One Hour Compo - Round 778 (OHC778)

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Sep 07, 2023 Arcana
  1. wife alert
  2. and so he was
  3. set you free

coloradoweeks was soooo goood

Sep 07, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. Give It To Me Now
  2. wife alert
  3. set you free

Sep 09, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. dream
  2. wife alert
  3. and so he was

@CotMM - I guess i'm going to prison then lol.

@Coloradoweeks - I'm getting compared to JH Sounds, that's different lol.

@Misael.K - lol

@CotMM - I'm surprised nobody has said TheVideoSounds lol. TheVideoJHer for some reason sounds feminine.

@JH Sounds - Ah thanks for the reminder, i will make sure to check the title.

@Misael.K - It was either that or he's dead lol.

@Coloradoweeks - Would you look at that, an unexpected solo. That's two solo's this piece has lol.

@Misael.K - If that's the case, then that is one noisy pig XD.

@CotMM - It's ok, i use Sega Genesis too, even though officially it's MegaDrive. Sega Genesis is probably easier for people, since most are from the US.

@Arcana - Super funkeh.

@Misael.K - It's actually just a SynthMaster preset, slightly modified.

@CotMM - Toejam and Earl, now that's a game i haven't played in a long time.

@Misael.K - Going all IDM on ya!

@Arcana - That's great to hear, thanks!

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - This track is as Jazzy as i can create it, with the tools i have. I don't have the means for any actual bass playing or Saxophone playing, so this is going to be a bit on the....electronic side. It will still sound good, but it won't exactly be the most authentic. The track is designed with 2 chord progressions that alternate throughout, each consisting of Major 7ths and a few Augmented for good measure. There is no shortage of melodies here, each played on some synth brass leads, a Vibraphone and a fake Saxophone. The leads being very syncopated in time with the piece, especially so since this is 6/8. I also decided to be crazy and throw in a glitchy drum solo, and a guy snoring, both at the beginning and at the end, where the theme accurately takes shape. He could be dead, or he could be sleeping, that's up for you to decide. Not the most complex now that i relisten to it, but it is quite the dynamic piece nonetheless. I kind of like it, it's fun. Glad you like it anyways!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - I love me a good ol' Toxic Biohazard. It's a fantastic VST. You clearly don't hold back on the loudness department. The reverb and distortion is pretty...insane in this. It sounds like one giant feedback. Even with all the insane sound design, it's surprisingly mixed well. I personally think the reverb usage is way too excessive, but i understand your making a genre that not everyone will probably understand. The artistic merit in this is pretty awesome, but truthfully this could be dialled back just a tad. However i am aware taste is personal. This is definately some fun stuff though, good job!

Lyra_183 - This is some interesting room tone. Maybe that was part and parcel to the mic sound? It is a quiet waveform, so maybe there is a reason. Still though the singing is great! I like how you alternate between a falling man and a dead man lol. The themes were very ambiguous, so each one had a different opinion. The room tone was a bit...interesting, but i can't deny the whole thing was a ton of fun. Keep at it! Good job!

DarkShadow - That bassline is very rattly today. It's got a Dubstep but in an oldschool way. It reminds me of the old mid 2000's FL Studio Stock tracks that sound like it's trying to replicate trance lol. The time signatures in this are more crazier than normal, thanks to the triplet action. I can also never dissect any particular melodic ideas presented here, because it's just so...random. But i don't hate any form of harder styles of music, i consider myself a gabber-head after all. But i do think this is a bit.....too chaotic. I don't know, but i definately found this a lot of fun to listen to, so good job!

cotmm68030 - So are you now known as the 5:58 man? Not the 6 minute man? That's a shame. Lots of cool blips and bloops, definately sound like alien laser guns. Lots of cool airy textures, feels like a soundtrack from Duke Nukem. That sort of shoot-em-up where you walk into different rooms, shooting weird space creatures. The sound effects in the back are very cool, it's like some recreation of a monster. The bassline was very sudden, but it's an epic switch, going from a full textural ambient piece, into more of a Doom inspired piece. The drums are hard to decipher here, i would have gone for a really hard hitting kit, but the rest is cool, i do dig how it all works well with each other. The track in itself i feel is a bit oversaturated with reverb. I would have gone for a less is more approach. Minus the distorted drums your track has some similarities to THEGREATDESTROYER's track, in terms of how....thick the sound is. I still dig this though, that bassline is killer. Still enjoyable, good job!

