One Hour Compo - Round 804 (OHC804)

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Mar 07, 2024 Arcana
  1. Perpetual Orbit
  2. space
  3. Another Perspective


Mar 07, 2024 Cerfeuil
  1. Satellite
  2. Arriving at Orbital Station Alpha
  3. Perpetual Orbit

Mar 07, 2024 CJthemusicdude
  1. space
  2. Perpetual Orbit
  3. cloud song

Mar 10, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. an untimely failure of airlock safety measures
  2. My distant satellite
  3. The Adventures Of Space Captain Lorenztein

All comments are replied to on Discord, so this section is irrelevant. On to the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This track is just really a collection of different sections to create a single piece, all grounded together by a breakbeat and a chord progression. The bulk of the melodies appear in the first section, which i consider to be the main section, all played in G#. Majority is basically pad chords, arps and melody lines to provide as much of the space sound as possible. I want you to feel like were in space. The track just flows through, with little cohesion, whilst still sounding like it belongs to the track. This might be a new drum line, or chord sequence. It's all about it just being free-flowing. The middle section strips it down to hi-hat patterns and a synth arp which is actually a sample. It's hard to properly describe this one, especially since i did it in my description, but essentially it's kind of a free flowing piece. All in all, i kind of like this one, it's definately cool. Oh well, glad you liked it anyways!

cotmm68030 - That is one varied waveform. Loving the creepy ambience here, it's giving me abandoned warehouse vibes again, which a lot of tracks seem to be for me. The sound design is always top notch, and the atmosphere is there too, it really makes me feel things. I just feel like were lost, and nobody is there it's great. I also like when it starts to get a little more melodic towards the middle (I don't mean melodic as a full blown melody or chord sequence, but rather it's more eerie), it really makes me paint a picture in my mind. Although it's more of a slow brooding piece (there's not much in terms of any major progression), it still feels very varied, and not as drone heavy as people might think. Honestly the sound design is winning me over, this is soo eerie but chill, and really makes me feel the emptiness in the track. It's a super cool piece that i really love, in fact it was so good, i placed it on the top spot, incredible work!

DarkShadow - The filtered intro is such a DarkShadow staple. Some cool triplets going on in the chords, that's actually pretty cool, even in the mist of the chaos. It's also surprisingly tonal compared to the others....actually no i take it back lol, the ending gets a bit crazy. Unlike some of your other tracks, the rhythms here are surprisingly really hard to follow, it's definately got something unique here, even if i must concede, in that it's not my favourite from you. Still a lot of fun though, good job!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Ok a Merzbow type beat was the last thing i was expecting for this round, and honestly....i love it and i kind of don't lol. I made some insanely distorted pieces in my lifetime, especially for this compo, and whilst it was fun at the time, i look back and think "Yeah no, i might have gone overboard, this is kind of painful lol". This is kind of the same thing, i love the experimentation of it all, but i've grown to find most of my full on noise pieces, to be mostly gimmicks (With the exception of a few), with some being hard to listen to outside of the context. Basically what i'm trying to say, in a nice way, is that whilst Harsh Noise is a great genre of music, and i have made some insanely distorted pieces, i don't always have the knack for it, because of how balls to the wall it sounds. So i'm sorry, but this is a good job from me. Still though, it was nice to hear something outside the box, i found it fun. Good job!

A2Z - Pretty 7th chords, which i've come to expect from you, but it's not so much a classic 7th as it is more of an interesting variation. Chords are very pretty, even if classic, i always like those kinds of chords. The only thing i don't like is the melody, the synth is soo tinny and sharp, it cuts through the rest of the track, which in my opinion is actually really good. I sense a lot of potential here in regards to mix, especially since the idea is very solid, i really dig the atmosphere produced in this one. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Really into that granular synth, wow. You really know your stuff in the synth department, it's really great stuff. Wasn't expecting this kind of rhythm in the beat, but man i'm all for it! It's nice to have something contrast the chord progression. I was not expect that 180 into something new, doing a BJKMenu on us almost lol. It definately makes it faster and more IDM like. The chord progression in the B-Section is definately a classic DDR progression, it really feels very retro and 80's sounding. Definately lots to really like here, super funky stuff, so many great changes, it's definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Lunarice - Nice Marimba sounds, really compliments the pad. I definately feel the emptiness in this, but more so of a desert wasteland, than an abandoned factory like in CotMM's track. The arps are really cool, adds a nice flair to the sound, especially for a chill track like this. There is a kind of 80's brass sound in this, which i really like, but i feel it's a bit too...deep maybe. It makes the melody and chords ambiguous, and the mix a little clustered, but this is a minor one. The arps in the 2nd half were amazing though, the melodies towards the end were lovely. Simple and effective always works well. I relistened to it, to get another perspective, and it's surprisingly growing on me, more so because of how it works in relation to the theme. Yes there could be more potential here, but i found more to like than dislike, it was pretty great. Well done!

