One Hour Compo - Round 238 (OHC238)

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May 02, 2013 Arcana
  1. Dolphins
  2. Sink to the Groove
  3. beauty beneath the waves
Songs with lots of development and story behind them
May 03, 2013 johnfn
  1. Fucked Up Fish
  2. Watch you fade away
  3. Sink to the Groove
im really sad i mised the listening party, a lot of these songs were really great, and i really felt the theme throughout!

drumj8 - this is very chill, thanks!
ducks - i really like the sounds. also yup this was totally expected from the theme ;-P
Somasis - niiiiice. Love the drum explosion. Was definitely not expecting that.
JH - very watery with the filtered pads, i like it.
A-zu-ra- niiice, love the moving whistley lead.
Bren - your music has a very distinctive style. i like the melody.
sci - that was cool!
TheMisterCat - oh god that was awesome, it sounded so beatlesesque. seriously, i could see this on abbey road or something, right next to octopus garden. can't you use something better than that cheap piano though hahah.
ddr - lovely, so jumpy and happy
abi - chord progressions yesss
hectictesseract - wow this is very chip, i like it.
Forty-Two: ok i definitely am getting the underwater feeling from those moving strings. like it a lot.
shadow psyclone - i really like it. the vocally thing at 2:50 is greattt
patashu - i liked this, definitely underwater.
Trancient - ok i dunno about underwater but it's so groovy! HOW CAN I RESIST.
Misael.K - finally got to listen to the whole thing! ha! nice! like the arps.

blastron's thing was totally legit.

... the vocalists are starting to dominate OHC...
May 09, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. Dolphins
  2. Beaches of Atlantis
  3. River
DDRKirby(ISQ) - casual DDR style and fits the theme pretty well. gives a good impression of being on water surface.
hectictesseract - really great sounds in here, definitely gives off an underground sense.
blastron - the song becomes really full and complete with all the instruments near the middle. nice vocals, like the harmonization.
A-zu-ra - very chill piece, the piano chords/rhythm is nice, has some good beats.
Forty-Two - amazing piece, has a lot of changes, gives off a relatively calm feel throughout the song. really well done.
Arcana - the synth is pretty amazing at the beginning, great sound.
May 09, 2013 Misael.K
  1. Nocturnal Depths
  2. Export As Wave
  3. Dolphins
hectictesseract: Awesomeness.

MandraSigma: great sounds and a pun.

DDRKirby: lovely melodies.

Liked a lot:
Arcana; blastron; DarkShadow; DDRKirby(ISQ); Forty-Two; hectictesseract; johnfn; MandraSigma; Patashu; sci; Shadow Psyclone; TheMisterCat.

A-zu-ra; abi; Bren; DrumJ8; DucksUnlimited; JH Sounds; sci; Somasis; Trancient.