Week 15 (90MC015)

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May 04, 2021 JohnGabrielUK
  1. Blast Outcome
  2. Space Attack!
  3. Sorry it's an Old Project.

Ack! I forgot to do these for the last four compos!

@cotmm38030 - I don't think I have enough of a taste in ambient sound design to be able to really judge this. It sounded good, but the slow pace of progression was a bit at odds with the "frantic space battle" that the theme implied. Maybe space battles are more like sniper duels?

@Vaiaphraim - Heck yeah, NES music! The percussion here was really fully-fledged, I think. It didn't really get stuck in my head like so many NES soundtracks do, though - I think you had too many musical ideas for any of them to develop into bona fide earworms.

@JohnGabrielUK - oh hey, that's me

@TheVideoGamer - The first bit really reminded me of Crazy Frog! It's full of relentless energy, and a few really satisfying bass drops. untz/10 would rave again

@Misael.K - Space warfare has never been so chill. Some very nice chords at the beginning and a solid structure overall - the build-up is very satisfying. The kick is maybe a touch too heavy, though. There's a dash of Celeste (hah!) at the end.

@Atmospherium - Mick Gordon called. He said to keep up the good work.

@Arcana - That opening crash sounds like it came straight out of a blockbuster trailer!

May 04, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Blast Outcome
  2. Space Attack!
  3. Space Encounter

@Misael.K - I had a lag with the upload, which scared me a bit, because i thought it didn't go through. I kept thinking, i didn't export it right lol, but no i guess it was a slow system. I didn't make this a bonus, because the project, turned out to be made in about 1 hour 10 minutes, and it felt somewhat spacey. Also as well, i was trying to make sure it would at least go through XD.

@Arcana - What you are hearing, is a genre called Jumpstyle. Coone is an artist i'd research, if you want to learn about the music.

@JohnGabriel - Frog? I'm not familiar...

@CotMM - I'm more of a ProTracker kind of guy :P

@Arcana - I guess people have listened to so much of my distorted beats, anything is gabber....

@Atmospherium - Well i guess i've failed then, no sandstorm here....

@CotMM - If you want it to be lol.

@Atmospherium - You better have vocals in your entry, or i'm telling mum....

@Arcana - This genre picked up around 2002, but that's me being a pompous asshole....

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - Contrary to believe, i actually made this in a hour. I managed to check the file before exporting, who would have guessed it. Sure it's old, and that might not be fair, however it was the best option at the time, because you see, i'd actually planned to do a cover of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (I know it's Star Wars Day, but John William's music is actually hard to do), specifically the one after the intro, but it took too long, and i knew i wouldn't have time to finish it, without it being incomplete. This one is just as good, and does kind of fit the space battle theme, even if it's not John Williams. What we have is a genre we call Jumpstyle. It's a very simple genre, that's doesn't require a lot of melodic writing, or at least in early jumpstyle. It sort of has the same structure of Dubstep, in that it has a build-up and a drop. I won't go into too much depth, it's basically 3 sections, each with roughly the same idea, all of course with a pounding beat. Good stuff.

cotmm68030 - Very nicely done ambient music. Really like the sort of story-telling elements in this one, the sound design is awesome as always. Especially liked the ending. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - It's been ages since i've heard chiptune from you man. All for it, since your melody writing always remains at an exceptional quality. Lovely tune, Awesome work!

JohnGabrielUK - I can hear the John Williams influence lol. Very lovely composition, although it does remind me a bit of a Mickey Mouse cartoon, no disrespect. It has such great potential here, it just needs more to it, since it's so short, and the melodies don't have time to develop. Love the orchestra palette though, good job!

Misael.K - Delicious synths. Very 80's new wave inspired, and i dig it. Lovely electronic vibe, the chords are awesome. Kick is a little loud for me personally (In combination with the rest), however the synths are awesome, enough for me to consider this an awesome entrant. Incredible stuff!

Atmospherium - Ooh i detect metal coming our way, this is very intense. Angry spaceship noises lol. This rocks hard, i love it. It feels weird not having your vocals complementing it, but i do love the metal a lot, this is seriously well produced. Awesome work!

Arcana - 5 repeat listens, and i still can't process the length lol. Promo music for an ad maybe haha. I'm just glad you've finally gotten to grips with Studio One. Good job!

Sansero - More chip goodness, really nice and simple composition. Very sharp for my tastes, but it's always good to keep practicing, you've made some pretty great tuneage. Good job!

Top 3 - Misael.K, Atmospherium, Vaiaphraim

Awesome - cotmm68030, Vaiaphraim, Misael.K, Atmospherium

Needs Work - JohnGabrielUK, Arcana, Sansero

May 11, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Space Encounter
  2. Interstellar Wookie Kerfuffle
  3. Space Attack!


my mind went to star trek first because the date didn't mean anything to me initially. the end was an earnest attempt to think about what it would sound like to suddenly be at zero pressure in space as the sound of battle went silent in an instant, with the only sound the ringing in your ears.


composing within the limitations of nes is a treasure unto itself. lots of variety and movement. love it.


lovely instrumentation. nice use of organic changes in the style of playing.


very energy. much thud drums. so excite. wow.


smooth. love the drifty pads. this is a battle of style.


loved the energy and timbre of the track, though i do wish the melody went somewhere more. i appreciate the movement in the bassline, but skipping around in the track it's hard to tell i've gone anywhere.


it's still a nice 13 seconds though. that could be a fun compo limitation: compositions cannot be longer than 30 seconds or some other arbitrarily short duration.