in the chords. Nice of you to bring back the mallets too for a sort of closing melody. This was lovely, awesome work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - This is one funky chiptune piece, but with a bit more modern production thrown in. No time to waste, one fill and were immediately into funkytown. The melody work is insanely strong here as you are always known for, and the chords were very good! Lots of great spices in this. For 2 minutes you really packed a punch, it was just soo good, nothing else to say, awesome work!

JH Sounds - But this is free round sir, how did i pay for anything? All jokes aside, there is some lovely augmented and 7th chords in this. I can sense in that guitar work, there is a lot of Jazz inspiration in this. It has a really dope melody and some great chords. Very laidback and chill, you really prove with GarageBand that it's more than just a one trick pony. You do such a better job than me. That pianoteq app as well really provides the song with a lot of great instrumentation, it's seriously pretty realistic for Mobile. Not exactly sure what is GarageBand, and what is not, but nonetheless this was a lovely slightly chill jazzy piece, so good i ended up putting on the 3rd spot, amazing work!

Dex - Don't apologise. Experimental music is widely appreciated and encouraged here. I love it when artists branch out of their comfort zone. Don't know why you call this an experimental chord progression, to me i consider this more...normal. It doesn't sound weird at all, and is pretty accessible. The only critique i have of this, which sort of fades as you keep listening, but the bassline is perhaps a little on the hot side. Tone it down a little, and it would be more amazing. However as i've said, that critique mellows out towards the end, when you bring more instruments to the party. I wouldn't consider this experimental, but i would consider this a lovely piece of music. I wish this was on the list actually, it was that good, but alas i could only choose 3, so if there was a 4th place this would be on it. Awesome work!

Coloradoweeks - That was a totally 80's fill, very much made me feel like i was back in the disco age. The chords are very cool and different i dig it a lot! The vocals are just awesome as always, i don't need to keep typing every week how amazing of a singer you are. I will type this out though, because sadly i do think we could do with some mixing touches. Maybe it's me, or maybe i'm not listening right, but i do think there is a bit of a hollow sound in the mix. The drums are bit on the quiet side, but chords are a bit on the bright side, so who knows. The god you are very powerful with that vox, the gain is quite loud there, i'm sorry. You got me though with the chorus, it's exactly what arcana did when he said he ran out of time. I just find it funny, because improvised vocals really do make for some great listens lol. I mean that was actually the thing that just barely tips it over in the well done section. It does need a little bit of finesse, but so do my tracks, i'm miles away from the awesomeness you peeps bring to the table. This is already way too long, so well done!

A2Z - This is one emotional string chord progression i absolutely love it. I just absolutely love it when people really go for these amazingly cool chord progressions. That is such an amazing chord progression, i'm afraid i'm going to have to sample it and make something out of it. The vocals are quite buried in this, i think they could do with a bit more boosting to match the chords. Also 48 seconds is way too little for this sort of awesomeness, my brain can't take it lol. It's hard, because that chord progression alone could easily make this into the awesome category, but the rest unfortunately is too glaring for me to do so. So i'm afraid it's a good job. Still though, it's not terrible, it has so much potential i love it. Good job!

NickC - That title implies this is gonna be a heavy one, so les gooo. I feel like the distortion is a bit unintentional though, and just sounds 2 sinewaves clashing against each other. The bass notes in this are quite deep, and really does rattle my headphones a bit. Always warms my heart to hear a good Amen break when i see it. Very jungle, very 90's. The atmospheric parts really make this less of a creepy distorted experience, and more of a calming atmospheric journey. And i love that, because it showcases a lovely range of styles. The distortion did not bother me at all, and actually really added to the overall soothing experience. I just loved this, it was creative and unique, and has a lot of lovely melody ideas. In fact it was so awesome, i put it on the top spot. Incredible work!

Arcana - Woah Arcana going punk? That is some skill that deserves a round of applause in itself. You are struggling with the timing because of how fast you are singing, but surprisingly you didn't completely loose the beat, it was more of a slight drift. It is only 51 seconds, so it did take some repeats to get the idea as well as some thoughts down, and some of the chord choices were probably not intentional, as it kind of clashed and made it a little...dissonant is the word i'm probably looking for. I want to give this mostly for the effort of singing this fast, i could not do it, however i felt there was potential here, especially with how short it is, and some of the note choices in the chords. Don't take this the wrong way though, this is miles better than what i could do. Good job!

Misael.K - Normal product? This is not normal of Misael.K lol. This is almost like a lullaby piece. It's got a lovely soothing feel to the sound, very chill but very vibrant. It was almost sleepy music, but then you introduced some heavy synths and guitar, so it immediately woke me up haha. You know i should make a music box version of this, alongside some other entries, it might work lol. In all seriousness though, this was beautiful and pretty, and really had me humming along it's a lovely melody. So lovely, i choose you for the 2nd spot. Incredible work!

Top 3 - NickC, Misael.K, JH Sounds.

These entries were also amazing and also deserves a spot on the list:




DDRKirby(ISQ) (This one also deserves to be on the list, it was so catchy...)

Dex (If there was a 4th place this would be it, it's actually pretty amazing. Don't beat yourself down, i loved it!)

Awesome - Lyra_183, cotmm68030, THEGREATDESTROYER, Nukage, Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), JH Sounds, Dex, Coloradoweeks, NickC, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Meistr, DarkShadow, A2Z, Arcana.

May 25, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Find The Samples
  2. Freedom Ring
  3. Experiment

TheVideoGamer: not only is it a great entry, it also features lots of OHC people.

A2Z: short but beautiful.

Dex: more experiments please!

awesum: A2Z, Arcana, coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, JH Sounds, Koekepan, Meistr, NickC, nukage, TheVideoGamer.
good: cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Lyra_183, THEGREATDESTROYER22.

May 25, 2023 NickC
  1. FaLLING
  2. Undone
  3. Process Constructed In The Mind