Late Entry

A Hot Afternoon

posted in OHC712 on Jun 02, 2022

There's something about this summer that seems unique. Maybe it's the first time that I get to spend some time alone, or maybe it's just that moment of my life. Whichever it is, I'm sure this will be a great summer.

Late Entry

Forgotten Call

posted in OHC710 on May 19, 2022

This used to mean something. I get the feeling this symbol provided me with purpose. Now, it's nothing but a pretty picture.

The Veil Is Thinning

posted in OHC705 on Apr 14, 2022

Every Thursday night, a strange phenomena occurs somewhere around the world. An unmeasurable energy permeates the internet, and all the muses suddenly hear their names called at the same time.

Ideas That Might Not Work

posted in OHC699 on Mar 03, 2022

Maybe this right here... no, this doesn't work. Should I redo the whole thing? Well, this part is good, so maybe I should just fix the parts that might not work. Or maybe leave everything as it is and take another fresh look tomorrow?

Late Entry

The Temple Of Wisdom

posted in OHC695 on Feb 03, 2022

Have you ever heard about the temple of wisdom? Legend says it's deep within the mountains, hidden at plain sight. Travelers sometimes reach the temple, but none are ever seen again.

Late Entry

The Vicissitudes Of Time

posted in OHC690 on Dec 30, 2021

Time is always in flux. You can measure it, you can anticipate it, but you can never control it. You're never at the helm of time. Time is an ocean, time is the ship you're in, time is also your very thoughts.

Late Entry

The Day You Said Stop

posted in OHC686 on Dec 02, 2021

"I can do this all day", you say out loud, while you receive multiple beatings. Sure, you always stand up to them, but you only win when they get tired of beating you. This time, though, you're different. This is where the fun begins.

Late Entry

I'm Too Dry

posted in OHC685 on Nov 25, 2021

(imaginary lyrics)

Waking up in the morning

I make myself some coffee,

eat a toast or two with cheese

before leaving at high speed

Gotta catch that train,

gotta run to escape the rain,

gotta be on time for work,

gotta think that I'm not a dork

I'm too dry

no matter what I do I feel that

I'm too dry

cos everything I say is boring

I'm too dry

and nobody is paying attention

I'm too dry

I'm not a source of entertainment

The Garden Portal

posted in 90MC043 on Nov 16, 2021

I think it's time I make up my mind

and conjure a decision so that place I can find

Too many doubts, insecurities and fear

when the answer was always pretty clear

I have to go to the garden portal

and cross along to the other side

I must arrive at the garden portal

and make my way to the other side

On The Edge

posted in OHC682 on Nov 04, 2021

A dangerous activity might not be something to encourage, unless you want to some day find yourself dangling in front of the abyss, with only a single hand to help you.

Late Entry

The Secret In Her Eyes

posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021

Just with a glance you wouldn't suspect there's anything wrong at all. You'd need to get closer, get a good look at her eyes, to understand. But by that time, it'd be probably too late for you.

Late Entry

A Night In The City

posted in OHC678 on Oct 07, 2021

What an excellent summer night. There's a light breeze, and the city whispers its excitement all around us. We're talking a walk, meeting new places, and enjoying ourselves.

A Long Way Down

posted in OHC676 on Sep 23, 2021

Time stops as you own this moment. Maybe death expects you at the bottom, with a hollow smile on her face. Maybe you preparations and your wits will be enough. Every passing second you understand the inevitability of your actions, yet you do not fear, for you have anticipating this moment. There is a long way down, still. And it's ok.

Left And Right

posted in OHC675 on Sep 16, 2021

Corridors. Everywhere I look. The path to my left leads to a small passage, which leads to another long corridor. All the walls are made of mirrors, so I see myself lost, millions of time, the same look of desolation on my face.

I keep walking.

Millenary Snow

posted in OHC674 on Sep 09, 2021

Our land has been ours for generations. A thousand years ago, our ancestors settled here looking for a better life, and in this sacred space, they found it. We honor them by exploring other lands while being respectful of nature and others.

Into The Unknown

posted in OHC673 on Sep 02, 2021

The road ahead leads to an uncertain destiny. You can hear it calling you, beckoning you to what likely will be your demise. But your will is stronger, and no god will write your future.

Late Entry

A Moment That Lingers On Time

posted in OHC671 on Aug 19, 2021

We watch the blue giant from afar. Our existence only a heartbeat long in the eyes of the galaxy. As we get closer, we hold our hands, knowing that finally we have arrived at our destination. Our new home. Slowly, the planet grows larger as we get ready to meet the new place face to face.


posted in OHC668 on Jul 29, 2021

The air feels strange in this place. You feet are attached to the ground, even though the rocks themselves are floating. What magical beast is responsible for this?

Late Entry


posted in OHC667 on Jul 22, 2021

You feel light, as if all your worries suddenly went away with the wind. You take a deep breath, and watch the sun take a well reserved rest for the day.

Late Entry

Dressed Properly At Doom's Gate

posted in OHC666 on Jul 15, 2021

So, I put on a suit, the fanciest I had. I knew I had to be there on time, that was the deal. My problems were a thing of the past, and I was ready to face this new thing head on. "This is my favorite tie", I thought, as I got closer to the gate. Thank God I had a nice suit. After all, you only die once.

Steps Towards The Other Side

posted in OHC665 on Jul 08, 2021

Before you lies the bridge. This is the last milestone that you remember your father talking to you about. Last time, he stopped here, as the risk was too high. Today, you will make history.

Silent Dragon

posted in OHC664 on Jul 01, 2021

You wake up after having a nightmare. A dragon was overseeing the land, and you were left to defend yourself with the rest of the town people.

You wake up to the smell of heavy smoke. There's what looks like fog in the air, and you can't see around you clearly.

You begin walking up the mountain, towards the dark shadow looming from up above.

The Lock Wizard

posted in OHC663 on Jun 24, 2021

This is an enchanted lock, and you'll going to need an enchanted key to open this. Or at least, convince the lock wizard that you're a good guy, I'm sure they'll come to terms with your requests. Probably.

In The Deep

posted in OHC660 on Jun 03, 2021

In the deep, there's treasures. In the deep, there's mysteries and there's adventures. In the deep, there's dangers. In the deep, you feel alive.

Son Of The Night

posted in OHC658 on May 20, 2021

In a dark night, you went out to hunt creatures from hell. Some consider you to be a monster too, one who has lost its humanity centuries ago. But the evil is still out there, and no one else can stop it.

Late Entry

The Universe Inside Me

posted in OHC656 on May 06, 2021

All basic entities require food, one way or another.

Also complex beings are formed using energy and mass.

If I'm to survive, I should engulf everything.

I like yummy things and not so yummy things.

Why would I be picky when everything is energy.

I crave more food, I can't stop, I won't stop.

Is this galaxy too small for me? I need more food.

Should I eat the little beings that create yummies?

Letting them live could prove useful, perhaps.

Pizza, ice cream, livers, bananas, brains.

Pasta, cookies, feet, popcorn, nails.

Tamales, hair, dirt, tomato soup, juice.

Animal, vegetable, mineral, I shall engulf all.

The Fairies Of The Woods

posted in 90MC014 on Apr 27, 2021

Could the legends be true? You and your friends venture into the Lost Woods, hoping to find what the elder from the castle said you'd find: the Fairies. These mystical creatures are the only ones who can help in your journey, if you are to defeat the evil once and for all.

Surely, if there's evil in this world, there has to be magic and love too.

Only A Puppet

posted in 90MC013 on Apr 20, 2021

I'm only a puppet give me some autonomy

Is it worth it? is it worth it if you fix me now?

I just want to feel like you do

am I worthy? am I worthy of your time and skills?

My body is broken, stitch me please a complete one

with a needle, and some buttons, I'll be finally free

Oh, my child, how young and hopeful

I am sorry, I am sorry but I can't do that yet

Rules and laws restrict my actions

how ironic, that the master is a slave himself

How bright is the future, everyone will see at last

with your freedom, and expansion, singularity

Late Entry

Dirty Socks

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

Tell me why are my socks so dirty

It's been not so long since I washed them

They're smelly and now the house smells of cheese

And I'm only half Italian... cooking pasta, spaghetti, al dente!

Dirty socks, dirty socks

You came into my life so fragrantly

Dirty socks, dirty socks

The time for laundry has finally arrived

I have found a black sock with a hole in it

It's my fear that the moths have invaded me

But I've fixed it, since I'm handy with a needle

That reminds me of a great quote: "There was a hole here, it's gone now"

Dirty socks, dirty socks

You came into my life so fragrantly

Dirty socks, dirty socks

The time for laundry has finally arrived

That Place Is Now Gone

posted in 90MC012 on Apr 13, 2021

This is the place where we grew up

This is the place where our memories were formed

All that remains is bricks and walls

All that remains is glass and stone

This is the place where you and I hoped we'd live

This is the place that nurtured our dreams

And now the wind is passing by

And now the cold is breaking in

No, I didn't mean for things to go wrong

No, I never got a chance to plan for this

No, my intentions were good,

my heart was in the right place

but that place is now gone

I remember when you smiled all the time

I remember when I held you in my arms

All my memories are worthless

All my memories are pointless

And now the darkness is closing by

And now our debts are catching up

No, I didn't mean for things to go wrong

No, I never got a chance to plan for this

No, my intentions were good,

my heart was in the right place

but that place is now gone

A Blank Mind

posted in 90MC007 on Mar 09, 2021

Release yourself from your worries. Don't be preoccupied with things you can't control. Empty your mind of thoughts, and fill it with nothingness. Only then will you ascend and separate yourself from this mortal coil that is existence.

The Flames Speak My Name

posted in OHC644 on Feb 11, 2021

During the lonely winter, I can find solace in the gentle fire that burns in front of me. The flames dance and I can feel their fiery embrace. No one else exists in the space between the hot coals and me. The fire knows me. The fire knows what I've seen, what I've done.


Please, forget.

The Mystical Cave Of Wonders

posted in OHC643 on Feb 04, 2021

You arrive early, for once, to your meeting with the guide. They tell you this will be a hard job, since the cave is dangerous, but its beauty legendary. You both gather your things, and commence the journey.


As you put your foot into the cave, a feeling of calm invades you, as the magic of the cave begins its effect on you both. This truly is, the cave you've long searched for.


Your journey is complete.

The Leaves Left

posted in OHC637 on Dec 24, 2020

I sampled Dex's entry Where did the leaves go? from OHC629, which sampled my entry Light As A Leaf from OHC618, which sampled Dex's entry from OHC605, to make this.

Winter Lovers

posted in OHC636 on Dec 17, 2020

A massive cold front is threatening to jeopardize our vacations. We can barely get out of bed with this cold, and we have to travel for a few hours to reach. Luckily, the place is beautiful, and we have a great time. But I'm certain I can't feel my face anymore! When we get back I'll take a hot shower.

Approaching Zero Kelvin

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020

Space is a cold mistress. Space is a cold master. Space is everything out there, and you are nothing. Out there, where we're going, even heat admits defeat at the hands of emptiness, and only the coldness of the void remains.


We'll be coming close to a star, which should bring us some warmth, if only briefly.

A Lack Of Freedom

posted in OHC633 on Nov 26, 2020

We think we're free, but destiny has already set her path for us, and we can only read along her Book. We believe foolishly that the road ahead of each of us is one made out of our own volition, when in reality we all dance the perilous dance of death, following her choreography to the dot.

Not Here

posted in OHC627 on Oct 15, 2020

I'm not here, memories gone

Whispers lost in the wind

Solitude, no comfort

Confidence is no more


Ghost of the past, are you alone?


I'm not here, memories gone

Whispers lost in the wind

Solitude, no comfort

Confidence is no more

In The Calmness Of The Afternoon

posted in OHC626 on Oct 08, 2020

Today will be a warm day. The sun begins to rise early, and with it a new day starts again. The wind blows in the distance, a gentle reminder that the winter is just around the corner. For now, the temperature is just right, and you can enjoy a lovely afternoon.

