One Hour Compo - Round 713 (OHC713)

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Jun 09, 2022 Arcana
  1. Light as birds
  2. Gentle Fluttering Spirit
  3. Sound of Birds

nukage first for those drops and overall super high fidelity sound design

DDRKirby for good composition. as always, but it's so iconic here for some reason.

DarkShadow's was super cool this week!

Jun 09, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. Light as birds
  2. Sound of Birds
  3. Bear Witness To You And Me

I vant my boord

Jun 10, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. birds
  2. Tweet, Tweet, Mother****er (Backing Track)
  3. Birdwatching 101

@Arcana - That's why it's so shocking lol, i'm known for my 6 minuters. This one is only 5:27. I'm not bothered, i get in what i can get in, but i have kind of broken the chain a bit.

@AutomaticJack - There's nothing more satisfying than the view of a good park lol.

@Suzums - All sampled by the way. I did some chopping and made them into sort of melodies.

@Misael.K - I'm not bothered to be honest lol. It's just kind of funny that people know me for creating a 6:00, and on this particular day i make a 5:27.

@Souperion - Ahh, good ol' chill DnB.....

@JH Sounds - This reminds you of a bustily New York City? Lol....

@Misael.K - Sometimes sampling can do a lot more than simply writing in melodies.

@Suzums - I needed to end it somehow, so this is why it all goes in halftime ;)

@Souperion - They've probably fallen asleep by now to the sounds of soothing samples.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words! Seems there were not many comments this week.

Now Then...

TheVideoGamer - Chill samples and DnB beats. It's something so commonplace in my submissions, it's almost become a regular feature of mine. The amount of relaxing DnB i've submitted is more so than the gabber and house vibes lol. To be fair, it can be quick to do, and more often than not i have a lot of fun with it. In this case i've taken some Kate Wolf records, chopped them up and created hooks/melodic ideas that form well...the melody. On top of that is piano embellishments from other records (Not by Kate Wolf), a bassline which is more or less a sub bass, and the most important part, the DnB breaks. 3 layers are used in total, one as a percussive layer, one as the main layer with the kick and snare, and a supporting layer which beefs it up and makes it more stronger and powerful. The arrangement mostly darts through different melodies and hooks, that often get repeat in the form of like an ABA kind of thing. All in all, had fun making this, hope you liked it too!

DarkShadow - Bird noises lol. This sound like vinyl scratching to me. job!

cotmm68030 - Some really cool intricate textures. Makes the ever so soft and serene painting of birds, feel like ravens. Really dark moody stuff, very tense, does not make you want to sit down and relax, it's very nerve-racking. Love the manipulated bird calls, really creates a bit of theme relevancy. Whilst inappropriate for the theme in my opinion, there is some very sick sound design here, ends up being more to like than dislike. I also dug the cool switchup in the middle when it moves into something more tribal and jungle like. Well done!

InedibleTrout - Sweet 808 beats, tight bassline. Very loose, almost like a live performance. Dig the swing on the beats. Piano is very sick, very jazzy, but sadly out of key with the bassline. The presence of a melody comes in quite late, allowing for a bit of repetitive basslines to shine through. The whole thing is kind of cool, even if i don't understand what melodies you are trying to create (It's kind of out of key). It was a lot of fun though, good job!

Lyra_183 - Is this a Peter Pan song? I don't recall Peter Pan being a musical lol. The melody reminds me of The Greatest Showman. The random metal chugs made me laugh. This is funny. Sounds like a preview. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Ooh long melodies this week? I thought you were known for heavy melodies? This is very uplifting, no different to what i've done in terms of happiness. The piano is interesting, because it works well, but also kind of clashes in this kind of live performances vs electronic chiptune. It's a beautiful piece, really hits the emotion, well done!

AintShitJosh - Cool guitar licks, really feels like retro jazz, mixed in with some lo-fi chords. The guitar playing is very solid, i love the tone, it's very retro sounding. The chords has a lot of interesting spicy notes, that kind of make it both soothing, but weirdly dissonant. This is not a bad thing, just an observation. The melodies are grooovy! This is chill music done right, it's awesome. Love the portamento, beautiful touch, awesome work!

Souperion - Lovely choir, really gives the birds a bit of that historical feeling. The choir reminds me of early medieval singing, where the harmony was a lot simpler and the top line provided most of the melody, in contrast to all of the voices singing in unison. It could do with being a bit longer, the ideas don't develop as much as they should, however i won't be lying and say i didn't enjoy it, because this was really dope. It just needs more development for it's idea. Good job though!

Barley - Soft guitar, kind of chill. Really soft plucks, to say it's Barley, who i mostly associate with heavier material. The drums are playing kind of unique rhythms, in a way i don't feel it doesn't fit. It's as if there is an unintentional time signature change going on in the vocals and drums. It's kind of weird. Shame, because this is one of your better mixes. Good job!

