Reality Breaking Down

posted in OHC798 on Jan 25, 2024

Weird time signature, weird key, and I keyjazzed the lead in a single take, with only a slight cleanup of notes.

Glitch in the matrix? No, your mind is no longer comprehending reality.

Mint Windows

posted in OHC662 on Jun 17, 2021

One drumloop by me, other drumloop by Brian Burwell & Mint Potion Studios. Guitar loop, Piano loop by Mint Potion Studios. Vocals by Ben Nix Bradley & Mint Potion Studios. Songs sampled are "Come Correct" and "Fallin Far Away"

Ice Cave Rap

posted in OHC315 on Oct 23, 2014
Theme and this entry were inspired by Rush's song "Xanadu" from the album A Farewell To Kings.

Behold the cavern of ice
now you gotta think twice
before seeking paradise
there is no pleasure dome
now you're stuck
you're not going home
don't give a fuck about garden gnomes
there's no travelocity here
only an el-d-ritch fear
time has stopped for this man
and you thought you had a different plan

so now you think back to your youth
hog wild, bein uncouth
but you weren't down with the truth
Not gonna give death his due

but you should have never sought tales
now you eternally wail
escape will always fail
immortality is just another jail

176 The Final Day

posted in OHC176 on Feb 23, 2012
if there are blips/etc it's my upload being shitty! Will put in my dropbox whenever.

It's not such a great thing
when your life fits on a chicken wing
Sometimes you can't believe
anything that's happening

I'd like to write the song correctly
but then I remember
Humpty Hump said sometimes he don't rhyme
on the classic doowutchyalike

even if it's not so good
I had fun making it for you!
Compo ThaSauce reigns supreme
hey, why are you still listening?
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