One Hour Compo - Round 758 (OHC758)

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Apr 20, 2023 Koekepan
  1. covalency
  2. Just plain bubbles
  3. dopamine
NickC's soundscape was just beautiful.

Xaleph got a great bubbly sound for the whole experience.

Colorado represented the lives of so many labrats.
Apr 20, 2023 A2Z
  1. Don't Smoke Chemicals Everyday
  2. Fun Brain Chemicals
  3. dopamine

shoutout to the chemical brothers

Apr 20, 2023 Arcana
  1. dopamine
  2. Fun Brain Chemicals
  3. Chemist Mario


Apr 26, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Fun Brain Chemicals
  2. The Day is Waiting
  3. covalency

@Misael.K - Don't forget Phaserz too lol

@Misael.K - You make this sound like it's another Sonic game haha.

@Arcana - Mostly Delay's and Reverbs. The rest is all VST generated.

@Xaleph - Thanks.

@Arcana - I'm glad i've finally found a really good 303 VST. It took me so long, and now i can make perfect 303's with it.

@Xaleph - Really? I just used Synth1 for this lol

@A2Z - Not featured here, but damn that vocal would work here lol.

@Xaleph - What are you curious about?

@Misael.K - Which is funny as they're no tempo changes in this haha.

@Misael.K - I ran out of Time Crystals required for me to make the composition. If i wanted to continue my piece, i had to purchase 10 more time crystals. Problem was the shop was closed lol. If i had more time, the ending would be longer and more refined, and not just a sudden fade out.

@Arcana - Or maybe it's 4am and it's closing time XD

@Everyone - I'm surprised nobody got my title reference, especially considering the date compo was announced. Although it was the next day for me due to this being a 2am thing, i still managed to make a 4/20 reference in there in the title. Basically you know the Snoop Dogg meme. Well this is the title's reference to that. Chemicals being the theme.

Oh well i'll end with my usual Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - The track is basically a trance piece in its purest form, or at least what i think is a good enough descriptor for trance. Musical genres are so often blurred these days, that what someone might describe as Trance, is ordinary Techno for others, it's kind of weird. This track begins with a single chord, which i was planning on carrying through the 6 minutes, whilst more and more was slowly being added, but after around 1:30, i couldn't really sustain the chord for any longer without it sounding very repetitive, so i forced myself into a change. I tried keeping this going whilst we have different chord changes, but alas that fails also because of repetition fears, and so i do the big twist in building up to a release of more or less an ambient passage and a slow beat. This is where i develop it into a straight forward chord progression, and add in some melodies to keep it vibrant. It's a big change without loosing any of the major ideas. After a brief pause we go into the ending, which fades out quite abruptly. I wanted to do this properly and have a melodic rave part, but i had literally 5 minutes left on the clock, so i faded it out and then exported it. I need to reserve time for rendering, as it takes a while. All in all, i really love the idea here, has potential to be expanded upon. Glad you liked it!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - So this was made in 40 minutes? Because it sounds a lot of work went into this. I was thinking maybe it was incomplete, but no you state it's literal 40 minutes of work, because damn this is quite amazing for this amount of time. I can tell mixing is needed here, that's something you really perfect when you make your pieces using the full hour, but it still sounds lovely melody wise. I'm still impressed this was made in 40 minutes, especially for this quality. It's not just the length, it's the quality of melodies and sounds. Hope you had a nice sleep anyways. I'll give you this for the sheer catchiness and great sounds, but it definately is not as refined as your others (I think it could stand to be perfected and tweaked), which is mostly due to the time spent on this (I know the feeling on being tired). The less time i have, the less quality i make. Oh well, it was still great, ton of fun, well done!

DarkShadow - Is it me or are your waveforms getting louder and louder lol. This is pretty Speed Metal-ish. The melody is pretty loud....which is a DarkShadow staple, i'm sorry if that's brash. I didn't think it could get any louder, but then you proved me wrong at the end. Sorry dude, good job!