DJohn - That is one varied waveform lol. Lots of loud and quiet spots going on. The beat is wicked dirty in this. Farthest thing from the theme, but man it's very interesting. It's like you've deliberately added pauses into the beat, to make it faulty. Something wrong with the stream? Not it's DJohn. This track reminds me of Atmospherium. It's hard to get locked into the groove, when it keeps going back into calm DJohn/Acapella. The glitches were weirdly unexpected. I assumed a normal flowing beat. I hate to say this, but i'm afraid i'm gonna have to put you in the Needs Work category, it didn't feel like my cup of tea. Good job though!

AutomaticJack - Thick kick, really feels like Nukage styled dubstep. Loving the vocal/saxophone hybrid in the melody. Mix is very brick-walled for me, i'm sorry. The whole thing is compressed as hell, and a bit loud. Great protentional though, i had fun listening to this. Good job!

Wassup Thunder - For a second i thought this was Gustav Holst - Jupiter lol. Loving the majestic feel, perfect for flying. The choir is a lovely touch, even if it makes it more suitable for an action fight sequence. The melodies in the beginning are great, in my opinion i prefer them to the main melody. However it's still a kickass piece. Feels like it belongs to a different theme in my opinion, however i'll give you this one, because i struggled to find any critique, enough for me to put you in Needs Work, so well done!

Nukage - You always come out with seriously cool vocal chops, I love it. Nice bass work in this, really crispy and delicious. The drop goes very hard. Kick and snare is flat in my opinion, it's as if the sound design in the basslines are deliberately taking over the drums. I can't tell if it's intentional or not though, and i don't want to be ignorant of any styles or genres i might have missed. Still i thought about it, and the lack of a strong defined beat got to me, i'm sorry. Good job though!

NickC - Very sweet string chords, really fits the idea of birds flying. Lots of cool chord changes. Very free flowing, fits a good RPG, maybe animal crossing. The accordion (I think it's an accordion) is kind of a unusual touch, really not expecting that instrument in this. This is actually beautiful, and in my opinion one of the best compositions you've done in a long time, so emotional, so pretty. I just love the wholesome melodies, amazing stuff. Incredible work!

Dex - Lol the title. Punk RAWK. Very 2000's sounding. Great guitar work, tones are great. Chugging that guitar all the way. Sure it's not a complex piece, it's very simply harmonically, however i do love the way you notate the melody, it's very uplifting. Sometimes i just love playing with basic C and F like chords (In this case it's E Major), it's brings out the fun flavour of it all. It's just a load of fun, i love the simple but effective nature of this, it's actually pretty awesome. I've listened to the re-render, and i'm actually struggling to see any differences between the 2, so much so it almost sounds like the same render. This is not a dig against you, i'm just a trying to wrap my head around it. Amazing work anyways!

Misael.K - Loving the arps in, it's has kind of that Lydian feel in the melody. Loving the drums, really cool patterns. Chord work is awesome, lots of cool directions for the chords. It's very funky, but very relaxing. I love the way you've created this chord progression, it's kind of a unique chord progression. Shame it only lasts 1:49, i could totally see this as a long 3-4 minute piece, it was just too good. Awesome work!

Arcana - Lots of intricate sound design, really digging the volume fades in the bass synths. Very textural, with a lot of soft ambient notes. The intro is a tad bit long for me, especially if your adding lyrics. The intro could have worked more as it's own piece, without the lyrics. When the lyrics do come in, we are around the part where we would end the piece/or do a climax (Taste is personal, i'm sorry). When it does come in the lyrics, it's such a sudden contrast that it almost takes away than adds. The mix at the end, is close to the loudness threshold. However i don't hate this, it has a lot of great potential, it's a ton of fun, and the intro was fire, you could do more of that, but maybe with a hint of your vocals, who knows. Good job anyways!

JH Sounds - Wow there is some really cool spicy chords in this. It sounds like some augmented flat 9th or something, i don't even know what it is, but it's very cool. It's so nice to showcase some really cool experimental chords. Lyric writing is fun as always, your such a great songwriter. Lots of fun, well done!

Top 3 - NickC, Dex, Misael.K

Note: The placement of Dex and Misael.K could have changed on any day. I just felt this at the time of the vote.

These entries were also awesome. They should be on the list too:


AintShitJosh (This one was especially good!)

Awesome - cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), AintShitJosh, Wassup Thunder, NickC, Dex, Misael.K, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, InedibleTrout, Lyra_183, Souperion, Barley, DJohn, AutomaticJack, Nukage, Arcana.

Jun 16, 2022 Misael.K
  1. birds
  2. An Afternoon At The Park
  3. Gentle Fluttering Spirit

NickC: perfect for watching birds.

TheVideoGamer: perhaps a bit too enthusiastic to be watching birds, but I don't judge.

DDRKirby(ISQ): the birds are lovely but you keep getting distracted by all the beauty around you, which isn't a bad thing per se, but we're birdwatching here.

Dex: alright, calm down, we're watching birds!

awesum: AintShitJosh, AutomaticJack, Barley, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, JH Sounds, NickC, nukage, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, InedibleTrout, Lyra_183, Souperion.

Jun 16, 2022 NickC
  1. An Afternoon At The Park
  2. Gentle Fluttering Spirit
  3. Ja'loja

Jun 16, 2022 Suzumebachi
  1. Gentle Fluttering Spirit
  2. Light as birds
  3. birds

great birds week everyone!