Above the Horizon

posted in 90MC027 on Jul 27, 2021

Definitely bit off more than I could chew in 90 minutes here! It's a spin on the main theme in Call of the Horizon, a piece I wrote donkeys years ago.

Attempted Nutshell

posted in 90MC025 on Jul 13, 2021

My initial attempt at this sounded like a 12-year old's bassoon recital, so I scrapped it and tried to make something that sounded a bit like a Kurzgesagt soundtrack. That didn't exactly work either, but here's the less rubbish of the two attempts.


posted in 90MC024 on Jul 06, 2021

Listen really carefully and you might hear something underneath all of this: a repeating pattern of C5-C6-C5-C6-C#5-C#6-C#5-C#6. That's right, it's the drowning theme from Sonic!

A Fallen Angel at the Bar

posted in 90MC022 on Jun 22, 2021

This one was quite fun to write. I reused a motif from a piece I wrote a long time ago called Cadentes Angeli. That one was quite grim and serious, so putting this spin on it was really exciting.

Also, piano solos are hard!

Requiem for Doughnuts

posted in 90MC019 on Jun 01, 2021

Okay, bear with me on this. If a doughnut has a hole in the middle, that makes it look like an O, right? Well, I decided that was all the justification I needed to write a choral piece with all the parts singing to "ooo". If only my virtual choir had got the memo.

By the way, I accidentally ripped off Pachelbel's Canon a bit at one point, but I don't think anyone will notice if I don't point it out.

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