One Hour Compo - Round 730 (OHC730)

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Oct 06, 2022 Arcana
  1. Walk in the woods
  2. Mostly Incomplete, Ghostly Nonetheless
  3. spoopytime

A lot of really great music this week.

I also liked MisaelK and Djohn and IO and ethansight a whole lot.

Oct 06, 2022 Dex
  1. Buwu
  2. SpoOoOoOoOky by May ess tee are
  3. In The Forest

I remembered to vote this week!

Oct 06, 2022 InvisibleObserver
  1. Buwu
  2. In The Forest
  3. Mostly Incomplete, Ghostly Nonetheless

Oct 06, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. spoopytime
  2. Trees have eyes
  3. Take All of You Away

The Spoopy Show

Oct 12, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Mostly Incomplete, Ghostly Nonetheless
  2. always watching
  3. Play Pretend in the Shadows

Ok i don't have any comments to reply to, because i didn't attend this thing, so i'll proceed to the entries. I made something based of the images, the next day, as i was away during this OHC, and didn't get home until Saturday. So i essentially missed this. But that didn't stop me from setting a timer and having a try. After all it's a fun exercise that showcases a lot of cool ideas under a time restraint.

TheVideoGamer - What i've made is essentially a 3/4 like simple groove, ontop of very weird pads and mallet sounds. It's a little atonal melody wise, but for the most part it's discernible. It's mean to invoke a bit of spookiness in the mix, due to the forest images, and it's also meant to be a bit loose, in the way it flows. More atmospheric if you will. It's a simple track, but it was made in the morning, under a deadline. Next OHC will be back to my normal DAW and not GarageBand. Thanks all to those who listened to it!

Lyra_183 - Ooh reverb! Nice and eerie. Always makes things more scary with reverb. Some parts of the audio can get a little loud. I think you turned the gained a bit too high, just so you can hear the reverb. Other than that though, the idea is very spooky, good job!

cotmm68030 - Piano stabs always goes hand in hand for creepy horror images. Now this reminds me more of an action movie for some reason, like you're exploring an abandoned factory searching for Drug lords, who are rich, full of well...drugs and can kill. It feels like were from that area. The piano stabs in reverb, just works so nicely. It feels like that classic nerving sound. Based on the waveform, there is a lot of soft ambient parts, that are almost close to inaudible, but i know it's all intentional. It's very fitting to the theme, and quite tense. Too minimal? I don't think so, but i can feel like there are moments that should pop out at any time, but in this case it doesn't. I mean at the end of the day, i loved it, super theme accurate, and it was enough for the 2nd spot on the list. Amazing work!

DarkShadow - Good lord how loud is that waveform! And i though i was bad. Now despite that, the music is....weirdly quiet? What's making the waveform so loud? Not my favourite sadly, there is a lack of strong melody ideas in this, it seems a little more minimal than expected. Good job though!

handknit - Oh you've submitted early lol. That is one hell of a quite waveform. The sound are very deep, it sounds very spooky as the other ones did. This one doesn't give me much to play with in terms of texture or melody, however the results were a lot of fun to listen to. Good job!

Barley - So it's not just a common pollen allergy, but rather Ragweed. I don't know a lot of plants, except the ID apps i use. Again that's not the topic of this compo. I dig the guitar work in this, but the mix is very muffled. I can't hear the drums at all, in the intro especially. It's more clearer towards the end, but that's because there is little to no instruments in that part. The guitar is so muffled and noisy, it sounds like it's meant to imitate Lightning Bolt (The band) or something, and unfortunately i think that's a mixing thing, than something deliberate. It was a ton of fun to listen to though, great sounds, good job!

Dex - Very heroic, almost fitting to some pirate movie or something. This is not scary at all, maybe even RPG inspired. While it's the farthest thing to the theme, it has a lot of really cool orchestrations, and a kickass second half with a great sounding tone. Now as a track on it's own? Lovely sounds, great production. Fitting to the theme? Absolutely not (In my view). I relistened to it, and it still sounds awesome, but looking at the images makes it super hard to relate the track, so while it's lovely, this reason alone makes it a good job. I'm sorry, but i do factor in theme relevancy in my discussions. Hope people understand. Good job though!