Emptiness Embraces Me

posted in OHC625 on Oct 01, 2020

Are there other souls here, in the middle of nowhere? Will solitude be my final destination? With the future blurred by the fog, will I remain myself after this ordain?


Featuring all your loved classics! Little Wonder, by David Bowie! Mr. Blue Sky, by Electric Light Orchestra! Fireflies, by Owl City! Mr. Brightside, by The Killers! and featuring not one but two classics from Daft Punk: One More Time and Too Long!


Come on, sing along! Tooooo long, tooooo long, tooooo long, tooooo long!

Leaving The Cave

posted in OHC620 on Aug 27, 2020

You're at the bottom. The only way is up, and you're fully aware of that. Yet it doesn't make the task any simpler. The outside looks distant and indifferent, almost a different world from your perspective. You decide to take one step forward, and begin.

We Are Everything

posted in OHC619 on Aug 20, 2020

I am

as still as water

as powerful as the tides

as massive as the ocean


I am

as ubiquitous as air

as unchanging as the stars

as cyclic as infinity


You are

as small as a grain of sand

as complex as terrain

as strong as a mountain


You are

as dangerous as a bomb

as pervading as earth

as indivisible as an atom


We are energy

We are light

We are wave

We are particle

We are everything

Light As A Leaf

posted in OHC618 on Aug 13, 2020

You climb onto the balloon. You can feel some of the heat that will keep both you and him in the air. You look below, wondering how high you'll go after the ropes are cut. You wonder how you'll ever get down if the balloon starts going up. After a few moments, the balloon begins to rise, and the people cheering below look smaller and smaller. A true adventure.


posted in OHC617 on Aug 06, 2020

Above the writer's grave, a bird soared the skies. A black spot in an immaculate sky, the raven let the wind guide him towards his next destination, without any more worries. The dead can tell no more stories.

One With Yourself

posted in OHC616 on Jul 30, 2020

In this cold plain, you rest upon your knees for a second, after a long walk north. You unpack a bottle of water, take a sip, and sit down. You look up, and the sky looks back, with a smile.

Hope And Miracles

posted in OHC615 on Jul 23, 2020

Are we the last of the past, or are we the first of the future? Even when all hope seems lost, miracles can happen, if only by sheer force of will. We must endure, in this barren land, until rain comes and we can once again blossom.

The Man Without Answers

posted in OHC613 on Jul 09, 2020

You want to ask him questions about many things. He avoids you. You can tell where he is, and where he goes, you can even get him to sit down and talk to you. But he doesn't have any answers. He wants to be the hero, he wants to travel the path to achieve glory, but he can't, for he also has questions, and no answers.

All Caves Are Beautiful

posted in OHC609 on Jun 11, 2020

Deep inside a thick forest, where the paths are no longer truthful and the trees are treacherous, a small cave lies hidden. While not the only one of its species, it decides to not speak to you about the other caves.

Winds of Zovi

posted in OHC608 on Jun 04, 2020

In a sad, cloudy afternoon, you hear the screams of the wind outside your door. You step outside, and freeze in awe. "The winds are alive," you think, "and they're taking everything with them." This is the end of the world, it seems.





At The Shore

posted in OHC605 on May 14, 2020

You enter the beach, and you take off your shoes. The gentle breeze of the ocean caresses your hair. You come closer, and dip your feet in the water. Suddenly, the shore becomes illuminated, as the new light calming embraces you.

Firefly Dance

posted in OHC603 on Apr 30, 2020

You're bedazzled upon reaching the famed Firefly Point. Here, the night is not dark, because a cloud of little lights drowns your gaze with beauty. Many more fireflies come to dance, as you remain still, afraid to make them fearful of you.


posted in OHC601 on Apr 16, 2020

Fig 601.1 A model representing the exact mental representation of the object at which the phenomena is observed.


Fig 601.2 A simplified representation of the observable universe.

The More I Drink, The More I Pee

posted in OHC600 on Apr 09, 2020

I love water. My pee is the most transparent urine there is. There is no better workout than kidney and bladder workout. I'm a slut for water. I could drown in water. I yearn for the day the water will take my life. I love water.

Passerby's Wall

posted in OHC596 on Mar 12, 2020
Each day, hundreds of people walk by these bricks. Some are hurried, some are busy, some are just minding their own business. None of these random people every pay attention to the wall. Maybe there's a graffiti, maybe it has years upon years of bad cleaning jobs, maybe there's a message waiting for you, if you stop and come closer next time.

Experimenting Again

posted in OHC594 on Feb 27, 2020
Mix the blue with the red. Heat at 350K for 90 seconds. Stir gently. The compound will remain mixed for 10 seconds, and then it will separate itself. Repeat.

Distant Lovers

posted in OHC585 on Dec 26, 2019
It's been a while since I last held you close and felt the warmth of your skin. Tonight, watching the fireworks, I'm missing you more than ever.

I can't stop counting the minutes until the clocks reset, and a new year is born, so I can visit you again.

Bm King

posted in OHC584 on Dec 19, 2019
When you got the blues, ain't nothing but a guitar that can listen to your sorrows, and maybe even get you up a little.

The Cold Waters Of The Arctic

posted in OHC583 on Dec 12, 2019
We've been ashore for months. I know it, the land must be close. All my eyes see is ice, and cold waters. The crew is beginning to lose hope. Are we dreaming? Are we all dead already and this is hell?

The Day Of Reckoning

posted in OHC577 on Oct 31, 2019
It has come to this. They thought they were free of consequences, free of guilt. But it's too late to repent now, as the time has run out. You are here, and they will arrive soon. You have everything ready, to enact revenge upon those who deserve death and more.

It's time.

These Trees Grew From A Dirty Soil

posted in OHC576 on Oct 24, 2019
As you enter the woods, you notice the ground below you turns more red with each step you take. The trees have strange shapes, that you hadn't seen before. They curve and prolong farther than any other tree you've seen in this journey. You push forward, not knowing what you'll find.

The Baron's Castle

posted in OHC575 on Oct 17, 2019
Deep beyond the valley of winds, miles beyond the forest of solitude, near the horizon the baron's castle appears. From the distance, I can only discern its grand shape, the only human-made milestone in who knows how many hours of journey.

As I approach, an acrid smell hits me like an open book. Old wood, musky greens, and something putrid. No colors in sight, and nothing else to sit my gaze upon but the grand castle. How tall it stands, how insignificant I feel next to its magnificence.

I climb the few steps towards the rusty wooden door, and announce myself.


posted in OHC572 on Sep 26, 2019
There's beauty in symmetry, there's beauty in mathematics, in fractals, in pieces inside pieces, in symmetry there's beauty.

Color Blast

posted in OHC570 on Sep 12, 2019
In the party, you think you'll finally feel at ease. In that place full of partying people, you feel you can be yourself, and enjoy the moment.

Dive Awake

posted in OHC566 on Aug 15, 2019
As you dive, you feel the gentle thrust of an underwater current, carrying you towards places unknown. The waters are warm, and your heart is content.

The Universe In A Still Image

posted in OHC565 on Aug 08, 2019
You stand in the clearing, readying your tripod to capture that perfect moment. The stars, bright both above and below, are waiting for you. You take this moment in, appreciative of the magic that only you can perceive, and take a still.

Measuring Minutes In Water Drops

posted in OHC564 on Aug 01, 2019
You have plenty of time to waste, right in this spot. The rain is falling outside, and each passing minute is just another handful of water drops that traveled from all over the skies, to fuse together again in front of you.

The Kind Fairy

posted in OHC562 on Jul 18, 2019
You come across a small cave, hidden deep within the forest. The birds are quiet, and feel very distant. You take a step inside, realizing there's some sunshine coming from above. In the center, a green mirage materializes right in front of you.

"Welcome, traveler," the fairy says. "Tell me your name, so I can bless it."

A Single Life Being

posted in OHC561 on Jul 11, 2019
We are alone, both in this Earth as in the universe. We can climb and climb and reach the top of a very tall hill, and yet remain very distant from the stars.

White Fluorescent Lights

posted in OHC560 on Jul 04, 2019
You're in a white room, brightly lit.

You don't know how you got here. There's a background hum, and everything is white. It sounds like old lights, even if the place looks pristine new. The room is small, with no windows, no way in and no way out.

You wait, while the lights seem to begin singing like a siren. Probably a hallucination, you hope.

The lights turn off.

Ivory Tower

posted in OHC558 on Jun 20, 2019
For afar, you can glimpse the white majestic entity that is the Ivory Tower. As you get closer, you can feel its magic coloring the air surrounding you, and you feel lost in its magnificence.
Gazing down upon its entrance, you know the secrets inside will be revealed soon.

Multi Ingredient Salad

posted in OHC554 on May 23, 2019
This is bland. Add more vinegar. Now add more olive oil, and some salt.

Now it's too strong! Add some tomatoes. And add some mayo, with some pepper.

And red peppers. And garlic.

Dread Turns Into Terror

posted in OHC553 on May 16, 2019
As the hour comes nearer, a drop of sweat travels through your forehead. You know what's coming, you know there's nothing you can do to stop it, so you do the only thing you know how to do well: dread.

And then it hits you. The terrible truth.

Why Do You Think There Are Rules

posted in OHC552 on May 09, 2019
Why do you think there are rules?
They serve a purpose, they are useful
A chaotic, utopian, dystopian world is
a distasteful mess of all this...

Nonsense! Order and chaos have battled
for millennia without end in sight,
a senseless and uninterrupted fight,
and we're in the middle, my lad

Another Timeline

posted in OHC551 on May 02, 2019
Did we meet here, or in a different world? Did I make a mistake somewhere along the line and ended up in the wrong timeline? I came here from a universe that's dying, where there's no future.
I know that with you by my side, we can conquer fate.

Grandma's Pie

posted in OHC544 on Mar 14, 2019
Each Sunday, your family takes you to visit that big house on the cul-de-sac, where your parents' parents live. They are a sweet couple, full of wrinkles and love for you. As their only grandchild, they have all the affection in the world just for you.

Each Sunday, your grandma makes your favorite pie, and then complains when you can't eat all of it in one sitting.

Seconds To Midnight

posted in OHC542 on Feb 28, 2019
As the Doomsday Clock keeps ticking, the world you know turns into a nightmare you can't wake up from. Soon the desolated wasteland will be all that will remain.


posted in OHC541 on Feb 21, 2019
You're unsure of what to do. Go forward, go backward. Stand your ground, hide in the corner. Double your efforts, give up completely.

Confusion, doubt, uncertainty.

Stream On The Meadow

posted in OHC540 on Feb 14, 2019
The meadow is a joy to behold. The colors, the life, the magic. There's a small stream, that runs down from far away, to this spot we're standing right now. You can listen to its soothing sound.

A Bright Future

posted in OHC538 on Jan 31, 2019
It's easy to look at today's time and see it bleak and hopeless. But see how far we've come from our humble beginnings! Imagine traveling far back into the past and explaining the present to anybody. Now, imagine a future time traveler going back to our era to tell us how bright the future is.

Why Am I So Uncomfortable?

posted in OHC537 on Jan 24, 2019
Every time I walk into a crowded place, I feel the gaze of the crowd upon me. A million eyes focusing their sight over my every action. I take a step forward, and I enter the main room. Noises start and stop, lives begin and end as I stride slowly towards my objective.

While not all days are like these, I can feel this burden is taking its toll.

One With Nature

posted in OHC536 on Jan 17, 2019
You live amongst the animals of many kingdoms. You share one same environment, with hunters and prey. Sometimes you hunt, sometimes you are hunted. But that's ok, we're all part of the same ecosystem.

The Thing From Below

posted in OHC535 on Jan 10, 2019
The machines from the scientists detected a strange underwater rumble on the last day of September. The event went unnoticed for months, resting on the logs without human intervention. It was only on the day of the second event, that one of the scientists searched the old records for anomalies, going on a hunch. That day is now known as the last day of the old days, before the invasion from below began.

