Week 30 (90MC030)

Votes (3)

Aug 17, 2021 JohnGabrielUK
  1. Mythical Creatures
  2. Mystical Beasts
  3. Flying majesty

Aug 19, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Flying majesty
  2. The Legend of Airborne Whales
  3. 42

Still on holiday, but I can vote and I will. Might be rough sorry.

TheVideoGamer - All made on GarageBand, I opted for a sort of mysterious ambient piece in 6/8 each with a simple but powerful groove, intense arps, and strings at certain points. It�s very much a simplistic track, with more focus on slow developments, than full shifts if you catch my drift. All on all, like this one.

Lyra_183 - Nice if you to make an 12 appearance lol. Good job!

JohnGabrielUK - Reminds me of that Zelda composition you did back a while ago, sort of follows from the same style. Definitely a fan of the melodies l, sort of heroic. All in all lovely work! Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Really getting to grips with your FM work. Personally some of the sounds need a bit of attention, it can get a bit sharp. If it helps I would study some Genesis soundtracks for ideas. I�m not saying I hate it, the melodies are awesome as usual, but it�s very sharp and uneven. Sorry dude, good effort though!

Sansero - I know this progression well, but not in the way you�ve used it, as a couple of chords go different than I would expected. Love it nonetheless, very emotionally charged, and for 3 minutes you really keep my interest. Lovely sounds and melodies, well done!

Jose - not familiar with the sample here, but the vocoder sounds are lovely, really like the unique ideas here, even if a bit simple. Needs more sure, but it was too cool to ignore, well done!

Top 3 - Sansero, JohnGabrielUK, Jose

Awesome - JohnGabrielUK, Sansero, Jose

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Vaiaphraim.

Aug 24, 2021 Sansero
  1. The Legend of Airborne Whales
  2. Mystical Beasts
  3. Mythical Creatures

JohnGabrielUK: Together with the theme the song really reminds me of links awakening.

Vaiaphraim: Very mysterical. Somehow reminds me of Spelunky. And that chord! Unexpected but it just sonds so nice!

TheVideoGamer: The progression in the beginning really give a mystical feeling.