One Hour Compo - Round 640 (OHC640)

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Jan 14, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. Found
  2. Discovery
  3. La Trace de Pneu
lots of many good songerinos
Jan 14, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. Space Exploration
  2. Nekonauts Ready For Launch
  3. horizon
Jan 14, 2021 Arcana
  1. La Trace de Pneu
  2. Astral Voyager
  3. Found
Vinsfeld for really capturing that floating in space feeling with lots of evolving pads and overall gorgeous instrumentation.
Jan 15, 2021 Vinsfeld_
  1. Discovery
  2. Found
  3. La Trace de Pneu
cocorico !
Jan 16, 2021 ashka
  1. Astral Voyager
  2. Complex Landscape
  3. Discovery
Jan 18, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Found
  2. Complex Landscape
  3. Lumina
@Misael.K - So fast you can't keep up untz!

@Arcana - I've been using 909 drums since 1999 lol

@Johnfn - The Pre-delay function on reverbs is absolutely amazing and useful for really hard-hitting kicks.

@Atmospherium - More like If Fex inhaled some sugar lol. You know, i do use a lot of square sounds in this, so i can see a similarity there.

@Arcana - I'd call it Lo-Fi Gabber Beats to Drift into Space to haha....

@LunacyEcho - I'd also say it's different. I love trying new things...

@Johnfn - ALL THE CYMBALS! Lol

@Atmospherium - Ambivalent? I had to look that one up. It's certainly a clash of styles, but i think it makes for a uniquely cool listen....

@Ethansight - I think you might mean the 303 acid synth. I don't recall adding a lead in...

@Atmospherium - Neutralcore....i'm dying....

@Oroshibu - Again it's a 303 synth....

@Arcana - The pads have been going since the start. It's a little on the looping side.

@Johnfn - Has anyone suggested Ambientsspeedhardstylecore yet?

@Misael.K - That lol

@Everyone - It's whatever it wants to be core haha...

@Misael.K - MisaelCore....

@MV - It's been a while since i made hardcore drums/bass...

@Atmospherium - Then you are not worthy of my dopes lol.

@Ethansight - Can't go wrong with a good cymbal...

@Starla - I know they're hilarious....

@Misael.K - "Yo Dawg i heard you like hard kicks, so i put a kick inside of a kick!" Man that one is old....

@Arcana - I don't know...should you?

@Misael.K - I guess my work here is done haha....

@Ashka - If Underworld was this kind of music, what does that make those, who venture into hardcore lol. Underworld is way too tame haha....

@Atmospherium - I'm glad i ignited serious discussion with my entrant....

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words! Lots to reply this week!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - My entry description is pretty much bang on. We have very ethereal pads, creating lush ambience, followed by hard hitting gabber beats, and a really powerful acid synth. I want to explain's it. I didn't really create a deeply complex track. I will say, it took me a while to settle on it, as the theme was too good again (Which can create writers block, because of a large wave of ideas). I love spacious images like these, soo pretty and lifelike., which is why i had to dart back and fourth between the ideas. Oh well it's a great track, hope you had fun.

DarkShadow - So much sawtooth waves man lol....

Canamla - Really nice ambience. Really evokes a rather dark mood, equivalent of a action movie. A bit uneven, but nice nonetheless. Good job!

Souperion - I kinda feel this is trying to be 2 different styles. Nothing wrong with that, but i feel it works better as separate ideas, not as one. The electronica side makes it more....weird to me. However though the orchestration is lovely and really well produced. Good job!

thesocialcontract - The start of something groovy and jazzy. Well done!

Elias561 - Very heavy chips. A bit too heavy. Good job though!

Vinsfield_ - Ooh i'm into this a lot. Very cinematic, and fitting to the theme! I love the space in this a lot, such lovely atmosphere. Well done!

Wassup Thunder - Very nicely done. Lovely melodic ideas, especially goes great with the orchestral drums. Nothing bad here, well done!

Ashka - Welcome back dude....don't know how you manage to just return, and already be soo good. Like dude, how do you do it? The mix is just...incredible, and the ambience is sooo good. It's soo annoying when, you come here, because your always just too damn good even for the highest quality of tracks....