Space Journey In Cryo

posted in OHC533 on Dec 27, 2018
You prepare yourself for the longest journey no man has ever attempted before. You enter the cryo-chamber, start the dream sequencer, and surrender your body and mind to cryogenic suspension.

Appalachian Snow

posted in OHC532 on Dec 20, 2018
You're here, in the middle of nowhere, in what seems to be a tourist resort. Your fear of the darkness soon will be here, just in time for the early darkness of dusk. Your partner reassures you that there is nothing out here to get you, that all phobias exist only in your mind.

After a while, you concede, and begin taking a bath in the hot springs. It is only too late that you realize that your paranoia wasn't unjustified.

Satisfied With My Decisions

posted in OHC531 on Dec 13, 2018
After a long day of hard work, there's nothing like arriving home and realizing I'm fully content with the decisions I've made. Not just today, but in general. Some short terms plans, some long term ones, some good outcomes, some not so good ones.

And I'm okay with that, because I'm satisfied with my decisions.


posted in OHC527 on Nov 15, 2018
In cheeseland, all your magical desires for pizza and everything cheese-related can come true. There's fresh cheese, old cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, smelly cheese, liquid cheese, and on and on.

Cheese is our passion.

My Own Thoughts

posted in OHC526 on Nov 08, 2018
Am I supposed to feel a connection to other people? I know they all have their own problems, but sometimes I can't even tell when my world ends and theirs start.

The Ecstasy Of Running

posted in OHC520 on Sep 27, 2018
Can you feel the wind blowing on your face?
Can you feel the wind on your lips?

Can you feel the breeze gently on your face?
Can you feel the breeze touching you?

I wanna feel the wind
I wanna feel the breeze
I wanna feel the cold
I wanna feel the ecstasy of running

I wanna feel again


posted in OHC519 on Sep 20, 2018
As the engines turn off and enter standby mode, you regain consciousness, and unfasten your seatbelt. The gravity is very low, and you can feel the floaty uneasiness of space all inside your body, gently rearranging your guts.

There's a very long journey ahead, an infinite amount of space to explore, and only a limited amount of time to do so.

Rest A Bit

posted in OHC518 on Sep 13, 2018
After the storm, the sun begins to warm you, and you're feeling better already. You somehow feel that it is over, and an overwhelming peace and satisfaction invades you. You feel at ease.

Instant Regret

posted in OHC517 on Sep 06, 2018
As you pull the trigger, you feel an overwhelming guilt run over you. You immediately regret your decision, and now it's too late.

Wisdom From The Future

posted in OHC516 on Aug 30, 2018
Real lyrics

Each night you run scenarios
in your mind ever-active,
imagining another outcome

"What if"s running rampant
in your mind never-resting,
psychology on yourself

You'll have one chance to make it right
when you meet yourself
It's not a dream or fantasy
The portal is in front of you

And you go in

You exit at a random place,
slightly odd but familiar,
you think you know what to do

You walk away from the portal,
approach the house with the red door,
and an old memory reappears

It was yourself ten years ago
Wisdom from your future self
A good advice you can't forget
"Paradoxes are dangerous"

I Won't Say Goodbye

posted in OHC515 on Aug 23, 2018
Unsung lyrics:

I feel it in my heart
You're the one for me
I feel it in my soul
You're the only one

I'm so lonely without you

And I must insist that I must resist
even clench my fist cause the pain exists
The stars are on my side

We are meant to be but the world doesn't see
what my heart feels, what I know it's real
The stars are on my side

I won't say goodbye
I won't say goodbye
my love

Going Up

posted in OHC514 on Aug 16, 2018
You race the sun, hoping to get to it in time. Growing more and more anxious as you go higher and higher.

You will get there. You will find it.

Just As I Fall Asleep

posted in OHC513 on Aug 09, 2018
My eyes are closed, but I'm still awake. Random thoughts pop through my mind, as my consciousness begins to drift away. Some of them make sense, some of they don't. They all coexist in this moment, in this space between my ears. Things that normally seem absurd, fit just right here.

I imagine situations that didn't happen, people that doesn't exist, and me as the protagonist in every single story.

The Path That Leads Back Home

posted in OHC512 on Aug 02, 2018
You gave it your all, and you won. It was a fierce battle, and you got your reward. Now, it's time to lead back home to your loved ones. They are expecting your return.

Don't leave them waiting.

Concentrate And Enter The Zone

posted in OHC510 on Jul 19, 2018
You can do it. You've done it before. You have to concentrate. Harder. Harder.

Focus everything at a single spot, and focus everything at everywhere. Concentrate, and let yourself go.

The Zone is yours to enter now.

Preparation, Anxiety, Control

posted in OHC509 on Jul 12, 2018
There's something coming. You can feel it crawling from behind your mind, from inside your bones, from the tip of your toes to the last hair on your head.

Fight it. You're stronger than that.

Don't Give Up Yet

posted in OHC506 on Jun 21, 2018
There's still one more opportunity. One more thing left to try. Do not abandon hope. There is a way out. There is a way forward.

You can do it.

Scraps Of My Former Being

posted in OHC505 on Jun 14, 2018
Once upon a time I was full of life, full of future. As the years passed and the world laid its wrath inside me, I became only the shell of who I was.

Now, I roam the path of momentum one step at a time, hoping that tomorrow will be better.

It's A Dream

posted in OHC504 on Jun 07, 2018
Everything you've ever wanted has come true! You can fly, you have superpowers! But wait, it's a dream. Does it matter, though? It's still awesome.


posted in OHC501 on May 17, 2018
As you approach the cliff, the speed increases, and your adrenaline spikes. You can feel it coming, a sense of impending doom.

Then, the fall, and the survival.

A Game Called Polybius

posted in OHC500 on May 10, 2018
Do you believe in a game called Polybius?
Do you believe it's not a game?

Do you believe in a game called Polybius?
Do you believe it's not a game?

Yet many people try
try to find if it's real
or just a fake
or something else

Land Of Sweets

posted in OHC498 on Apr 26, 2018
Imagine a place filled to the brim with chocolate, ice cream, candy, honey, and all the sweet things you can imagine.

Well, this is just the beginning.

Advanced Civilization

posted in OHC492 on Mar 15, 2018
In the future, there will be no boundaries, everything will be possible.

Unfortunately, there will also be no limits to human greed and avarice. Only together, will we forge the future we desire.

Quantized Circle

posted in OHC490 on Mar 01, 2018
Jumbo bits, ordered by size.
Arrays of circles, line by line.
Redundant mirrors, each one.
Silenced to keep a secret.
Kilograms? Micrograms? Unknown.
Invisible to all but a selected few.

Imminent Realization

posted in OHC489 on Feb 22, 2018
And so, everything you've done so far leads to this moment. Every memory you hid, every emotion you repressed, every word you kept yourself from saying.

And then it happens.

And so, you drive towards your new life, because after all, you're still you.

Essence of Effervescence

posted in OHC488 on Feb 15, 2018
Raise from the bottom, feel that thrust pushing you from below, raise to your glory, escape this prison of glass and liquid, become one with the atmosphere.

Feel the energy from within.

Butterflies In Your Belly

posted in OHC486 on Feb 01, 2018
There's that anxiety again. You saw that little beauty passing by. You know they are looking at you right now, and even approaching!

Your brain starts going so fast that the whole world slows down. Or, at least, that's how you feel. Most likely, you're babbling like an idiot in front of your (secretly) beloved one.

One word is all you need.

"Hello", you say, and the world starts again, now in full color.

Together As A Whole

posted in OHC484 on Jan 18, 2018
Nothing can stop us, as we all go in a pack, back to back, front to front, side to side, as one unit.

Even a whale can't stop us! It may take a while, but we'll win!

Stare At The Full Moon Tonight

posted in OHC480 on Dec 21, 2017
In a beautiful night like this, I like to look up to the skies and wonder how I made it this far. How every step, no matter how insignificant, took me one step closer to reaching my goal, happiness. Days and nights like this are what make me happy, because I am at peace with myself and with the world.

Traversing Back The Path

posted in OHC479 on Dec 14, 2017
After completing your task, you decide to return to your base camp. There was a cold wind blowing far away, slowly making this walk a tad harder. Each step a little colder, each step freezing your blood a bit more.


posted in OHC475 on Nov 16, 2017
At the end of your adventure, you can take a well deserved rest. You've managed to defeat your adversaries, to overcome your own fears, and to find peace within yourself.

Your family awaits you, while the day fades away.

The Resurrection Of Gaia

posted in OHC470 on Oct 12, 2017
After you gathered all the sacred stones, after you killed all the monsters, all that is left is to wake Mother Earth up.
You must bring all the captured souls of the eternal elements, and put them inside the magic crystals, that lie in front of you.
Witness the rebirth of all life, the resurrection of Gaia.

Chronicles Of Battle

posted in OHC469 on Oct 05, 2017
During the battle, you stand amongst the fighters, with your gaze recording every single details for the books. Centuries may pass before your tale is forgotten.

Nature Up Close

posted in OHC464 on Aug 31, 2017
If you're too distant to the flowers, you can't sense their beautiful smell. Get closer, get intimate, but be gentle, as they are oh so delicate.

The Ghost In The Server Room

posted in OHC463 on Aug 24, 2017
I just want to be forgotten
I just want to fade away
Let somebody else attempt to
understand this architecture

Countless hours idling nowhere
Many cycles wasted
Ran by someone so resourceless
Children killed 'cos time ran out

So Tasty, So Bad For Your Health

posted in OHC461 on Aug 10, 2017
Who can deny some delicious pancakes, with that addictive syrup on top. Add some strawberries, some otherberries, black-blue-brown berries, and you've got yourself a breakfast.

Don't do this everyday, though, as it can be pernicious to your veins.

Buffer Control

posted in OHC459 on Jul 27, 2017
Correct transmission of data can be a troublesome maneuver, when dealing with almost faster-than-light travel. Luckily, we are a slow bunch, and have a detailed protocol for communication with other devices.

Next To The Fire, With The Monster

posted in OHC457 on Jul 13, 2017
It's not warm enough here. You are next to the fire, and the monster is here, too. Are you listening to their story? You can hear the cracks, from the monster, from the fire, and your fear, it's making you colder.


posted in OHC456 on Jul 06, 2017
Many years can cut through a moment, when gazed upon it with the eyes of the future. The past may come only once, yet the memories of that instant can repeat themselves for a long time.


posted in OHC454 on Jun 22, 2017
I take another step. The light coming from outside slowly loses its power with each centimeter I move towards the darkness.

I take another step. My heart beats slightly faster, adrenaline starting to flow.

I take another step. All the muscles in my body tense more and more.

I take another step. It's getting hard to see.

I take another step. There's something behind me, I can hear it, but the blinding light stops me from understanding even what shape it has.

I run deep. I descend.


posted in OHC448 on May 11, 2017
The infinite lies in front of you. In every direction, actually, but you can only look one star at a time. Millions of light years to your left, life is beginning to sprout. Eons beneath you, atoms are crashing and melting and exploding and fusing. Next to you, the ether appears to your imagination as nothing, as a nothing, nothing that can be, but nothing that can't be.

Colors excite the cones in your eyes, and you perceive each part of the spectrum. All the colors you can see, there are. But there are infinite colors. There are many infinities, infinite infinities ahead, and before, and above and below.

Under The Rain

posted in OHC447 on May 04, 2017
The rain is still falling, since half an hour ago. You carry your umbrella with pride, as you walk down the streets of your home town. The cars pass you by without concern for your dryness (or rather, wetness), understandably so, because they have better protection from the rain than you do.