cotmm68030 - I usually tend to think of MIDI rip's as cheating, but i can't really argue if it's based off the Theme, and you spent some time on it. You at least submitting is more than adequate for me. This does mean i will be less likely to maybe give it an awesome rating, largely because i tend to judge entries that were made specifically for compo, and not so much outside of compo. I take exceptions to entries that were made within the hour, or still holds up despite the lack of theme relevancy. I will say this is surprisingly somewhat high quality for a MIDI Rip. I was expecting really lo-fi almost poor quality sounds (Based on my previous experiences with MIDI Rip's), but no you went with the most highest of quality in the music. It's even got good panning and stereo separation, and even though i am unfamiliar with the original, you managed to really add a lot of great rhythms and spacey sounds. So whilst sadly i feel you didn't do much in terms of composing, and you more or less stuck some presets to a MIDI (I know it sounds ignorant but i've had cases where i was actually told off for doing this, intentionally or not), and this does become a big factor into why i'm giving this a good job rating, you did actually left me feeling like there was more than i was expecting. You provided me with surprisingly cool sounds, and did give me a bit of flair, which is way above than the average MIDI rip. Honestly you kind of subverted my expectations, good job!

Koekepan - Nice computer sounds, really digging the riff's here, lots of neat textures. They're moments where the audio moves to one side, i don't know if this is deliberate or a troll, it's kind of messing me with a bit. Might even be a factor into my final rating, because it's really unsettling. The chords and textures are just lovely. It's super futuristic, lots of nice fade in pads, very pretty. Drum work is also lovely, it sounds semi-orchestral, like a live drumming experience. The ending really made my right ear cry, it was soo good lol. The awkward panning moments prevents this from being in the awesome section, i'm sorry. Good job though!

Greendjssa - Welcome back dude! This is one hell of a chord progression, super jazzy, kind of unexpected chords. I really dig that melody, it's quite catchy, really cool use of triplets. The break sounds like it's placed in slicer, because i can really hear the choppy nature of it. It actually works to an advantage here, because the melody is really tight, and adds to the smooth syncopated feel. It's just some lovely melodies man, like super lovely. Well done!

NickC - Ooh a fade in and out styled piece. Great gust of wind, unusual but works so well. I really admire how the pads slowly creep in, it's very sleepy, kind of makes me want to relax and drift off. There is not much in terms of rhythm, this is all basically pure ambience and chords. Simplicity can do wonders. Maybe this leans a little too much into the Simplicity, a little more developments could really bring this to life, however i can't argue, this was really relaxing, and has a lot of super neat textures in the sounds. It feels like we are slowly getting a bit more distorted at the end, but it could be me. Whatever, this was a beautiful relaxing, haunting piece, that might not fit the theme, but damn it was more beautiful than what i made it out to be, especially so after repeat listens. So beautiful, i picked it for the 3rd spot! Amazing work!

Coloradoweeks - I better check out Zombo, that's new to me. I dig the drop in this, really hyped me up. The lyrics make no sense to me, because i don't know of this website you shall speak off lol. I mean the lyric writing is awesome yes, but i am an outsider in this mystical site. The vocal work is insanely distorted for me, you can see peaks in the waveform, which are mostly coming from the vox. I'd also argue it's clipping, which is a damn shame, as your tracks never fail to disappoint me, they are just so god damn fun to listen to (This one is especially fun). Distorted vocals is one thing, but this...was sadly too much (And loud) for the track. Sorry, but good job!

Nukage - Ooh that is a very robotic voice, i dig it a lot! This is some very calming pads, kind of futuristic and synthwave. The intro really hypes me for a great beat. Would even make for an awesome set opener. It's very expressive to say it's mostly synth based, the vocals is super dynamic for it's Robotic effect. The drop is super tight, very cutting, amazing synth work. The kick is a little bit flat on this not gonna lie, but you nailed the rest, so i'll definately give you this one. In fact it was soo good, i gave you the 2nd spot. I actually had to fight between you and Misael for the top spot, and in the end i leant towards Misael. It's frustrating having to choose the top 3 sometimes. Incredible work!

A2Z - As long as you got something in, i don't mind. Great synth arps, and drums. Very trance like, lots of great drum fills. The chords are super cool as well, you go through like 3 different keys before the loop. The melody is really tight as well, very vibrant. Although i take into account that you had a DAW problem, so i won't be hard on you, i do feel this is very underdeveloped. It only lasts for a minute, and when it gets developed, were at the end. I know it sounds rough, but it feels like the track get's going at 40 seconds in for a single minute of music. Also it's a bit too goofy sounding for the theme, but this one is a minor nitpick. It has a lot of potential, put it this way. When i say potential, it does not mean the track is bad. It means that i'm getting very little material out of a solid minute's worth of work, and that i feel more could be added to really amplify the idea into something awesome. The shorter the length, the harder it is to critique it, because of the lack of music provided. Still with that in mind, I really dig what you've done here, good job!