MV - I'm a fan of the orchestration and the subtle electronic instruments. The choir is rather beautiful too. Well done!

Arcana - The piano is a bit loud for me, and dry. I feel you could integrate it a bit better. Other than that though, rest is actually rather nice. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - OOF, these are some super funky chords. I did not sit down for this one, oh boy did i groove. Excellent work!

Starla - It's a little quiet for me, i had to raise my volume up. The idea is lovely though, and i do love how your vocal is integrated here, just needs to be a bit louder, and maybe more punchier...Good job!

NickC - The ringing of the bells were a bit...overkill for me. I do enjoy the chords though, and the beat. Good job!

Misael.K - This is the most unique thing i've heard in a long time to be honest. I love the groove, it's so wonky and trippy, and the chords are like...seriously amazing. The idea is just soo cool, and when the beats come in, oh boy did i enjoy it. Awesome work!

Dex - Watch your levels dude, the flutes are ringing in my ears a bit. They're quite loud. I mean this genre, needs loud levels sure, but it could work if integrated more. As for the rest though, super nicely done! Good job!

Ethansight - You know, a piano solo would be better. That's all i kept focusing on. Not to say the rest is lovely, but that was the true star. Well done though!

Atmospherium - MOSH PIIIITTTTT! Could totally see this as some kind of Morbid Angle/Pantera thing. Siiick!

JH Sounds - Nice vocal work here. Good vibes here, nothing wrong here. Good job!

Johnfn - Wow this is some great orchestration! I didn't think it would sound this good. You don't usually make orchestral music, so this is even more surprisingly. Well done!

LunacyEcho - That kick is weird lol. Very clicky and off putting. Shame, the rest was awesome. Oh well, good job!

obScene - Not sure what you are achieving, but the title is kind of accurate lol. No hate though, it sounds really nicely, just needs a lot of polish. Ending was abrupt. Good job!

InvisibleObserver - I'm in love with the ambient textures, oh soo good. Random blips and bloops do pop in, and honestly they not only distract me away from the ambience, but they are loud and piercing a bit. The beats were...unnoticeable to say the least, but they did add depth. Like this a lot though, good job!

Top 3 - Ashka, Misael.K, DDRKirby(ISQ)

Awesome - thesocialcontract, Vinsfield_, Wassup Thunder, Ashka, MV, DDRKirby(ISQ), Misael.K, Ethansight, Atmospherium, Johnfn.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Canamla, Souperion, Elias561, Arcana, Starla, NickC, Dex, JH Sounds, LunacyEcho, obScene, InvisibleObserver
Jan 18, 2021 InvisibleObserver
  1. La Trace de Pneu
  2. Star Lake
  3. Sail the Universe
    JH Sounds
mv, canamla, souperion, dex, ddr all great shows too. Lot of entry's makes voting kind of hard so I sort of just rng'd my tops for theme adherence.
Jan 21, 2021 ethansight
  1. Stratosphere
  2. Complex Landscape
  3. Astral Voyager
canamla: I like your soft high synth
Vinsfeld: Very nice ambient piece, lots of good sweeping sounds
ashka: Great beat, very spacey
mv: Liked all your dark sounds
NickC: saxy sax
Misael.K: Nice cohesion and great soft lead with the swelling pad
Atmospherium: Crisp dirty tones, and I loved the strange synth pluck thing
TheVideoGamer: Amazing energy, cymbals had me dying
InvisibleObserver: Nice spacey pluck things
Jan 21, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Aurora
  2. Distant Planet
  3. horizon
There were too many great entries! How can I choose only three...

NickC: I love how familiar and yet strange this sounds, it has that perfect quality represented in the pictures.

Dex: nailed the space theme, and the many elements on screen at the same time.

starla: super tasty chords, lovely melodies! I loved this.

awesum: ashka, Atmospherium, canamla, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, Elias561, ethansight, InvisibleObserver, JH Sounds, johnfn, LunacyEcho, mv, NickC, obScene, starla, thesocialcontract.
good: Arcana, DarkShadow, Souperion, TheVideoGamer, Vinsfeld_, Wassup Thunder.