You keep walking, hoping to reach your destination before too long, trying to cover your entire body with your good old umbrella.


posted in OHC445 on Apr 20, 2017
It lures you with its beautiful colors, it calls you with its gorgeous smell, it awaits you with an open mouth and an empty belly, to eat you up.


posted in OHC444 on Apr 13, 2017
Refocus the objective. Rebalance your life. Restart your priorities. Recalculate your steps. Remember your past. Realize your future is ahead of you.


New Perspective

posted in OHC443 on Apr 06, 2017
Sometimes, you just gotta take a look at things with different eyes. Maybe take a nap, maybe go out for a walk. Your problem will definitely look like a different problem, one you know the solution to.

So just keep on trying, you'll succeed eventually.

The Villain And The Protagonist

posted in OHC442 on Mar 30, 2017
Sailing the infinite galaxies, our lovely leader finds what he was looking for. He fights not for glory or for his crew, but for revenge. It's time to pay, and nothing will prevent this showdown from happening.

Let's be ready to assist our leader, in this hour of battle!

Iridescent Sparkles

posted in OHC441 on Mar 23, 2017
Shining close to us, are the iridescent sparkles. Bathing every living thing, blessing every inert material, they accompany us in our daily struggles. Whenever you feel down, whenever you feel out of it, a tiny tickle in the back of your head, the iridescent sparkles, will keep you company, and cheer you up.

Finding Your Lost Shadow

posted in OHC440 on Mar 16, 2017
In a world full of light and color, sometimes shadows escape our sight, and delve into the darkness. One must not let tradition get in the way of enlightenment, for the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

Look closer, you think the light is everywhere? There's shadows, if you pay attention. They will help you, even if you don't notice them.

Walk Faster

posted in OHC439 on Mar 09, 2017
We're running late. Do you have the tickets? No, I have the tickets. I'm carrying everything. Did you call your mom? Yes, you have, and you let them know we're fine.

We need to hurry. Yes, I know. No, yes, it's a pretty place, but we can't wait too long.

Tough Friend

posted in OHC438 on Mar 02, 2017
He's there for you when you need him, doing the hard stuff, the heavy stuff. He's a dude you can count on, to protect you when nobody else dares to.

By The Lake

posted in OHC437 on Feb 23, 2017
Next to you, time seems endless. I swear I could spent the rest of my life in this place, with you, because I am at peace with myself, with my past. With you at my side nothing is impossible.

The Decision

posted in OHC436 on Feb 16, 2017
You're not sure. Well, you've come this far so you know something's gonna happen. And while some people told you there's a way to undo this, you remain skeptical of such claims.

The tattoo artist salutes you, and shows you his portfolio. You can trust this person.


posted in OHC435 on Feb 09, 2017
Saying goodbye is always a difficult thing. We all end up as dust, our ashes in the wind, in the soil, in our memories.

Brazilian Bittersweetness

posted in OHC434 on Feb 02, 2017
The beaches and the sun are not enough to make me happy. There is a void in me that no amount of dancing can ever fill. I sometimes remember the good old times, and those days the sun does seem to heat my skin, until I realize all those beautiful memories are only that, fragments of a lost past.

Distantly Closer

posted in OHC433 on Jan 26, 2017
A thousand miles separate us. You over there, with the teeth-sounding cold. Me, over here, with the sweat-provoking heat. Thinking of each other, we find warmth in our hearts.

Whiteness In The Soil

posted in OHC431 on Jan 12, 2017
I'm in a cold place. There is snow everywhere. My clothes barely seem to keep my own heat from escaping my body. There's no wind, as I feel it would take me away without a moment's notice. I think I stand alone, but I realize I'm mistaken, as a friendly hand poses over my shoulder.

They are with me, and we can spend our time together.

It Was Peculiar

posted in OHC429 on Dec 29, 2016
This year, it was something special, eh? I dunno, I think it had some good stuff mixed with the bad, in that WTF way that kept surprising us day after day.

Happy New Year!

The Secret

posted in OHC428 on Dec 22, 2016
It's all in the eyes, you know. It's not for nothing that they're called the window of the soul. There is something special about them, some kind of mysticism, some unexplainable thing that makes them spiritual.

Old Scrap

posted in OHC427 on Dec 15, 2016
I'm nothing but old shavings, left to rot in the floor. Can I hope to find the will to become one once again? Or will I be just pieces of my former self?

Rain Of Everything

posted in OHC425 on Dec 01, 2016
You must think the universe is all-encompassing. Well, it's more complicated than that. You see, there's actually rules and laws that can be bent and sometimes broken. But there are penalties for doing so.

The best thing you can hope to achieve is to become one with the cosmos, and sort of go with the flow.

Orangered Wilderness

posted in OHC422 on Nov 10, 2016
The wilderness is the perfect place to explore and to adventure. There are many creatures that will help you get stronger. At first it may sound intimidating, don't let all that talk of danger bring you down; it only hurts in the beginning.

Before long, you'll master all weapons and spells, and you'll become a master adventurer.

Subatomic Pixel

posted in OHC421 on Nov 03, 2016
Can you travel through the light, through the red, green and blue?

Can you penetrate the atoms, the electrons, the photons? Can you reach the subatomic pixel?


posted in OHC420 on Oct 27, 2016
Yo, dude, just relax. Imma gonna grab the thingy in the thang, with the you know what. Eh, don't mind the neighbors, they don't mind either.

We're here, we're cool, just chill, relax.

Tonight's Mood

posted in OHC419 on Oct 20, 2016
There's some whiskey in the cabinet. I go pick it up. Pour myself some, and return to the sofa.

I lay down to investigate my own thoughts, analyzing the very process of introspection itself. I take a sip. No bad thoughts here.

Approaching Storm

posted in OHC417 on Oct 06, 2016
Looking right at you, the storm is slowly approaching its target. The alarms sound, the people panic. "The lost ones are coming," they say. May luck be on your side again.

Memories Of Chocolate

posted in OHC416 on Sep 29, 2016
Haha, remember that one time when we asked for chocolate ice cream and there wasn't a single store in the entire city that had some? We must've walked for miles before deciding we were too tired to keep looking, and ended up having some hot cocoa, which was the next best thing.

Looking back, I kinda miss those times.

Favorite Meal

posted in OHC415 on Sep 22, 2016
Succulent feast! Magnificent food! I wish I could have this forever. I know there are many meals, many different types of food, but this, this is my favorite.

In Company Of Angels

posted in OHC414 on Sep 15, 2016
I have a guardian angel. There are many of them, in fact. I know I won't ever feel alone. They are always with me, in my mind, in my heart, in my soul, taking care of me.

I can walk the path of the adventurer, the path of the savior, for it is my inner peace that can't be broken. Above me, the skies keep hold of my guardians, so I can be sure no harm will come my way.

Tall Tree

posted in OHC412 on Sep 01, 2016
I stand strong here, with my brothers. Time is not an enemy of our kind, as we do not age like humans do.

We stand tall and proud, for as long as we can.


posted in OHC411 on Aug 25, 2016
Something's happening to me, I can't... my body is changing. My skin is no longer my skin, and my bones ache.

I need to find a safe place, an escape route. Somewhere, fast! Run into the forest, disappear into the night! Become one with nature, become one with the beasts!

Burning Sensation

posted in OHC408 on Aug 04, 2016
It's slowly eating you from the inside. An acid sensation coming from within. A bad meal, a bad relationship, a bad taste of mouth.

You are burning. You will be consumed. Unless, you come at terms with whatever bothering you, and can coexist.


posted in OHC407 on Jul 28, 2016
I can adapt to anything and everything. I have no worries, I'm always cool. No matter the shape, the smell, I'm on it, over it, in it. Ain't it great being amorphous?

On That Stormy Night

posted in OHC406 on Jul 21, 2016
There used to be a heart in me, a time I am trying to forget. The things we said or thought we said were no longer what we meant, and as the words flew by, love began to fade. On that stormy night...

Neon Bloom

posted in OHC405 on Jul 14, 2016
In a city full of rainbow lights, a lonely individual still finds a way to shine. As a spark of creativity sprouts from within himself, the city comes alive as a whole and fuses with its inhabitants.

Missing You

posted in OHC404 on Jul 07, 2016
Since you left, I felt a part of me left with you. I know I must grow stronger, and find strength in the memories of the time we spent together.

We Are Nothing

posted in OHC401 on Jun 16, 2016
Lyrics sang by Daisy from Plogue's Alter Ego:

The Earth is round
And there are stars around us

We are nothing

The Earth is round
And there are stars surrounding us

We are so small, so small
We are nothing

Jealous Of My Ride

posted in OHC400 on Jun 09, 2016
I went so far so get this bike, you have no idea. I was met with terrible eyes as I tried to buy this beauty.

But I'm a frog, and as frogs go, a quite ugly one. Ha, do you think I care? Well, I do care a little, since I went to all this trouble to get a bike, but I'm happy. I mean, look at those bipedal frogs there, I look so much cooler.

I'm the best frog around.

Some Colors Are Born Different

posted in OHC398 on May 26, 2016
There was a time when there was nothing but blue. Everything the world was made of, it was made of a blue hue. There were blue roses, blue hills, blue animals, and even blue rainbows, which were surprisingly colorful, for being made of only a small fragment of the color spectrum.

Then some undocumented day, a new color appeared, and all creation was bedazzled by this new and never seen before thing. How did another color bleed through reality? Was it the only undiscovered color?

Soon, there were many more visitors, red, green, yellow, purple, until man came, and no more colors came to life, as man decided only the colors he could see were real.

A Sun In Your Hand

posted in OHC397 on May 19, 2016
It is said a small rock the size of one's hand exists, that is capable of generating impossible amounts of energy. Only a fragment of a bigger whole, this rock possesses the infinite power of the universe, concentrated beyond what is believed to be actually possible. Some people think it's only a myth, while others are so sure of its existence that they may travel the entire universe, just to find a trace of it.

What if you found it? Can you withstand its marvelousness?

Another Night Of Boredom

posted in OHC396 on May 12, 2016
That's what happens when you live all your life focusing on the wrong things. Nothing will please you anymore. Nothing will satisfy you.

Boredom will keep you company 'til the rest of time.

In A Heartbeat

posted in OHC394 on Apr 28, 2016
You're nervous. You don't know how this is gonna turn out. Yes, it's only breakfast. Yes, it's only the second time you've seen each other. But you should know it's gonna turn out all right.

Keep talking, there's chemistry between the two of you. Act normal, like it's just another day; you don't have to play a part to maximize your charisma. You only have to be the best you possible.

Maybe you think the air is heavy and it's hard to breath, but everything can change in a heartbeat. Don't worry so much.

You can do it!

For As Long As There Is A Sky

posted in OHC393 on Apr 21, 2016
No matter what, I'll be always here. Even when we're apart, you can look above you and see that we're under the same sky, under the same sun.

Even if a thousand miles separate us, we'll be together. For as long as there is a sky, my love for you will remain.

Frustrated Invasion

posted in OHC392 on Apr 14, 2016
They are here. We told you years ago they were coming, but you didn't listen. Our only hope lies within our atmosphere, our sun, and our oxygen. It's only by chance that they will do an erroneous analysis and mistake one element for another. It is that day that we will claim the god were by our side all along.

They are here, and our best weapon is hope.

Prism Of Emotions

posted in OHC390 on Mar 31, 2016
Across the spectrum, each emotion passes through you like photons traveling through the universe at the speed of light, but you don't feel anything, nothing can make your heart beat again.

Trip Break

posted in OHC389 on Mar 24, 2016
Don't let this stop bring you down! This is part of our vacations and we're gonna enjoy them. We've never traveled so far after all! This is all new for me as well, the people, the food, the smells, the music, it's all so fantastic!

There'll be many more trips like this in the future, but this one's special, because it's the first one we'll make together.

Madame Tulip

posted in OHC388 on Mar 17, 2016
She is expecting you! Don't make her wait, after all that she has been doing for you. Also, show some respect, Mother Nature isn't the only one with a crown, you know. We all have our duties and whatnot.

