One Hour Compo - Round 260 (OHC260)

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Oct 03, 2013 Usabell
  1. Discover..... A Horrible Song!
  2. a distant memory
  3. Quantum Physics
It was a very hard theme, but I think those three entries, especially obScene's nailed it perfectly!
Oct 03, 2013 Arcana
  1. Quantum Physics
  2. Famicom University
  3. a distant memory
MisaelK: Great sound design and mood here. Has that kind of ambient house feel or something.

DDRKirby: Catchy!

johnfn: Very pleasant and well-played. Piano training pays off once again.

Also liked:

obScene (if you ever say your song sucks from now on I won't believe you)

Oct 07, 2013 johnfn
  1. Famicom University
  2. Quantum Physics
  3. Discover..... A Horrible Song!
I missed a lot of OHC again, mostly because I'm dumb.

So here we gooooooo

DucksUnlimited - Lol I heard this song too many times when I was graduating high school. -5000 points. Although it does nail the theme.
Somasis - Cool chords. I like this a lot actually, chords are great. Reminds me of boards of canada.
Acuity - that was pretty cool, nice upward movement in the chord progression
DDRKirby(ISQ) - This is pretty sweet, I love the main riff. Plus, the thing that comes in at 2:45 is even better. I really think you should have expanded on that idea more, just when it sounds like you're getting into the groove with that idea, we switch back.
DrumJ8 - Y U NO COME TO IRC. COME TO US. <3 But yeah this reminds me of me because I always do songs with multiple parts. Lol. Second half sounds a little dissonant, but it's all cool.
Zedd - Wow dat compression. Sounds great. Dem pads with dat white noise. Buildup was really great but the drop is kinda disappointing in comparison.
Usabell - This was cool and pretty, though quiet short. Neat unexpected chord changes.
dusthillguy - Why is this so good? That vocal thing is so stupid and yet it always works so well. Reminds me of OHC249. Can you please write a longer song though, so I can vote it #1. Thanks.
sci - i don't even know. wait, yes i do: GENIUS
DarkShadow - Now we're talking. Opening reminds me of VVVVV. Dem arps. Yesssss. You know, you should really turn down the levels on your lead(s) so that your kick/snare combo can sit better in the mix. Oh my god dat lead melody with vibrato. Only thing I want from you is to turn down all your levels, I feel like everything is pressing up against the limiter and distorting the song. Anywho, awesome.
Arcana - Dat oldskool trance feel. Melody is pretty neat, neat synths too. Buildup wasn't very apparent until I relistened to it though.
CJthemusicdude - I'M THE BEST. MEEEEEEE
obScene - I don't know what you're talking about, that was great. Nice chords and orchestral sounds.
Misael.K - This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the theme. Chords at 1:15 keep messing with me, there's a major that seems like it should be a minor.

Nice work all!

- DDRKirby
- Misael.K
- DarkShadow
- obScene

I'm having trouble ordering these.
Oct 10, 2013 Misael.K
  1. Discover..... A Horrible Song!
  2. Classroom in Summer
A lot of great entries! I ended up voting the "respected the theme" way.

obScene and Usabell: both of you did exactly what I imagined with the theme. Perfect work.

sci: the kids yelling "yaaaaayy!" also makes me think of the theme. :)

What I really liked:
DarkShadow; DDRKirby(ISQ); johnfn; obScene; sci; Usabell.

Other songs I also liked:
Acuity; Arcana; easynam; Somasis; Zedd.
Oct 10, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. Classroom in Summer
  2. Famicom University
  3. a distant memory

DDRKirby(ISQ) - famicom awesomeness!
sci - excited class.
Usabell - great peaceful song.
Acuity - great style, great drums and melodies.
Arcana - short but great work.
Zedd - great drop with the samples.
Somasis - great bass and drum samples.
johnfn - nice amazing piano work. great song.
Misael.K - like how the song builds up as it goes. great song.
Oct 10, 2013 A-zu-ra
  1. Famicom University
  2. Discover..... A Horrible Song!
  3. Classroom in Summer
Excited Classroom

I do understand that Pomp and Circumstances is a common tune heard in the context of education, but that was all this tune had in a somewhat weak relation to the theme. I appreciate the connection, though.

This tune does have quite the energy when it comes to capturing the feel of something excited. I think the synth bells make for a nifty 'classroom' motif in complementing the somewhat intense drumline that occurs in the song. The atmosphere in general kind of matches the supposedly serious implication of a classroom as well.

While this tune is rather fast-paced (which does nice for the 'excited' aesthetic), it's kind of saturated in some places, in my ears. I can see the effort put into trying to understand the theme, though; this /was/ a rather difficult theme.

DDRKirby(ISQ) [1st]
There are many parts to this song that manage to fit in well to the theme, particularly how the track overall never fails to deliver a dose of intensity that complements the excitement, not to mention the tutorial theme-like feel of the entire song, filled with bits of repetition that serve its purpose rather well.

I do like pianos, but as your description may have hinted, it kind of falls flat in its delivery when it reaches the second half. At least you gave it your best shot.

Starting things off with a high energy with a sample from the film Network, things get kind of weird after the drop where I can't really seem to comprehend what's really being conveyed here. I guess the first half was supposed to be the excitement whereas the drop was supposed to be the classroom, but I'm not entirely sure.

Usabell [3rd]
The use of light and airy instruments is a nice compliment to the classroom aesthetic, and the way it progresses does give it a decent amount of upbringing in conveying excitement. It's a shame this was all you could muster up; I look forward to how this would have sounded if it were properly orchestrated.

Uh...ha? I don't know. Your tracks are silly as always.

I can see how the sample choices you used were supposed to cover up the feel of an excited classroom, albeit 1) in portioned bits and 2) somewhat literally interpreted. The lesson samples and the cheering samples are somewhat segregated from each other, giving a feel of 'classroom' and 'excitement' in portions at a time.

Although this track could be interpreted as an exercise in chiptune composition (as hinted by the title of the song), there is some excitement to be seen in this piece, alongside some influences from DDRKirby(ISQ) if drum instrument choices and melodic style is of any consideration.

The track does get somewhat exciting about a third into the track, and the atmosphere kind of matches the feel of a classroom getting into the feel of things. Kind of.

It's too bad your project didn't go the way you wanted it to. The tune was nice, though.

Since this was a contest, there isn't really much to say about this 'tune' aside from the played-out cumshot at the beginning and the fart sample at the end.

Also, hey, my participation was from over 80 comps ago lol

obScene [2nd]
The choice of instruments for this song, as well as the overall progression that occurs in this somewhat short piece, all manage to fit the aesthetics of a classroom ready to learn. Although you might not think it was any good, it ended up turning out better than expected to me.

The atmosphere of this song kind of gives me the feel of a classroom in the middle of its craft, with 'exciting' parts dispersed throughout and intensifying at the end. The repeating bells throughout the song adds a sort of mystifying feel to your take on an excited classroom, which I personally liked.

[ my own piece ]

This was a nice tune to conclude the compo with, since it's somewhat mellow and it flows well, minute mistakes notwithstanding. Although it might not give off the feel of an excited classroom, it does give a nice feel of said excited classroom heading off for the day and back home.

Although I wasn't able to participate properly in the compo, I do realize how hard the theme was, considering it's rather difficult to try and convey two atmospheres in one song. Had I participated in this round, I probably would have struggled a bit with this theme, now that I think about it. Here's to hoping next round's theme is more lenient and easy to work with.
Oct 10, 2013 JH Sounds
  1. Classrooms Flowing Through Time
  2. Xi
  3. A Chiptune Exercise