BJKMenu - I guess were talking about Pizza this week lol. I dig that bassline, it totally feels like were in the land of 303, but without any of the filtering. The guitar work is some kind of rip of the Batman theme? This is kind of a weird track for me, because there seems to be a lot of guitars, that are not playing riff's or melodies, but they are producing some...kind of licks. The bassline is almost meant for an electronic genre, but yet the drums and guitar scream rock, it's kind of a weird mis-match of genres. I'm captivated, but yet i don't know what to make of this lol. It's still a fun piece, but it's also...a bit hard to describe. Good job though!

thesocialcontract - DUDE it's been ages! Welcome back my man! Great idea to use the Beeps as some kind of Heart Monitor, definately got the impression the guy is no longer with us. This theme is quite dark, but yet your piece is super angelic, and....sad. It's not as depressing as i was expecting, but it has a lot of a nice optimistic future in this. The piano line really seals this into one amazing calming experience. Even with the intense subject matter, i just feel like drifting off to sleep. Probably why you went with that style now lol. This was wonderful, great for you to be back on such a high note, i loved this. So good it's on the 3rd spot! Amazing work!

Coloradoweeks - Those lyrics got me for a second lol. I guess some men would really die for you haha. That is one dirty bassline and guitar, it's very grungy. Although you seem to be known for particular type of songs, you still manage to switch it up, and subvert my expectations. It's like if Shania Twain was the lead singer of Nirvana, it's soo...dirty and raw. For once the distortion on the vocals was necessary, because it actually has it's purpose. It sounds like your not holding back at all. The whole thing was awesome, and the vocals were incredible as usual. The chorus was amazing as well, nice switch into a more Major Key. You must have read my comments about your track, because there isn't the Coloradoweeks ending this time. You faded it out...that's definately new from you. I'm waffling now, so this is just amazing stuff from you, and definately one of your strongest to date. So strong i ended up placing you 2nd on the spot. I wanted you to be first, but Nick's just had so much weirdness going on, that i ended up just loving it. Still though, incredible work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Ah you also went for the sleepy route, just like me. I just love the reverb on your piano, it's just....airy and beautiful. This one is more aquatic than expected, it definately highlights how much David Wise is a potential inspiration, it just fits right at home in a Donkey Kong game, minus the lo-fi drums. It's a style you are just known for, and execute so well. The melodies are pretty, and the arrangement is top notch. Such a shame this cannot be on, but i can only choose 3. Awesome work!

Lunarice - Welcome new person! First time listening to you. That is a very nice synth, it sounds quite....textural. That bassline was not expected, but it's very upfront. Any louder and we be creepin' into industrial territories. The drums are cool also, but i do think some of the percussion eats into the mix. However i think your not trying to make chill music, but more of a dirty house and techno vibe. I mean my first entry wasn't great either, so i am aware not everyone shares the same experience as me. Truthfully this has so much potential, i feel like with some tweaks and polish, this could be an awesome ranking, hell even a potential vote. Good job though!

Dex - That is a nice string and bass combo. I don't know why, but i get strange Depeche Mode vibes. That is a nice synth melody, really compliments the overall acoustic nature of the piece. It's got that emotional guitar mood in the melody. Some chords are very cool, it's not a standard Minor chord, but rather some spices like Augmented and Sustain. I like it when it subverts expectations, because it means i don't know where it will lead. The synth melody could be a little thicker to be more nitpicky, but aside from that the composition is a ton of fun, it's definately a great piece, awesome work!