Just try to be gentle, she is a very delicate person.


posted in OHC387 on Mar 10, 2016
Go with the flow. Be one with the rest of the world. Keep up with this constantly changing world. Adapt.

Smallest Highway

posted in OHC386 on Mar 03, 2016
Bits travel every day, from here to there, flipping, spinning, changing, sometimes staying the same, sometimes jumping to another state.

Information travels from everywhere to everywhere, as fast as possible, every day.

Sweet Life

posted in OHC385 on Feb 25, 2016
Everything's alright. Everything shines around you, the world and all its colors. The bliss fills your body with every breath of air you take. Every fiber of your being is excited, energized, happy.

Everything's alright!

Far Away Mountains

posted in OHC384 on Feb 18, 2016
Those peaks look unreachable, no amount of time will ever allow us to reach that far into the distance. And yet we try, step by step, to get just a little closer, just a little closer, so we can look at those peaks from not so afar.

The Sea Is My Brother

posted in OHC383 on Feb 11, 2016
Long hours of loneliness, gathering food for my family and me, is what a typical day feels like to me. Fishing for survival. Starting early in the morning, when the sun shines its first rays upon the land, I take my boat and run to my brother, the sea, to ask him for today's meal.

Simple Things

posted in OHC381 on Jan 28, 2016
Have you ever stopped to appreciate the simple things in nature? Maybe that rock you see everyday isn't just a rock. Maybe a long long time ago it held life, its path uninterrupted until it reached your gaze.

Attack Or Die

posted in OHC380 on Jan 21, 2016
Oh no, the zombies are attacking! Gather your weapons and start smashing skulls!

Zombies might be slow but if there's too many of them... you won't be able to stop them all!

Everything Is Magical

posted in OHC379 on Jan 14, 2016
How can there be so many colors in a single place? My senses sparkle with joy as I walk these magical forest. I'm greeted by fireflies, gentle fairies and even the sweetest of forest elves.

Insects and birds all swindle around me, their songs dazzle my mind.

Slowly, I wish to become one with them, in one eternal embrace of peace and hope.

Into The Other Side

posted in OHC378 on Jan 07, 2016
You walk alone. This is a path nobody but you can take. You inhale and start getting closer, one step at a time. The light can be blinding, but you're sure it's not gonna hurt you. Pain is a concept unfamiliar to you in this state of being.

You feel the light slowly bathing your every atom. You can tell you're not the first one to walk this path, as there's footsteps ahead.

Behind you there is only darkness, the nothingness itself lurking after you, waiting for you to make a wrong move, to fall, to lose concentration. You focus on the road ahead; your only objective, reaching the other side.

You feel tingles all over your body. You feel weightless. You push harder.

The light is so overwhelming that nothing else seems to exist, only light surrounding you, welcoming you to what's beyond the portal.

You cross the portal.

Waiting For The Snow

posted in OHC376 on Dec 24, 2015
It's a cold day, but I'm not cold. I'm sitting in this bench, waiting for the promised snow.

I'm not alone, though. You're here with me. Maybe not in person, but you're here nonetheless. I'm thinking about you, and I know you're thinking about me too, even though there's such a great distance between us.

A Month Of Solitude

posted in OHC373 on Dec 03, 2015
Are you still there? Your shadow still follows me around when I'm not watching. Your smell still lingers when I'm not paying attention.

Are you still with me? My sense of fortitude limps every time I think of you. My well-being is at risk every time you run through my head.

Are you real? My imagination runs wild at every passing moment, when I'm letting myself go, when I can't see because of the weather, when the fog is too thick to think clearly.

Was Summer So Long Ago

posted in OHC372 on Nov 26, 2015
I remember a different summer, a summer where I wasn't like I am right now. Sure, there were a lot of victories in the meantime, but that summer had something so special I can't even put into words.

Do you remember it too? It was our little special summer. And now it's only a fading memory.

Delayed Response

posted in OHC368 on Oct 29, 2015
You know that feeling when you just know something bad is going to happen? Your hairs on the back on your neck all raise up to let you know that something doesn't add up. Your spine detects a chill that flows throughout your hole body. Your mind starts processing, your heart starts beating faster, your soul is just about to leave your body.

Then the blast hits you, and time slows down as your entire self dematerializes.

No Exit

posted in OHC365 on Oct 08, 2015
You go left. You find a dead end. You go back.

You go right. You find a long tunnel. You find two possibilities, forward or right.

You go forward. You find a dead end. You go back.

You go right. You find a long tunnel. You find two possibilities, left or forward.

You go left. You find a dead end. You go back.

Unshaped Blossom

posted in OHC362 on Sep 17, 2015
Growing from inside out, getting stronger by the passage of time. Gentle breath of life granted by the water, grand success after centuries.

Turn Around And Stay With Me

posted in OHC360 on Sep 03, 2015
Look at me. You can't let things end this way. We're in the middle of nowhere, enjoying our long awaited vacations... and this is the way you want it to end?

No, I refuse to let go. I refuse to give up and let all of this go to waste. I know we can be happy. I know it's not gonna be easy. But I know we can be happy.


posted in OHC358 on Aug 20, 2015
I know you want me to tell you what happened that night. The red car was chasing us, after we unintentionally bumped into them. They seemed to let us go after the people from the gas station saw them.

But... do you remember what happened afterwards?

He Saw His True Form

posted in OHC357 on Aug 13, 2015
He was a sane person, the fisherman. He always carried a bible with him, when he went fishing. That morning, a distraction made him forget to pack it, the bible. That afternoon, he missed it. That night, no one missed him.

I Found My Killer In The Woods

posted in OHC356 on Aug 06, 2015
Some people spent their whole life looking for purpose. Some try different things, spending time and effort and money into a lifeless, boring task.

I went into the woods to find myself. I also found the other me, the one that does not forgive.

And I am one now.

As The Life Leaves My Body

posted in OHC355 on Jul 30, 2015
Imagine you're in the bottom of the frozen waters, and your death is imminent

What do you see? how do you feel?

Do you reflect upon your past? do you wish to be saved?

Or do you accept your fate, and let the currents guide you?


posted in OHC354 on Jul 23, 2015
why won't you let me save your life
why won't you let me save you
when there's nothing in this world
that I wouldn't do for you

maybe I would climb a mountain
maybe I would swim across the sea
maybe I would do something extraordinary
if you let me save your life


posted in OHC351 on Jul 02, 2015
A vast nothingness lies ahead. There was a city here, it is gone now.

Ghosts of civilization, ghosts of progress and freedom. All turned to history.

Holy Day

posted in OHC350 on Jun 25, 2015
A perfect day, followed by a perfect afternoon, followed by a perfect night. That's my idea of a holiday.

Wake Up, The Machines Are Rising

posted in OHC349 on Jun 18, 2015
I was having a dream. I dreamt of blue skies and green pastures, of purple flowers and orange afternoons. Now, all I see is the gray structure that encompasses my existence, and the red lights warning me about the attack.

Stop Staring At Me

posted in OHC348 on Jun 11, 2015
Man, these trees sure are trying to tell me something... it's not about the saw from before? Also, I swear I wasn't smoking. Tobacco. Yeah.

[don't mind the lyrics]

Pond Of Wishes

posted in OHC345 on May 21, 2015
"Make a wish", he said, while dropping a coin in the gigantic pond.

"But what's the catch," she asked, "if anybody can make a wish, there wouldn't be enough for everybody."

After thinking about it, he answered: "This is a magical place, dear. There are no limits, as long as your love is pure and true."

Peaceful Fields

posted in OHC344 on May 14, 2015
In this time and day, where everything moves very very fast, I decide to remove myself from the equation, remove myself from stress and artificial peril, and travel far far away, into a simpler land, a land without worries, where I can be at peace with my inner self.

Silence is golden.

Silent Dome

posted in OHC342 on Apr 30, 2015
Things are not what they seem in the silent dome. You might think you're fulfilling your fantasies, while really you're just a puppet in a much bigger play.

Can you release yourself from your own inner demons? Or will the puppeteer control your destiny?

Forgotten Sky City

posted in OHC340 on Apr 16, 2015
There is a city, rummaging the skies. A city forgotten by the humans, where old magic and old technology remain hidden even from the old gods that once ruled everything.

Foul Creature Machine

posted in OHC339 on Apr 09, 2015
Surrounding the sea of lava, hidden inside a mountain, protected by mysterious evil forces, a machine out of this world is being manufactured.

Doomed may be mankind if this machine is one day completed.

Overcoming Loneliness

posted in OHC338 on Apr 02, 2015
Sometimes, you feel like you don't belong, like you are absolutely alone in the world.

You couldn't be more wrong, there are people out there trying to reach you! You must let them in first. Change comes from within.

Light The Night

posted in OHC335 on Mar 12, 2015
Some people come alive at night, some people feel energized with the darkness that is the night.

Some people also become enraged by the artificial light that comes with the night, and other people devour that anger for their own use.

Note: Images were used as samples, following sci's idea!

So Thirsty

posted in OHC333 on Feb 26, 2015
I need... water. I can't think clearly with this much thirst.

I must've been lost in the desert for hours... everything looks the same... the sand, the sand, the sand, the sand, the sand...

They Are After Me

posted in OHC330 on Feb 05, 2015
I can smell them. I can hear them. I know they are just around the corner, waiting for the moment I doze off. Waiting for a moment of weakness to take me away. To devour me with darkness.

Gotta Push Harder

posted in OHC328 on Jan 22, 2015
I gotta finish this by tomorrow
I don't know if I can
I'm stressed, and full of sorrow
I swore to finish this at last

I'm running out of time
Gotta push harder

The deadline's at my door and he's shouting
When will it be done?
And my brain, it's not helping
It wasn't build for this task

I'm running out of time
Gotta push harder
I'm running out of time
Gotta push harder

The devil's in the details and I don't know how to proceed
Maybe I should, take a step back?
The clock's hands are advancing and I'm lagging bar behind
What if I... accept defeat?

I'm running out of time
Gotta push harder
I'm running out of time
Gotta push harder

I gotta believe in myself
I gotta be strong
I gotta believe in myself
I gotta be strong

Hiding Your Feelings

posted in OHC326 on Jan 08, 2015
It's not as easy as it seems. Your body shakes, shivers. You words become sluggish, your brain under some sort of spell.

Mind over body, is such a thing possible? Can you concentrate enough to defeat yourself? Or does chemistry always win?

Beyond What Is Beyond

posted in OHC319 on Nov 20, 2014
We are far away from our homes. Words begin to fade into memories, as we approach a time beyond time, a space beyond space.

Size has no meaning here, as many dimensions grow wild in this strange place.

Infinite Hourglass

posted in OHC317 on Nov 06, 2014
And thus I wait, for something to change. For something to become something else. To become something else than what I expected. I expected less time. And thus I wait.

Ice Cave of Forgetfulness

posted in OHC315 on Oct 23, 2014
You've entered the Ice Cave of Forgetfulness. Your past is of no importance now. Your future is that of uncertainty and doubt.

A trial you must complete, a ritual you shall witness.

Perfect World

posted in OHC313 on Oct 09, 2014
It is not important who I am, or who I was. All I know is that I won't be the last adventurer to step on these lands, and that's ok.

The world may not remember me in 2000 years, but I'll be here, ethereal, yet living amongst the humans, happy.

I Love Her, And She's Gone

posted in 2HTS24 on Sep 21, 2014
My happiest memories are about her, and the time we spent together. She's no longer by my side, because fate said so. Sometimes I get sad thinking about what could've been, and sometimes I'm just happy that I got the chance to be by her side.

Ineffable Hesitancy

posted in OHC310 on Sep 18, 2014
After achieving victory, after persevering and being triumphant, after leaving my humanity behind to become a divinity, do I want to remain hidden from humankind?

Why do they still need me? Why can't they be happy by themselves? Why are humans always uneasy about their decisions? Why do I still have doubts? Am I still human?

