One Hour Compo - Round 729 (OHC729)

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Sep 29, 2022 InvisibleObserver
  1. ian
  2. A flood of sound
  3. wash away

Shabippity boopity, may you all have the softest of poopities.

Sep 29, 2022 Arcana
  1. ian
  2. wash away
  3. A flood of sound

I also really liked:







Sep 30, 2022 coloradoweeks
  1. ian
  2. A flood of sound
  3. Too soon?

great tracks everyone!

Oct 01, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. A flood of sound
  2. FLOOD
  3. Water Woo

@Misael.K - Yes that is water.

@Arcana - Huh i wasn't expecting this to be considered cute lol.

@Suzums - It is a TB-303 VST yes.

@InvisibleObserver - The whole thing is processed through a flanger.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words....or at least some kind words, i had barely any to reply to. Guess my track didn't give much to talk about haha. Oh well...

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is meant to be a little more of a laid back, kind of psychedelic piece, with a underlying intense distortion feel to it. Now i didn't want it to be calming, as being in a flood is no joke. My condolences to those currently in Florida, it's very intense out there. But at the same time, i already did noisy gabber last week, i didn't want to repeat the same style, as i had gotten bored, and felt i wanted to do something different. Also it means nobody gets to suffer haha (I do enjoy making this music, it's nothing to do with trolling). Now i said laid back, but i don't mean chill music, no i mean laid back as in loose. There isn't really any specific direction, i copy and paste sections, and make new ones up, all with a underlying 4 on the floor groove. Not sure how to accurately describe the genre. Sounds like a mix of Melodic Atmospheric music, and hard hitting semi-industrial grooves. Whatever it is, i'm sure someone on here will love it, thanks for listening!

Lyra_183 - I guess the power wasn't enough to kill the Microphone lol. Glad you got to submit, despite the electrical problems. This was a ton of fun, love to hear this in a beat. Good job!

DarkShadow - Typical untz from DarkShadow. Lots of interesting dissonant chords in this. Not my cup of tea, but i had fun, good job!

coolgreenapple - Live guitar les goo. I know it's live just by hearing the room ambience. This is more of a soft piece, with a more gentle type of playing, than an intense guitar jam. I like it a lot, it's conveys a lot of emotion, for it's simplicity. Well done!

Meistr - My condolences. At least you managed to submit something. It just takes a little practice that's all. Cool backing, good job!

Nukage - Wooow that is some very tasty acid! Not what i was expecting from you, but man that is groovy. It's just some lovely automation. Some really lovely choir synths here, turns the acid into almost some kind of hell dystopia sort of thing. Great transitions and build-up's, it's just soo great. Takes a while for the beat drop, however i am a patient man, so when it does drop it goes super hard, with amazing grooves. It's amazing how we go from 303 synths, implying techno, to full on reeses with DnB. This is just some awesome ideas, so amazing in fact, i ended up picking you for the top spot (Especially with how theme fitting it is.) Incredible work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Sweet guitar chops, digging the sound effects here. The chords are definately DDRKirby styled. I mean i know how it's gonna sound just from the first chord. Mix is lovely as always, and the melodies are always nice and chill. I don't get much to say, as it's always just lovely downtempo stuff, really beautiful mixes, awesome work!

elbobbo_music - Cool chord material. It's very textural, and has a lot of cool synths, to really bring it a bit of almost...a whole tone scale. The synths kind of scream 80's synthwave. Drums are a little flat for my liking, feels a bit closer to the background. Not sure of the direction (A little bit confusing/random) either, however i did have a lot of fun with this, sounds really nice. Good job!

Dex - This is some very country guitar like tones. The drum work is very unique, feels like were in 3/4, but with a 4/4 tinge. It's like it belongs in a western or something. I dig the piano in this a lot, it's some very sweet licks. That guitar tone is pretty awesome, so different to your normal tones, it adds so much depth to this piece. I really wanted you to be on the list, but i could only choose 3, and i spent ages deciding between you or InvisibleObserver, so i'm sorry this can't be on the list, i wish they're were more than 3 spots, but alas there isn't. Amazing work though!

DJohn - Quiet intro followed by huge waveform lol. I like me some loud music, but i worry about this one (Then again mine is not quiet either lol). This is some great sound effects. Vocals are very Metal sounding. I did say the waveform is loud, but the mix is actually pretty awesome. It's almost deceived me a bit. I just dig the way the synths and drums work together, it's got such a metal approach to the sound, mixed with Industrial music. Like Nine Inch Nails but for EDM. Vocals are a great prelude to the beat. Could use more of them, i definately don't mind ;). This is pretty awesome, and theme fitting, incredible work!