Xaleph - I'm really digging those bubble textures, and Psy Trance like beat. Lots of great fills and percussion licks, really makes for a dynamic beat. The waveform is shockingly loud, so i don't know if this is a render problem or not, which to me is very odd, because the track is actually ok on my headphones (Great balance). The track as with a lot of others so far here on this compo, has a lot of potential. Maybe add a build-up, really accent the percussion with hi-hats and snare fills and possibly introduce some soft pad chords to amplify a fiction feel. These are necessarily things you have to do. None of this diminishes the track's quality, it's all advice after all, but it does turn an idea into something awesome. Despite all that, you nailed the theme, it really does sound like a science lab. Even with my ramblings and nitpicks, i'm still gonna give you this one, because the idea was really sick. Even with potential, the vibe was great, i enjoyed the sound design a lot, the synth riff's were lovely. Yeah, well done!

Misael.K - Yeah i'm ready to dance! Sick 90's M1 chords and tight tribal percussion. Adds some Easy Listening flair to a very 90's dance styled piece. Sick melody, super tight and funky. I was like "This is a tight groove", but then you introduce a phat beat towards the middle and i'm like "Yeah!". No seriously this was amazingly catchy, and really captured the funkiness. Amazing melody and beats. I wish you didn't tease me with the second drum layer, that's what's needed for this really sick club vibe. Maybe a little light for the theme, but damn this was infectious as hell, so infectious i picked it for the top spot. I had to fight between you and Nukage, and i leant towards you. Could have changed on any day, this was what i was feeling at the time. Incredible work!

obScene - I'm ok with 50 second pieces an all, but it really makes for a difficult listen, as i get very little to work with. Once i get settled in, the piece is over, and i have to repeat it like 5 times to even get thoughts down. I get compo is hard for some, and a lot of people can only manage 50 seconds because of their DAW or the lack of inspiration, but if i don't get much music, i don't get much thoughts, and it just becomes a track that passes by, instead of telling me something. Now the one thing that really floored me was the really cool wah chords, that is very cute and kind of uplifting. I never expect Science to sound so fun lol. The melody is really amazing, it belongs to some Podcast about science for children. It's a shame it's so short, because the ideas are pretty awesome, but there isn't much there, i feel it's very underdeveloped. Still though, don't feel bad, it was a sick idea, good job!

Arcana - You left your metronome on lol. I've notice a lot of people are making happy music this round, it's kind of interesting. The metronome does amplify how somethings are probably not in time as they should be, but that might be a bit of the OCD in me lol. The vocals are really cool in this, kind of high passed filtered, kind of like a telephone. Maybe not intentional, who knows. The ending....just made me laugh really hard. I've never laughed as hard as then whilst listening to a compo entry. "I didn't write the lyrics for the chorus, i ran out of time, that's One Hour Compo". This is so relatable, and funny watching you sing that. The metronome is noticeable, and there is a lot of mixing touches and potential ideas to be had here, but the vocals at the end were the highlight, and that's what tipped me to put you in the awesome section XD. Also i feel you are really genuinely making progress with each compo track, so i feel you need to be recognised for that, so awesome work!

Top 3 - Misael.K, Nukage, NickC.

Note: This could have changed on any day, it was super hard organising 3 top spots. I just went with what i was feeling at this point in time. It's hard ya know?

Greendjssa (Extremely sick harmony dude!)

Arcana (I so wanted this to be on, this is too hilarious and relatable at the same time XD).

Awesome - DDRKirby(ISQ), Greendjssa, NickC, Nukage, Xaleph, Misael.K, Arcana.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, cotmm68030, Koekepan, Coloradoweeks, A2Z, obScene.

Apr 27, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Just plain bubbles
  2. dopamine
  3. Iterator

Xaleph: tight and energetic. Also voting jarski #1.

coloradoweeks: very fun and groovy!

DDRKirby(ISQ): solid.

awesum: Arcana, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), obScene, Xaleph.
good: A2Z, Greendjssa, Koekepan, NickC, nukage, TheVideoGamer.

Apr 27, 2023 NickC
  1. dopamine
  2. The Day is Waiting
  3. Fun Brain Chemicals