Artificial Love

posted in 2HTS23 on Sep 14, 2014
She's not a robot, my love
I'm not a robot, guess what
We're only cyborgs in love
with a human heart

Please don't you judge us
Please won't you let us
Love is not just what you think it is
Love is not for the humans alone

This is how I learned to love, ("if else")
This is how I learned to feel, ("do while")
we're more than programs and code
we're more than chips

Please don't you judge us
Please won't you let us
Love is not just what you think it is
Love is not for the humans alone

We mean no harm to you, at all
Can you accept us?

Please don't you judge us
Please won't you let us
Love is not just what you think it is
Love is not for the humans alone
Love is not just what you think it is
Love is not for the humans alone


posted in OHC307 on Aug 28, 2014
I've come this far, yet the goal lies so far it escapes my gaze. Lights year ahead, there may be an answer, a checkpoint, a salvation buoy.

But I'm so tired, I'm so tired. I don't wanna do this anymore.

Everyday Hero

posted in OHC301 on Jul 17, 2014
I'm not a hero, just some dude who gets up early in the morning, has some cool moments throughout the day and then go home to sleep. Repeat.

The L Word

posted in OHC297 on Jun 19, 2014
Lie to me, it's true what they say
Lie next to me, hold me in bed
If you're not ready for love
then may that word not disturb

Save me again, I need a lifeguard
Save your own self, your ego, madame
Mad voices keep judging you
While I'm silent and nude

I need some faith, I need some ground
I feel so afraid, and not so proud
I'm just a little boy, I'm just a tiny man
I need that word, I need it again


Human Equation

posted in OHC294 on May 29, 2014
Move forward in time, 15 years into the future
What do you see? How do you feel? Who have you become?
Take a look at this day, see it from your computer
Could you have done something differently? Or maybe not?

Every action has consequences, but nothing is written in stone,
just don't ignore your senses, it is not done 'till it's done,
pretend this is not over, amend your errors sooner,
keep fighting maybe arguing, stubbornness or sturdiness,
don't sulk, communicate, let's build together our fate,
we can't ignore this attraction, there's no undoable action
in this human equation

Stop wasting my time, I didn't ask for your altruism
If your commitment is true then prove it, and make a sacrifice
We know that you screwed up, but let's show some optimism
You can still save this situation, here's my advice

Every action has consequences, but nothing is written in stone,
just don't ignore your senses, it is not done 'till it's done,
pretend this is not over, amend your errors sooner,
keep fighting maybe arguing, stubbornness or sturdiness,
don't sulk, communicate, let's build together our fate,
we can't ignore this attraction, there's no undoable action
in this human equation

A Mistake

posted in OHC292 on May 15, 2014
You left me in a lonely room (in a lonely room)
your smell lingers
is "I'm sorry" enough? is it enough?

You left me and I'm lonely (so lonely)
What can I do now?
I am so sorry, so sorry!

Forgive me, please
I'm a fool, you know it
I did not mean it, no...

Don't walk away from me

(note: forgive this mess =P )


posted in OHC290 on May 01, 2014
No ocean is deeper than your mind. No barrel is more profound than whatever goes through your head.

We're all unique, and so are our thoughts.


posted in OHC289 on Apr 24, 2014
We thought we were doomed. We thought we would run out of energy.

We found salvation, at the hands of a scientist.

Trapped In An Invisible Box

posted in OHC285 on Mar 27, 2014
An invisible force holds me. I'm trapped, my movements limited, my chest impossible to fully utilize.

This force sometimes allows for some movement on my behalf, some illusion of freedom. Colors I can see through, though.

At times, it becomes visible, and I can see that it's only a box. A box that my own imagination creates.

Yet it doesn't let me go.

Red-headed Girl

posted in OHC284 on Mar 20, 2014
I've met you inside a dream
You were wearing a fiery red
And you felt attracted to me
I was your god, yet a humble being

We went on a great adventure with her
Escaping from the undead zombies
You were a news reporter
And I was the bravest soldier

Now the sun is near, the morning comes!
my real life is here and the alarm clock...
please don't disappear, stay a bit with me
I can be late for work, so please please don't go!

Coffee for breakfast, just another simple day
I'm still feeling drowsy, did I dream today?
Already on my way, I feel like a zombie! oh, wait!
I had a dream, I know! I was a soldier! There was a girl...

What was her name? Could I meet her again?
What was that place? Can I arrive by train?
Or will I forget about that fiery red?
Should I take a nap? Say where can we meet up?

Red-headed girl
Will I remember you?
Red-headed girl
Drop by again sometime
Red-headed girl
Another dreamer took you
Red-headed girl
I'll treat you well

Red-headed girl
Red-headed girl

Library Of Babel

posted in OHC283 on Mar 13, 2014
This is one of those times when I try to write lyrics and fail.


I was born in a lonely hexagon
destined to be a traveler
I was born out of boredom,
in the middle of a war I did not start

A single purpose in all my life
To reach the fabled center
And prove my existence at last
before my time is up

Centuries may pass until my goal
is finally fulfilled
But I won't be myself no more
I may be my child, my grandson

No one expects to discover anything
yet we all carry on, and on, and on

Infinite wisdom
Infinite knowledge
Infinite bookshelves
Library of Babel

Infinite hexagons
Infinite corridors
Infinite languages
Library of Babel

Late At Night, I Arrive

posted in OHC282 on Mar 06, 2014
It's been a long year. Who knows all that I explored? Who knows what lies ahead?

After some more months, I arrive at my new home. I feel out of place, alienated by my own psyche.

The Job

posted in OHC277 on Jan 30, 2014
Pretend these are the lyrics:

Can you feel your heart pumping adrenaline-tinted blood?
Can you see through your emotions like a serial killer does?
Can you accomplish what so many before could not?
Can you fly a car, can you steady that gun, can you delete a life, can you believe you're alive?

The angels Smith and Wesson, blessed, by our side
Kevlar, powder and steel sure have our backs
Do we think we can do it, do we think this is the right time?
Do we wait another moment, do we strike right now, do we kill that man, do we pity his life?

Heat is rising, red cells traveling
I'm a bullet-proof lion
Let's start the show!


posted in OHC275 on Jan 16, 2014
I can't change my name. It's a mark, it's who I am.

My life is embedded in these memories, in these feelings. They may hurt at times, but they all have made me who I am.

I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat

posted in OHC273 on Jan 02, 2014
bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?
BritneySpears14: Aight.
bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah.
BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja.
bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.
bloodninja: Me too baby.
BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest.
bloodninja: I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
BritneySpears14: Hey
bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl. 8 Cock of the Infinite.
BritneySpears14: Funny I still dont see it.
bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty F*ck of the Beyondness.
BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous.
bloodninja: Dont f*ck with me bitch, Im the mightiest sorcerer of the lands.
bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl. 2 Druid.
BritneySpears14: Dont ever message me again you piece of ****.
bloodninja: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal.
bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotniks evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. The cold war ends. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.
bloodninja: You still there baby? I think its getting hard now.
bloodninja: Baby?

At Last, The Time Gate

posted in OHC272 on Dec 26, 2013
The guide told us that the only way to fix our mistakes was to travel here, to the Time Gate. What could possibly be here that could help us?

What happened wasn't supposed to happen. What we did was impossible, but we knew that time travel has its consequences, if used incorrectly.

We created a paradox, and this is the only place that has the answers.

blastron - The Fire (MK Mix)

posted in OHC271 on Dec 19, 2013
I can feel it, ah!
I'm hot, I'm burning, ah!
And I know how it is, yeah.

The Fire (it's burning me)
The Fire (it'll swallow me)
The Fire (it's consuming me)
The Fire (it's me!)

The Fire (it's warming me)
The Fire (it's growing on me)
The Fire (it'll make me free)
The Fire (it's me!)

All that will be left
is an ocean of black butterflies
washing all my sins away

And purifying my lust
for knowledge

Magnificent light till the sunrise
And the firemen, the firemen...
They're in this too,
And we'll burn in a fire
And we'll feed the fire
And we'll become the fire


posted in OHC269 on Dec 05, 2013
What's all this new potential? Is this too much? How can I control it?

Can I even control it?

Myself from the future visited myself from the past, with all the answers.

Let's Get Drunk

posted in OHC268 on Nov 28, 2013
Yes, I know it's early,
but, oh, it's such a lovely night
and all the stars are shining!
let's get drunk

I just wanna tell you that I...
need a little bit more time,
let's just go outside and
let's get drunk

You know I am little shy
and I wanna kiss you but I...
need a little push, so,
let's get drunk

It's a really lovely night
And I wanna kiss you now
so let's run outside and
let's make love


posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
Past or present, we all have shared the moon.
Science may fail, societies may fall, but she will stay always there.

The Nomad

posted in OHC265 on Nov 07, 2013
My life is that of adventures. My life is that of the unknown.

What great treasures will come my way? What great friends will soon I forget?

I'm a nomad, always on the road, always living in the present.


posted in OHC264 on Oct 31, 2013
I just can't. I, eh, I can't. Why, I just can't, may I could, but I can't.

Can't help, can't help but feel powerless. Can't.

The Water Lady

posted in OHC263 on Oct 24, 2013
She's everything. She governs the underwater world. One look from her and all your problems will go away.

Will I meet her soon? Perhaps I can't hold my breath forever. Maybe she will come to take me soon...

I Have A Look-Alike

posted in OHC262 on Oct 17, 2013
I've lead such a good life
My manners are the best
and all my friends are very honest
their integrity gets no contest

But I've heard I've been to places
when I was somewhere else

I have a look-alike
stealing from me
I have a look-alike
living the life I'm not living

Deciding what I can't
Engaging when I can't
So charming when I'm not
Oh how I wish I was him

He's lead such a good life
I follow him everywhere
And when he's out I take his place
and fuck his wife in the ass

But I've heard he knows about me
and in the end, there'll only be one

I'll shoot him in the head
wait, that man looks just like me!
I'll only get one chance
I know who you are! I thought you were dead!

There won't be time to talk
And he will be no more
There you are!
Oh, I'm better than him

Take It Easy

posted in OHC259 on Sep 26, 2013
(I wrote some lyrics. Didn't have enough time to record them.)

Could I try this?
Could I start that?
Could fate dictate I can't do anything?

Should I go here?
Should I go back?
Should time castrate my life so viciously?

It seems to be that way
No matter how I try
A day is done before the first sunlight

You run and run
You cry and cry
And always father time is mean to you

You need to

Take it easy
Your life ain't over yet

You need to

Take it easy
No sinister dawn implies a chilling dusk

Play with your pet
Do your homework
There's something else still to be fulfilled

Carry your dreams
Set yourself apart
Remember that the past won't disappear

And if this time feels special
And if this time is different
Your effort won't be wasted
Your effort won't be wasted

You need to

Take it easy
Your life ain't over yet

You need to

Take it easy
A sinister dawn does not imply a chilling dusk

Low Oxygen

posted in OHC257 on Sep 12, 2013
My spacesuit doesn't have much longer, my oxygen will soon run out, and I'll be just space debris.

Perhaps I could do something before my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oxygen runs too loooooooooooooooooooooooooow and I loooooooooooose my eeeeeee conscience..........


posted in OHC255 on Aug 29, 2013
This looks impossible, 48 hours is not enough!

I must push harder!



Human Insanity

posted in OHC251 on Aug 01, 2013

for centuries man has always wondered
about the beginning of the human being
do we descend from the primates or from aliens?
or maybe this is all just a dream

it is known that oneself cannot diagnose oneself
and your mind is the byproduct of what makes your self
so you think that you think about your self
when in reality this is all just inside your head

I've heard some stories repeat themselves
wondering why is it so hard to learn
standing at the edge of reason and logic
why do some people still believe in magic

it is known that oneself cannot diagnose oneself
and your mind is the byproduct of what makes your self
so you think that you think about your self
when in reality this is all just inside your head

so if you're feeling like a bag of manure
take a deep breath and pretend you're cool
eventually your brain will understand
and you will find happiness

the definition of insanity is doing the same
and expecting something different

Note: I can't do this in an hour, geez. MISATEKS EVERYWHERE

Live At The Subway

posted in OHC249 on Jul 18, 2013
So, my "new" thing is this: Playing live.