Coloradoweeks - Why do i get Chic/Nile Rogers vibes from this haha. This is some lovely 80's disco, with some awesome singing, and a funky groove. It's not necessarily complete, there's no intro or ending, it feels like the vocals are the most important part, since you spent the most time on theme. (The singing is amazing). While it has potential for expansion, i'm still gonna give you this, because the mix is great, the vocal work is amazing, and it is very groovy for it's simplicity. Well done!

NickC - Moar water sounds! A common use in most tracks. Loving these strings, really cinematic, perfectly fitting to some intense movie scene in the waves. You're on a boat, the waves are crashing, you are going to die. Such a perfect use of imagery, for a pirate movie. Strings and piano are lovely, great use of Minimalism, super tight melodies, very great orchestrations, awesome work!

Handknit - Experimental sounds les gooo. Lots of cool sine manipulations, some very unique pad chords. It's kind of CotMM like, but with more focus on the pad chords. I can't tell if this is a jam, or if this is like an intro to a song it's really interesting. Drums don't last very long, and the guitar work also suddenly goes sort of into a weird direction. I want to like this, the guitar work is great, the melodies are really cool, however it also sounds like you're trying to come up with a melody, but you are struggling, which is then captured on the audio. This was probably the closest i've ever got to considering you for the awesome section, but what puts me off is the lack of direction (The most kindest way to explain this). The ending was my favourite, with the cool noodles, but the intro doesn't seem to match the other parts. I don't know maybe better transitions, this is going on for too long. It wasn't enough for the awesome category i'm sorry. Good job though!

Arcana - Great chords, interesting approaches to singing. Always love me a bit of live performing. Really bittersweet chords, while having that minor rave chord structure. The drums come in nicely, has that cool overdrive effects. Feels like classic techno, but with more of a loose chord progression. I feel like you don't like what you've done here, as the comments indicate mostly a negative reaction to this. Now i actually like this a lot. The vocals may be a tad bit loud, if were being particular about it (Despite it not being use much, as well as the more quieter waveform), but the mix itself was pretty great. If anything i listened to it again, and it was actually a really great track. No major problems at all, i love the the techno vibes. You're beating yourself up too hard, this is worthy of the awesome section, well done!

InvisibleObserver - Ooh this is some sweet acid vibes, and sick kicks. Also feels like Synthwave, but with dubstep elements. Left a tail there lol. I really like the manipulation on the synths, sounds like FM. This is a seriously good chord progression. The mix is great too as well, the wubs in this one are not too loud, and the percussion additions makes this one hell of a groove, enough for the 3rd spot. Amazing work!

Ethansight - Late start, but great chords and wubs. Really digging the strings in this, and the tight DnB like beats. Mix could do with a bit of work, the drums feel like they are a background elements, and the strings are scarcely used, even though that more string usages, could alleviate the very forward lead. At the end of the day, taste is personal, and while it's an awesome idea with potential, i'm afraid it's a good job from me, sorry!

Misael.K - Ok i do see the Bach resemblance lol. But then again these are simple chords, so maybe that might be why. Despite that this is a lovely, kind of emotional piece. The whole town is getting flooded, people are drowning, and yet this piece is like "Ahh, time to relax and chill. I'll die with lungs filled with water, but it'll be worth it" lol. Synths are lovely, beats are tight, it's very pretty. Super beautiful stuff, awesome work!

Top 3 - Nukage, DJohn, InvisibleObserver

Voting for 3 has become so hard, almost impossible. It took me ages to decide between Dex and InvisibleObserver for the 3rd spot, it was hard.

These entries also deserve a spot on the list:

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Beautiful stuff, wish this was also on the list)

Dex (I spent so long trying to keep this on the list, but in the end, i went with Invisible's track. Dam was this a hard one, the guitar tone is awesome!)

NickC (This one was also hard to keep on the list, but i can only pick 3. This one was also amazing).

Misael.K (I don't associate much happiness with flooding. That's what made me keep it off the list. Still wish they're more than 3 spots, this was also amazing)

Awesome - coolgreenapple, Nukage, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, Coloradoweeks, NickC, Arcana, InvisibleObserver, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Meistr, elbobbo_music, handknit, Ethansight.

Oct 06, 2022 NickC
  1. ian
  2. FLOOD
  3. Passerby

Oct 06, 2022 Misael.K
  1. monsoon
  2. A flood of sound
  3. RPNB

colorado weeks: lovely city pop!

nukage: I can feel the flood.

ethansight: nice tensions.

awesum: coloradoweeks, coolgreenapple, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, ethansight, InvisibleObserver, nukage, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, elbobbo_music, handknit, Lyra_183, Meistr, NickC.