One Hour Compo - Round 602 (OHC602)

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Apr 23, 2020 Arcana
  1. Pages of Yellow And Gold
  2. Sneaky Library
  3. Ancient Knowledge
DarkShadow: Piano mixed in with crunchy synths is a good combination.

SilverPool: This is a cool set of pads. This could carry an entire song and it does here. Ambience top notch.

A2Z: I like the progression, the synth strings, and the bells. It gives everything a classic feeling but it's so comforting AND THEN JEOPARDY IT'S LIKE A RICKROLL

ashka: Love your loop-based music. Great beat. It's so peaceful. There's a slight amount of aimlessness in the middle that I actually really like, like you're on a long

A-zu-ra: Very whimsical and bouncy! Reminds me of Animal Crossing.

thevideogamer: Interesting use of repetition throughout. The backing piano gives the song a solid foundation and then you keep adding interesting elements. I feel the instruments (harpsichord, piano) are more compelling than the synth elements but the sound effects overall really fill out the track as well.

DDRKIrby: So much going on! The instrument choices here are great and there's so much subtle variation, though I felt the end went on slightly long since you catch onto the lead melody.

nukage: Tight as usual. I think I'll check out your stream to get some ideas.

NickC: The pad backing the song is wonderful. Lots of movement and variation in it to keep the listener's interest.

MisaelK: The mood is ballad-like. I thought the piano was a little too upfront but it gives me that slow-dance feeling.

atmospherium: This is tight. Love the style and the delivery here. Solo was sweet. Nice touch.

obScene: Your mixture of high-fidelity instruments and those lo-fi synth elements is a great contrast and really adds to the vibe.

Dex: Great progressions here and really nice uplifting mood. The violin lead is a little dry, but it's playing a great melody.

johnfn: this is that classic johnfn funk. Oooh yeah.

LunacyEcho: Nice soft intimate vocal delivery.

GreyHooves: I like the melody a lot. The instrumentation ties it together well.
Apr 24, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Humble Cabin
  2. Knowledge
  3. Un momento
TheVideoGamer - This was a lovely image, so i had some lovely ideas. I grabbed some samples of a library, and made that as an intro. Following that, i made some beautiful chords and harpsichord melodies for that old timey feel. I made the chords a little to atmospheric, so it works more like in the sky, than in a library, but i'm really happy with the results. Wanted to make it longer, but not inspiration, so i ended it the same way as i begun. When it's 2am, i just wanna go to bed, so i need to make quick decisions. Anways....

DarkShadow - Really digging this piano, sounds mechanical but works well for this track. Time signatures are crazy as usual, as well as the fast gabber parts. The piano is a bit loud sadly, but the rest was good, so good job!

A2Z - This is beautiful, if only a minute. Love the piano chords, and the chimes, makes it sound cute. The time waiting melody though (You know the one) didn't gel with me at the end, it made it too goofy, at the expense of quality. Still love this though, so awesome work!

Ashka - Love this, the beats are awesome, working almost like Jazz. The melody starts of beautiful, but then gets a little mystical later on. The pads are incredible also, just...such an awesome job!

A-zu-ra - I would expect to see this in an anime, or at least i want it to, it's soo fitting in that regard. You say it's only a quick doodle, i say it's fantastic, such a warm comforting vibe. Very kawaii too...

Nukage - Don't usually see Nukage with his 2 minute compositions, but whatever. Classic dubstep from the master. Well done!

Silverpool64 - Really enjoyed this. Love the simple but soothing melodic elements, all working alongside a good deep bass. Ending was cheap, the dissonance could have worked better. Still though great job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - I don't know what your library is, but it sounds very futuristic, almost like a science fiction movie. Personally i love this, but it's way too long. By the end, i got tired, because of the consistent electronic elements. Still though, it was nice, so good job!

Arcana - Sorry dude, you tried, but this is sooooo cringe. Like it's not even so bad it's good. It's sad, because the backing track has potential. Great synth choices. Good job!

NickC - Almost reminds me a bit of Dub, if more in the electronic zone. Mix was nice and clean, and the melody elements were great. Nothing bad here, great job!

Atmospherium - Nice Metal dude! I don't usually listen to this genre, but for the style it was great! Personally, some of the melodic elements in the distorted guitar clashed, but it could be the style's intentions. I'm just going by what i hear. Good effort though, enjoyed this!

Misael.K - This is lovely. Really like the nice old piano feel, and the build-ups were great! Needs louder beats though, and a not so abrupt ending. Still though, good job!

obScene - Great use of bitcrushed beats, and a nice soft melody. I don't know Metroid all that well, but it could sound like it comes from the franchise. This was really nice, that's all i can really say. Well done!

Dex - Really like the difference sections, each with it's purpose. Love the melodies here, such a great use of chords. Sadly it's a bit loud in areas, and the changes in key, were really abrupt (I think i did this, which it could have been better...) Good job though!

Johnfn - Oof this is good. The mix was awesome. Such a nice clean tight sound. Great bass sound too, this is just funky, especially that melody. Awesome work dude!

LunacyEcho - This is nice and relaxing. Great guitar playing, nice melodies! Great backing vocals too! Great job!

GreyHooves - Good attempt, but it's very basic. Needs more, than just 2-3 sounds playing simple, looping melodies. Nice range of sounds though, enjoyed this. Good job!

Top 3 - A-zu-ra, Ashka, A2Z

Awesome - A2Z, Ashka, A-zu-ra, Nukage, Silverpool64, NickC, obScene, Johnfn, LunacyEcho

Needs Work - DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Arcana, Atmospherium, Misael.K, Dex, GreyHooves
Apr 29, 2020 NickC
  1. In My Mind
  2. Pages of Yellow And Gold
  3. Sneaky Library
Lecho - catchy af

atmospherium - hype, nice take on the theme

johnfm - funky, cool melody, like the attention to panning
Apr 30, 2020 Misael.K
  1. Pages of Yellow And Gold
  2. Knowledge
  3. Apocrypha
Atmospherium: CHIIIIIIL DREEEEEEN. This is excellent. I love this.

ashka: a great chill entry. I'm feeling very cozy listening to this.


awesum: A-zu-ra, A2Z, ashka, Atmospherium, DDRKirby(ISQ), johnfn, NickC, nukage, obScene.
good: Arcana, DarkShadow, Dex, GreyHooves, LunacyEcho, Silverpool64, TheVideoGamer.�
Apr 30, 2020 GreyHooves
  1. Sneaky Library
  2. The Book of Knowledge
  3. Apocrypha
Apr 30, 2020 ashka
  1. Humble Cabin
  2. Tome of the Ancient Ones
  3. Sneaky Library
humble cabin - very cool rare 3/4 entry, this sounds super cheerful, lovely use of the sample as well
tome of the ancient ones - super cool drum work, nice arps
sneaky library - digging sounds and funk!