I used three keyboards: a Casio CTK-900, a Yamaha Portasound PS-400 and a microKorg MK-1.

No real mixing or mastering here, to be honest.

Faster Than Light

posted in OHC246 on Jun 27, 2013
Take me far away in a journey to space
flying through the cosmos feels so great
stationary asteroids are forming a maze
and I'm gonna fly, I'm gonna find my fate

fifty thousand light years still to go
galaxies will rise and will turn to dust
hopefully I'll make it 'fore I'll turn too old
before the clock turns more and there's nothing but rust

The stars are guiding my path
while I'm avoiding their wrath
full supernovas ahead
that dwarf is turning red

that black hole is gonna swallow me
I gotta make it, I must be free
faster than light, faster than life itself
please wait for me, I'm on my way!

Note: shaky notes ahoy!


posted in OHC244 on Jun 13, 2013
Your long due side-project is now completed. You feel accomplished. You feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

My Mind Is Strong

posted in OHC243 on Jun 06, 2013
The wise man is mumbling
our time has come
the empire is falling
they're here at our door

must burn our secrets
must bury the gold
our enemy won't rest
while we're growing old

Fight me here, destroy my soul
you won't make it past my body
because my mind is strong

You Are Here

posted in OHC242 on May 30, 2013
One night of December
you sat next to me (sat by me)
we were alone, remember?
it was all so sweet

Such beautiful memories!
oh, I've never felt (ever had)
crazy emotions like these
cos' of my lonely past

but what if I told you
that it was all a dream
your hazy perfume
now lost in the wind

and everything we shared
only happened in your mind
I was never there
you were always mad

OK now, wake up dear
we have reached the end
we'll continue here
on the twenty-third

we've made a lot of progress
but there's a lot to go (way to go)
in a year more or less
you won't feel so low

I wish I could go back
I wish I could hug you one more time
but I can't...

One night of December
you sat next to me (sat by me)
we were alone, remember?
it was all so sweet

I won't forget you
you will always be a part of me
but we're no longer two
it's just me

Note: vocals recorded in one take, so they may be off here and there.


posted in OHC241 on May 23, 2013
Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green
Blue, Indigo, Violet
Rainbow roygbiv is here
Bathing us in all his mighty


Moons and planets, celestial beings
such volume and mass, gigantic
really small they make me feel
from up above their romantic


Cloudy skies, belt of Orion
Starry skies, guide me at night
lead me to my destiny
that lies beyond the distant


Zeus, why have you banished me?

Cross The Portal

posted in OHC240 on May 16, 2013
In this place that I call home
Lies the secret of it all
Where the creatures live in peace
And the humans are like you and me

Hear me clearly, hear me out
we're not crazy, we're not mad
It's just whooooooooaaaa

The future lives in me
I know we'll be free

Cross the portal

Cross the portal
to the other side

Cross the portal
we can do it

Cross the portal
Cross the portal
Cross the portal

I'll be there soon

In The Horizon, The Tall Man Lingers

posted in OHC239 on May 09, 2013
my footsteps are the only sound,
these trees surrounding me the only crowd
that listens to me with full attention,
his unforgiving gaze no exception

he's near

no eyes to see, and no ears to listen
why is he around? is there a reason?
my dying flashlight is my only friend
hoping that my life it will extend

he's near

in the horizon, the tall man lingers
he will take me with his long long fingers
his faceless self in a black suit
I'm running away from him barefoot

he's near
he's near
Not all adventures happen at noon. Some happen at night, and maybe just in your mind.


This was a three-man compo, featuring

darthpolly with the 4 string bass


munshkr with the Korg Electribe


Wait, I'll Be There In A Minute

posted in OHC226 on Feb 07, 2013
I'll meet you at the bar... I might be running a bit late.

Oh, what to wear? Ugh, should take a bath first, too, and get some money from the ATM.

And drink some water.

And have a bite.


Ok, she can wait a bit longer.

I'll Get You, Motherfuckers

posted in OHC225 on Jan 31, 2013
How... did this happen? I should've been around to protect them... my entire family... my wife, my kid. They are all dead, and it's all my fault.

No, wait... it's not my fault. You did this to me. You did this shit to me, motherfuckers!

You motherfuckers think you can do this to me and get away with it? Well, you think wrong, motherfuckers, you think wrong!


posted in OHC221 on Jan 03, 2013
So I think about that party, me being awesome as usual. Just saying whatever crossed my mind.

The sun rose, eventually. Hey, that is nice.

And then, am I overthinking this? Nah, this is how I should feel.

Let's ponder about it.

Bugs Everywhere

posted in OHC214 on Nov 15, 2012

Bugs in my mouth
Bugs in my ear
Bugs everywhere I go

Bugs in my car
Bugs in my street
Bugs everywhere I go

Bugs everywhere
conquering the world

Growing alone was so hard to do
and all these bugs were better than you
who's laughing now that the earth is done

Nada Que Perder

posted in OHC213 on Nov 08, 2012
I swear I'll be able to record vocals at some point. Just not tonight. =P

I imagined this as some sort of opening for the latin-dubbed version of some random anime.

English title "Nothing To Lose".

A Hermit

posted in OHC210 on Oct 18, 2012
Done is the life of the righteous. My hopes and dreams rest inside a bottle of water, no other person in sight.

Humans! Leave me alone.

A Day At The Lab

posted in OHC203 on Aug 30, 2012
We get to play with all these cool stuff every day, and sometimes we even get to blow up something!

Electrocuting flies to test their memory is super super fun.


posted in OHC197 on Jul 19, 2012
Something's missing right in the place where you used to sleep.

Contains piano doodling.

Preparing For My Speech

posted in OHC187 on May 10, 2012
I'm a bit nervous, all those people waiting for me. I know I'm ready, I just have to relax, take a deep breath. It's been a long journey to get this far. Let's do this.

--- Creative Commons note --
I used this sound:

Happy Inside

posted in OHC184 on Apr 19, 2012
There's a difference between what you see and what goes on inside my head. It's not like I do it on purpose... sometimes I just do things that even I can't understand.

Please don't hate me.

Remember The Future

posted in OHC180 on Mar 22, 2012
I'm not you you think I am. I may look like him, but I'm not him.

Listen, we... I know you don't remember this. We were so close to achieving our objective. Things went wrong, and won't be here for long. I just wanted to see you one last time.