Misael.K - I don't often expect you early lol. Now these are some cool piano chords, very unique. Almost like you're in a forest, but in an RPG. Now surprisingly heroic sounding, despite the scary nature, and it's this that also makes it not theme fitting (A lot of what i say is very subjective, and down to taste). However i can't deny the melodies are amazing in this. Mix is not the greatest, i'm getting that weird distortion that you get when you turn the gain on a sine wave kind of thing. The climax really showcases a bit of the distortion, almost clipping maybe, which i find odd, because the dynamics on the waveform are fine. I don't know, subsequent relistens don't change or remove any of the problems i still have. That being said, the melodies in this one were pretty awesome, and that did sway me a bit in the voting. I ended up adding you to the awesome list, although it just barely scraped it. Again what i might like, some might not, and what some like, i might not. This is a long paragraph, so i'll end with a well done!

Meistr - Sweet arps, really liking the Heartbeat effects here, adds a hint of nervousness to the sound. The transition into the epic lead and chords was quite surprising, and honestly pretty awesome. Perfectly exciting, and gets me hyped up. Loving the more techno rhythms throughout the 2nd half. It's like Dubstep mixed with some kind of Synthwave sound, it's super lovely. It's very epic, and totally fits the "running in the forest" vibe. I don't know what else to say, i loved it, Awesome work!

obScene - That title is sort of accurate. Really loving the piano noodles, definately spooky already. I have a feeling your style and genre would be perfect for the theme. Super lovely reverb usage here, very spacious and feels like some live performance in a concert hall, but with Industrial textures. The melodies are beautifully haunting, and very fitting for Halloween. Even with it's abrupt ending, it was so full of incredible melodic ideas and Halloween type sounds, that i picked you for the number one spot. Incredible work!

Ethansight - Very science fiction chords going on here. Loving the 3/4 feel, definately waiting for that sweet untz. The drop is so nice, it keeps it simple but dynamic. That is one very cool snare sound, i dig. The main melody/mallet sound was not my thing, very sharp and piercing. Some say certain types of headphone brands can affect taste and opinions of the music. However even with that consideration, it wouldn't really change the opinions of anyone in this compo. The pads were beautiful, with a bit of tweaking, this could be amazing! Good job though!

mcmiagblackmanisgod - Perfectly appropriate sample to go with this appropriate theme image. I dig the compression on the sample. I'm not sure if this is asking for a hip-hop beat, because all i hear is a looped sample for 2 minutes. I didn't get much musicality wise, so i'm afraid it's a good job.

Arcana - I'm liking these space chords, very different from you, but at the same time kind of Arcana like. Your voice is a little close to being buried, but at this line in time, i'm only at the intro. I often forget to check the waveform of the record, which can skew perceptions about dynamics. The drums are very cool, it's like a new Arcana sound that i can get behind. The autotune in the second half makes it super robotic, and almost futuristic. I'm both not a fan, but yet at the same time, i'm drawn into it. The vocals at the beginning were close to buried, but in the last part it's perfect. The ending is very weird, but very fascinating. It's hard to pinpoint the good and the bad here. The bad is overshadowed by the good, but the good is overshadowed by the bad. I still think it has a lot of potential, and it does have a bit of a slightly weird ending. At this point in time, i'm afraid it's a good job. Sometimes it takes another relisten for me to completely change my view.

Starla - These are some cool synth chords. It belongs to some kind of Billie Ellish record. The vocals really seem to fit that aesthetic (But with more of a powerful voice, than a moody voice) I like how it breaks down to solo pizz and voice, that was a very dark and minimal portrayal of the forest. Perhaps in my opinion, too minimal. Maybe it's me, but i just feel like i need more. Like a good bass sound to blend in would work, maybe some strings. A beat could work (Although i'm not fussed about this one, as beatless also works). It just feels like there's more to be had here. Taste is all personal. It was still a ton of fun, and you sing really beautifully (As you always do) Good job!