Cerfeuil - I already got introduced to your music in 2hts, but this is your first true entry. I really like the arp work here, feels like were in some 80's/90's video game. The percussion is very nice, i feel like were firing cannon's. The melody is super strong, you really know how to make a great melody. There is a lot of slow building elements in this, that really get me, because it adds a lot to the groove, without taking anything away. I thought we might be getting a bit too repetitive, until you then decide to introduce more and more elements that really keep me on my toes. I can definately see more to like than dislike here, hell i could even vote for it, it's that good, awesome work!

Treyt - Cute chiptune lead, i totally feel like i'm in some kind of Mario meets Dance Dance Revolution game i don't know, it's very cute. Which i'm all for, cuteness is under-represented, we could do with some more of it. My god though, this is quite compressed. It really seems like you've squished this to the ground a bit, which is a little bit of a shame, because my god the melodies are wonderful. It feels like were in a cute spaceship in space. The melodies and chords are definately pretty. The bassline is thicc, almost to the point where it kind of gets a bit much. I know it's only an hour, so i try to be open mind, but i feel there's a lot of potential here, especially to make it less compressed. I have a feeling people will definately disagree, so this is why i always stress, that taste is personal. Still though, the composition was definately top notch, this was some really fun stuff, good job!

Arcana - PhoneBand! I'm always down for people recording music on a phone, it's very adventurous. The only problem with this, is that you've decided to record the music almost on a camera? You didn't export the track using the export function, but instead you recorded it from an external source, which is a bit...interesting. Unfortunately the vocals are killing everything else, effectively making this accapella. I don't hate this though, if anything i should give you this one, for effectively using your phone to make this, away from your PC. That takes some guts. Still though, it's nice to know you've entered, it was a great piece. Ending is non-existent lol, it just stops. Still though, good job!

Misael.K - He's A Pirate lol. But this time with a synth bassline, and a cool semi-guitar like melody. That drum groove is very fire, it's super tight and in the pocket. I do like the variations in the chords, definately keeps it interesting, for a high energy piece. I do sense a bit of touches here, especially since the bassline is quite upfront in this, but truthfully, i don't see much that detracts from the overall quality of the composition. Truthfully, it's a lot of fun, really dig this one, it was enough for me to place it on the third spot! Amazing work!

Coloradoweeks - Lots of sine waves this week, this scarily reminds me of Koekepan, it's almost too accurate. It only becomes Colorado, when the high-energy synthpop beat comes in. The chords are pretty fire, and the beat is super funky, it totally feels like i'm dancing in space. This one doesn't give me that much to talk about to be honest, because what's presented is done soo well, it's super funky and catchy, but there isn't really anything that sticks out, that catches me and encourages me to talk about it. It mostly is a groove in 8 bars that slowly changes into another groove. Again though, what's presented is done exceptionally well, so it's nothing to do with the track, it's merely the nature of the arrangement. Also weirdly enough, i was expecting vocals for a track that is instrumental, but i understand you might not what to use your voice every week, so i get that. It's still a dope piece though, definately more to like than dislike, definately enough for me to give you this one, hell even vote for, it's definately voting worthy. Awesome work!

CJTheMusicDude - Another return from CJ! Lots of cool minor chords, this is the classic Andalusian cadence. I'm shocked with the inclusion of lyrics, i didn't know you could sing....AND THIS WELL!!?? Damn the singing is sooo good! The lyrics are amusing, this is definately a lot of fun. I love how the chords go through many different rhythmical variations, it's really cool. Groove is so funky! I don't know much of your music, but damn i could listen to this one a lot, in fact it was so good i placed it on the 2nd spot, amazing work!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, CJTheMusicDude, Misael.K.

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Awesome - cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Lunarice, Cerfeuil, Misael.K, Coloradoweeks, CJTheMusicDude.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, THEGREATDESTROYER22, A2Z, Treyt, Arcana.

Mar 14, 2024 Misael.K
  1. space
  2. Perpetual Orbit
  3. Another Perspective

lunarice: blissful.

DDRKirby(ISQ): excellent work.

Treyt: uplifiting space.

awesum: A2Z, Cerfeuil, CJthemusicdude, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), lunarice, Treyt.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, THEGREATDESTROYER22.