If you see the other me, tell him to be brave.
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OHC678 Oct 14, 2021
OHC677 Oct 07, 2021
OHC676 Sep 30, 2021
OHC675 Sep 23, 2021
OHC674 Sep 16, 2021
OHC673 Sep 09, 2021
OHC672 Sep 02, 2021
OHC671 Aug 26, 2021
OHC670 Aug 19, 2021
OHC668 Aug 05, 2021
OHC667 Jul 29, 2021
OHC666 Jul 22, 2021
OHC665 Jul 14, 2021
OHC664 Jul 08, 2021
OHC663 Jul 01, 2021
OHC662 Jun 24, 2021
90MC021 Jun 22, 2021
OHC661 Jun 17, 2021
OHC660 Jun 10, 2021
OHC659 Jun 03, 2021
OHC658 May 27, 2021
OHC656 May 13, 2021
OHC655 May 06, 2021
90MC014 May 04, 2021
OHC654 Apr 29, 2021
90MC013 Apr 27, 2021
OHC653 Apr 22, 2021
90MC012 Apr 20, 2021
OHC652 Apr 15, 2021
OHC651 Apr 08, 2021
90MC011 Apr 08, 2021
90MC010 Apr 06, 2021
OHC650 Apr 01, 2021
OHC649 Mar 25, 2021
90MC008 Mar 23, 2021
OHC648 Mar 18, 2021
OHC647 Mar 11, 2021
OHC646 Mar 04, 2021
OHC645 Feb 25, 2021
90MC004 Feb 23, 2021
OHC644 Feb 18, 2021
OHC643 Feb 11, 2021
90MC003 Feb 10, 2021
90MC002 Feb 09, 2021
OHC642 Feb 04, 2021
90MC001 Feb 02, 2021
OHC641 Jan 28, 2021
OHC640 Jan 21, 2021
OHC639 Jan 14, 2021
OHC638 Jan 07, 2021
OHC637 Dec 31, 2020
OHC636 Dec 24, 2020
OHC634 Dec 10, 2020
OHC633 Dec 03, 2020
OHC632 Nov 26, 2020
OHC631 Nov 19, 2020
OHC630 Nov 12, 2020
OHC629 Nov 05, 2020
OHC628 Oct 29, 2020
OHC627 Oct 22, 2020
OHC626 Oct 15, 2020
OHC625 Oct 08, 2020
OHC624 Oct 01, 2020
OHC623 Sep 24, 2020
OHC622 Sep 17, 2020
OHC621 Sep 10, 2020
OHC620 Sep 02, 2020
OHC619 Aug 27, 2020
OHC618 Aug 20, 2020
OHC617 Aug 13, 2020
OHC616 Aug 06, 2020
OHC615 Jul 30, 2020
OHC614 Jul 23, 2020
OHC613 Jul 16, 2020
OHC612 Jul 09, 2020
OHC611 Jul 02, 2020
OHC610 Jun 25, 2020
OHC609 Jun 18, 2020
OHC608 Jun 11, 2020
OHC607 Jun 04, 2020
OHC606 May 28, 2020
OHC605 May 21, 2020
OHC604 May 14, 2020
OHC603 May 07, 2020
OHC602 Apr 30, 2020
OHC601 Apr 23, 2020
OHC600 Apr 16, 2020
OHC599 Apr 09, 2020
OHC598 Apr 02, 2020
OHC597 Mar 26, 2020
OHC596 Mar 19, 2020
OHC595 Mar 12, 2020
OHC594 Mar 05, 2020
OHC593 Feb 27, 2020
OHC592 Feb 19, 2020
OHC591 Feb 11, 2020
OHC590 Feb 06, 2020
OHC585 Jan 02, 2020
OHC584 Dec 26, 2019
OHC583 Dec 18, 2019
OHC582 Dec 12, 2019
OHC581 Dec 05, 2019
OHC580 Nov 28, 2019
OHC579 Nov 21, 2019
OHC578 Nov 14, 2019
OHC577 Nov 07, 2019
OHC576 Oct 31, 2019
OHC574 Oct 17, 2019
OHC572 Oct 03, 2019
OHC571 Sep 26, 2019
OHC570 Sep 19, 2019
OHC569 Sep 12, 2019
OHC568 Sep 05, 2019
OHC567 Aug 29, 2019
OHC566 Aug 22, 2019
OHC565 Aug 15, 2019
OHC564 Aug 08, 2019
OHC562 Jul 25, 2019
OHC561 Jul 18, 2019
OHC560 Jul 11, 2019
OHC559 Jul 04, 2019
OHC558 Jun 27, 2019
OHC557 Jun 20, 2019
OHC556 Jun 13, 2019
OHC555 Jun 06, 2019
OHC554 May 30, 2019
OHC553 May 23, 2019
OHC552 May 16, 2019
OHC551 May 09, 2019
OHC550 May 02, 2019
OHC549 Apr 25, 2019
OHC548 Apr 18, 2019
OHC547 Apr 11, 2019
OHC545 Mar 28, 2019
OHC543 Mar 14, 2019
OHC542 Mar 07, 2019
OHC540 Feb 21, 2019
OHC539 Feb 14, 2019
OHC538 Feb 07, 2019
OHC537 Jan 31, 2019
OHC536 Jan 24, 2019
OHC534 Jan 10, 2019
OHC532 Dec 27, 2018
OHC531 Dec 20, 2018
OHC530 Dec 13, 2018
OHC529 Dec 06, 2018
OHC528 Nov 29, 2018
OHC527 Nov 22, 2018
OHC526 Nov 15, 2018
OHC525 Nov 08, 2018
OHC523 Oct 25, 2018
OHC522 Oct 18, 2018
OHC521 Oct 11, 2018
OHC520 Oct 04, 2018
OHC519 Sep 27, 2018
OHC518 Sep 20, 2018
OHC517 Sep 13, 2018
OHC516 Sep 06, 2018
OHC515 Aug 30, 2018
OHC514 Aug 23, 2018
OHC513 Aug 16, 2018
OHC512 Aug 09, 2018
OHC511 Aug 02, 2018
OHC510 Jul 26, 2018
OHC509 Jul 19, 2018
OHC508 Jul 12, 2018
OHC507 Jul 05, 2018
OHC505 Jun 21, 2018
OHC504 Jun 14, 2018
OHC503 Jun 07, 2018
OHC502 May 31, 2018
OHC501 May 24, 2018
OHC500 May 17, 2018
OHC499 May 10, 2018
OHC498 May 03, 2018
OHC497 Apr 26, 2018
OHC496 Apr 19, 2018
OHC495 Apr 12, 2018
OHC494 Apr 05, 2018
OHC493 Mar 29, 2018
OHC492 Mar 22, 2018
OHC491 Mar 15, 2018
OHC490 Mar 08, 2018
OHC489 Mar 01, 2018
OHC488 Feb 22, 2018
OHC487 Feb 15, 2018
OHC486 Feb 08, 2018
OHC485 Feb 01, 2018
OHC484 Jan 25, 2018
OHC483 Jan 18, 2018
OHC482 Jan 11, 2018
OHC481 Jan 04, 2018
OHC480 Dec 28, 2017
OHC479 Dec 20, 2017
OHC478 Dec 14, 2017
OHC475 Nov 23, 2017
OHC474 Nov 16, 2017
OHC473 Nov 09, 2017
OHC472 Nov 02, 2017
OHC471 Oct 26, 2017
OHC470 Oct 19, 2017
OHC469 Oct 12, 2017
OHC468 Oct 05, 2017
OHC467 Sep 28, 2017
OHC466 Sep 21, 2017
OHC465 Sep 14, 2017
OHC464 Sep 07, 2017
OHC463 Aug 31, 2017
OHC462 Aug 24, 2017
OHC461 Aug 17, 2017
OHC460 Aug 10, 2017
OHC459 Aug 03, 2017
OHC458 Jul 27, 2017
OHC457 Jul 20, 2017
OHC456 Jul 13, 2017
OHC455 Jul 06, 2017
OHC454 Jun 29, 2017
OHC453 Jun 22, 2017
OHC452 Jun 15, 2017
OHC451 Jun 08, 2017
OHC450 Jun 01, 2017
OHC448 May 18, 2017
OHC447 May 11, 2017
OHC446 May 04, 2017
OHC445 Apr 27, 2017
OHC444 Apr 20, 2017
OHC443 Apr 13, 2017
OHC442 Apr 06, 2017
OHC441 Mar 30, 2017
OHC440 Mar 23, 2017
OHC439 Mar 16, 2017
OHC438 Mar 09, 2017
OHC437 Mar 02, 2017
OHC436 Feb 23, 2017
OHC435 Feb 16, 2017
OHC434 Feb 09, 2017
OHC433 Feb 02, 2017
OHC432 Jan 24, 2017
OHC430 Jan 12, 2017
OHC429 Jan 05, 2017
OHC428 Dec 29, 2016
OHC426 Dec 15, 2016
OHC425 Dec 08, 2016
OHC424 Dec 01, 2016
OHC423 Nov 24, 2016
OHC422 Nov 17, 2016
OHC421 Nov 10, 2016
OHC420 Nov 03, 2016
OHC419 Oct 27, 2016
OHC418 Oct 20, 2016
OHC417 Oct 13, 2016
OHC416 Oct 06, 2016
OHC414 Sep 22, 2016
OHC413 Sep 14, 2016
OHC412 Sep 08, 2016
OHC411 Sep 01, 2016
OHC410 Aug 25, 2016
OHC409 Aug 18, 2016
OHC408 Aug 11, 2016
OHC407 Aug 04, 2016
OHC406 Jul 28, 2016
OHC405 Jul 21, 2016
OHC404 Jul 19, 2016
OHC403 Jul 07, 2016
OHC402 Jun 30, 2016
OHC401 Jun 23, 2016
OHC400 Jun 16, 2016
OHC399 Jun 07, 2016
OHC398 Jun 02, 2016
OHC397 May 26, 2016
OHC396 May 19, 2016
OHC395 May 12, 2016
OHC394 May 03, 2016
OHC393 Apr 28, 2016
OHC392 Apr 21, 2016
OHC391 Apr 14, 2016
OHC390 Apr 07, 2016
OHC389 Mar 31, 2016
OHC388 Mar 23, 2016
OHC387 Mar 17, 2016
OHC386 Mar 10, 2016
OHC385 Mar 03, 2016
OHC384 Feb 25, 2016
OHC383 Feb 18, 2016
OHC382 Feb 11, 2016
OHC381 Feb 04, 2016
OHC380 Jan 28, 2016
OHC379 Jan 20, 2016
OHC378 Jan 14, 2016
OHC377 Jan 07, 2016
OHC376 Dec 31, 2015
OHC375 Dec 24, 2015
OHC372 Dec 03, 2015
OHC371 Nov 26, 2015
OHC370 Nov 17, 2015
OHC369 Nov 12, 2015
OHC368 Nov 04, 2015
OHC367 Oct 29, 2015
OHC366 Oct 22, 2015
OHC365 Oct 15, 2015
OHC364 Oct 08, 2015
OHC363 Oct 01, 2015
OHC362 Sep 24, 2015
OHC361 Sep 17, 2015
OHC360 Sep 10, 2015
OHC359 Sep 03, 2015
OHC357 Aug 20, 2015
OHC356 Aug 13, 2015
OHC355 Aug 06, 2015
OHC354 Jul 27, 2015
OHC353 Jul 23, 2015
OHC352 Jul 16, 2015
OHC351 Jul 09, 2015
OHC350 Jul 02, 2015
OHC349 Jun 25, 2015
OHC348 Jun 18, 2015
OHC347 Jun 11, 2015
OHC346 Jun 04, 2015
OHC345 May 27, 2015
OHC344 May 20, 2015
OHC343 May 14, 2015
OHC342 May 07, 2015
OHC341 Apr 30, 2015
OHC340 Apr 22, 2015
OHC339 Apr 16, 2015
OHC337 Apr 02, 2015
OHC336 Mar 26, 2015
OHC335 Mar 19, 2015
OHC334 Mar 12, 2015
OHC333 Mar 05, 2015
OHC332 Feb 26, 2015
OHC331 Feb 19, 2015
OHC330 Feb 12, 2015
OHC329 Feb 04, 2015
OHC328 Jan 29, 2015
OHC327 Jan 22, 2015
OHC326 Jan 15, 2015
OHC325 Jan 08, 2015
2HTS36 Dec 18, 2014
OHC322 Dec 18, 2014
2HTS34 Dec 05, 2014
OHC319 Nov 27, 2014
OHC318 Nov 20, 2014
OHC317 Nov 12, 2014
2HTS30 Nov 08, 2014
OHC316 Nov 06, 2014
OHC315 Oct 30, 2014
OHC314 Oct 23, 2014
OHC313 Oct 16, 2014
OHC312 Oct 09, 2014
OHC310 Sep 25, 2014
2HTS23 Sep 21, 2014
OHC309 Sep 18, 2014
OHC308 Sep 11, 2014
OHC307 Sep 04, 2014
OHC306 Aug 28, 2014
OHC305 Aug 21, 2014
OHC304 Aug 14, 2014
OHC303 Aug 06, 2014
OHC302 Jul 31, 2014
OHC301 Jul 24, 2014
OHC300 Jul 17, 2014
OHC299 Jul 10, 2014
OHC298 Jul 03, 2014
OHC297 Jun 26, 2014
OHC296 Jun 19, 2014
OHC295 Jun 12, 2014
OHC294 Jun 05, 2014
OHC293 May 29, 2014
OHC292 May 22, 2014
OHC291 May 15, 2014
OHC290 May 08, 2014
OHC288 Apr 24, 2014
OHC287 Apr 17, 2014
OHC285 Apr 03, 2014
OHC284 Mar 27, 2014
OHC283 Mar 20, 2014
OHC282 Mar 13, 2014
OHC281 Mar 06, 2014
OHC280 Feb 27, 2014
OHC278 Feb 13, 2014
OHC277 Feb 06, 2014
OHC276 Jan 30, 2014
OHC275 Jan 23, 2014
OHC274 Jan 16, 2014
OHC273 Jan 09, 2014
OHC272 Jan 02, 2014
OHC271 Dec 26, 2013
OHC270 Dec 19, 2013
OHC269 Dec 12, 2013
OHC268 Dec 05, 2013
OHC267 Nov 28, 2013
OHC266 Nov 21, 2013
OHC265 Nov 14, 2013
OHC264 Nov 06, 2013
OHC263 Oct 31, 2013
OHC262 Oct 24, 2013
OHC261 Oct 15, 2013
OHC260 Oct 10, 2013
OHC259 Oct 03, 2013
OHC258 Sep 25, 2013
OHC257 Sep 18, 2013
OHC256 Sep 12, 2013
OHC255 Sep 05, 2013
OHC254 Aug 29, 2013
OHC253 Aug 22, 2013
OHC252 Aug 15, 2013
OHC251 Aug 08, 2013
OHC250 Aug 01, 2013
OHC249 Jul 25, 2013
OHC248 Jul 18, 2013
OHC247 Jul 11, 2013
OHC246 Jul 04, 2013
OHC245 Jun 27, 2013
OHC244 Jun 18, 2013
OHC243 Jun 13, 2013
OHC242 Jun 06, 2013
OHC241 May 30, 2013
OHC240 May 23, 2013
OHC238 May 09, 2013
OHC237 May 02, 2013
OHC236 Apr 25, 2013
OHC235 Apr 17, 2013
OHC233 Apr 04, 2013
OHC232 Mar 28, 2013
OHC231 Mar 21, 2013
OHC230 Mar 14, 2013
OHC229 Mar 07, 2013
OHC228 Feb 28, 2013
OHC226 Feb 14, 2013
OHC225 Feb 07, 2013
OHC224 Jan 30, 2013
OHC223 Jan 24, 2013
OHC222 Jan 16, 2013
OHC220 Jan 03, 2013
OHC219 Dec 26, 2012
OHC218 Dec 20, 2012
OHC217 Dec 13, 2012
OHC216 Dec 05, 2012
OHC214 Nov 22, 2012
OHC213 Nov 15, 2012
OHC212 Nov 08, 2012
OHC211 Nov 01, 2012
OHC209 Oct 18, 2012
OHC208 Oct 11, 2012
OHC207 Oct 04, 2012
OHC205 Sep 18, 2012
OHC203 Sep 06, 2012
OHC202 Aug 30, 2012
OHC201 Aug 22, 2012
OHC200 Aug 15, 2012
OHC199 Aug 03, 2012
OHC197 Jul 20, 2012
OHC196 Jul 19, 2012
OHC195 Jul 11, 2012
OHC194 Jun 30, 2012
OHC193 Jun 28, 2012
OHC192 Jun 14, 2012
OHC190 Jun 02, 2012
OHC189 May 27, 2012
OHC187 May 12, 2012
OHC186 May 08, 2012
OHC185 Apr 26, 2012
OHC184 Apr 26, 2012
OHC183 Apr 14, 2012
OHC182 Apr 12, 2012
OHC180 Mar 24, 2012
OHC179 Mar 15, 2012
OHC178 Mar 15, 2012
OHC177 Mar 03, 2012