Nukage - A lotta fast arps this week. So many records with the arps. Sounds almost like a sequencer on a synth. Mixture of Trance like melodies and a bit of DnB. The drop was epic, totally unexpected and totally fire. It's sooo dirty and raww, and fits the theme extremely well. Even with it's loud waveform, the track is amazingly fire. One of the cases where the distortion on the master makes for a seriously infectious groove. Like this is actually a good thing, instead of me waffling about how it's a bad thing. I lol'd at the description, totally understand that, and honestly i'm not bothered. I just care about the music. It was so good, i picked it for the third spot. Amazing work!

InvisibleObserver - I'm getting quite a few quiet waveforms this week. Some of them required me to go to a pretty high volume, in order to at least hear it. This is some lovely sound design here. Soft white noise, and slow building menacing dubstep growls. Totally works as an album intro, or track intro to some fire beat or synth melody. Nerve-racking on it's own, but even better with the beat (That lasts for like 20 seconds lol). It definately feels like sound design material, than a fleshed out piece of music, because the beat does carry on for it's duration. A loud piercing impact sound signals the outro. Maybe if this was longer, and more structed like a fleshed out piece of music, it would straight in the awesome category, however it feels incomplete and almost...unmixed. Still had a lot of fun though, sound design is killer. Good job!

DJohn - Oof this is some very strange dissonant sounds. You totally knocked it with the spookiness here. I know you do a lot of metal tunes, but this is probably the first Technical Death Metal i've heard from you, because the rhythms and time signatures are so strange and the melodies are complex. Towards the middle it softens into a Linken Park type of beat, where we have loud vocals and a RAWKING guitar section. Whilst not perfect mix wise, it sounds MASSIVE and has a lot of incredible vocal performances and guitar shred-age. Amazing work!

Atmospherium - Ooh this is some unique beats here. It's like Industrial Trent Reznor kind of beat, but with a modern EDM trap sound, it's cool. The bell perc thing, is kind of annoying. Overused for my liking. The rest of the stuff is lovely though, especially the great lyrics and melody. Beats are super fire for my liking. The whole thing is lovely, just let down by a rather annoying bell perc (For my liking). Good job though!

JH Sounds - Last one les goo. Great 7/4 time signature goodness, with weird beats being emphasized for a seriously cool trippy nature. I dig the chords here, it's a classic JH progression, with that spice added to really make it more of an unusual chord progression. Great lyrics writing, super fun, well done!

Top 3 - obScene, cotmm68030, Nukage.

I kind of went for theme accuracy here, as well as musicality.

These 2 also deserved to be on the list:

DJohn (Man the production here is killer, even if it needs a little mixing. So wanted it on the list!)


Awesome - cotmm68030, Misael.K, Meistr, obScene, Nukage, DJohn, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, handknit, Barley, Dex, Ethansight, mcmiagblackmanisgod, Arcana, Starla, InvisibleObserver, Atmospherium.

Oct 13, 2022 Misael.K
  1. always watching
  2. Mostly Incomplete, Ghostly Nonetheless
  3. spoopytime

cotmm68030: maximum Silent Hill vibes. Very spooky.

obScene: emotional spooky vibes.

starla: minimalist vocals, and spooky.

awesum: Atmospherium, cotmm68030, Dex, DJohn, ethansight, InvisibleObserver, Meistr, nukage, obScene, starla.
good: Arcana, DarkShadow, handknit, JH Sounds, Lyra_183, mcmiagblackmanisgod.

Oct 13, 2022 ethansight
  1. They Watch
  2. spoopytime
  3. Out There

1 InvsisibleObserver - Woah. Lush mist sweeps with ominous shadows 

2 starla - Cleeean the simplicity really works here

3 Darkshadow - Woah this goes deeep

4 Misael.K - Tense and almost whimsical walk through the forest

Dex - Crisp mix and progression

Meistr - Ghost partay

obScene - Cold, spooky misty float

mcmiag - Depressed ghostie

nukage - Deep, and while distorted still not super harsh like lava dnb

Atmospherium - Smooth slidey bass