NickC - Ooh this on is dreamy, as evident by the title aptly called Dream lol. I take it you also went the sleepy route. Interesting fade out there, seems like an unexpected shift into some very pretty chimes. This is already beautiful, and were not even a minute into the piece. But anything with lots of happy 7th's is my weakness. There is a lot of stops and starts here, it kind of messes with my brain, because i don't know if were done, or if there's still more left to the piece. The synths there remind me of snoring lol. The acid techno vibe was a sharp 180, and whilst not the kind of direction i was expecting, it was your face. I was all raving it up until you then decide to fade out the drums in reverb, and introduce a jovial piano line. Nope not enough, so let's move onto some more ambient chimes! This piece cannot sit still it's....actually incredible lol. I'm like just trying to pinpoint a moment where it loops or something but no, the minute i'm immersed in an idea, you change it up. It becomes more evident when you break it up with static white noise, but at the beginning, i didn't get that. What's even more crazy is that each part....just works. It's not harsh or dissonant or weird, all of the melody ideas are just beautiful. It sounds like were belonging to some kind of strange dream fantasy. This one is getting way too long in terms of commenting, so i'll end with an awesome ranking, because my god i was captivated. Dammit this is just too cool, and i ended up being so drawn into this piece, i place you on the top spot. Incredible work!

Arcana - You don't need to apologise dude, i make crap music too. In fact i've yet to make an entry that is actually more than listenable. Yeah sometimes i get a lot of praise, but it's like...rare haha. The chiptune elements in this are pretty lovely, it's got that obvious Mega Man influence, which i can tell, since you like Mega Man a lot. The vocal parts were a bit...too detuned for my liking. I like the lyrics in this actually, i don't think the singing was bad, it's just some parts are a bit too...detuned as if your trying to match the vocals to the chiptune elements. It's not as quiet as i was expecting which is really good. The track as a whole has a lot of potential, i really do like this. Just a bit of finesse could make this awesome. Good job though!

Misael.K - That is a nice piano chord progression, very jazzy at parts, closer to blues. The vocals are very sadly buried, the piano is way too hot in comparison to the vocals. If it wasn't for you posting the lyrics, truthfully, i wouldn't have understood what you are saying, i'm sorry. Shame really, because the piano playing is awesome! The track just needs more adjusting and polish and this would be amazing. The idea is lovely, i just think the vocals need to be more upfront, and the piano to be toned down a bit. Maybe with some slight reverb. Still a tone of fun though, good job!

JH Sounds - At first i though this was a Beatles reference, you know because of Elanor Rigby, but then it hit me. I'm totally playing the wrong game. I hope that this is 2 player, because i would love to go full among us and try and catch the mole. Chances are everything i say will be clarified in a post next thursday, this is how it usually goes down. I'm intelligent but not smart lol. All jokes aside, this is not a typical JH piece, but sounds closer truthfully to a TVG type beat. Lots of cool trance synths, a nice thick beat, and a really great melody on some cool squarewaves. This one is quite...relaxing despite it's intensity. The whole thing is definately catchy, and yet also mellow. I lol'd at the ending, that was a great way to close the this round. Ton of fun, well done!

Top 3 - NickC, Coloradoweeks, thesocialcontract.

DDRKirby(ISQ) and Dex also deserve to go on the list.

Awesome - thesocialcontract, Coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, NickC, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - THEGREATDESTROYER22, Lyra_183, DarkShadow, cotmm68030, BJKMenu, Lunarice, Arcana, Misael.K.

Sep 14, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. Give It To Me Now
  2. Taking a nap
  3. Collapse Peoples
    JH Sounds

lifealert ringtone candidates

Sep 14, 2023 Misael.K
  1. and so he was
  2. dream
  3. weary soul

Lots of great entries!

thesocialcontract: kinda sad but still bittersweet? really liked this one.

NickC: very cool dream experience.

DDRKirby(ISQ): peaceful.

awesum: coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, JH Sounds, lunarice, NickC, thesocialcontract.
good: Arcana, bjkmenu, cotmm68030, Lyra_183, THEGREATDESTROYER22, TheVideoGamer.

Sep 14, 2023 NickC
  1. wife alert
  2. weary soul
  3. Fallen Into Insanity