One Hour Compo - Round 207 (OHC207)

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Sep 27, 2012 KittyMeow
  1. Carried by the Wind
  2. As I Rest My Head
  3. Dream of The Shore
Great music tonight. I liked the theme interpretations.
Sep 27, 2012 johnfn
  1. Toss and Turn
  2. Lucid Vision
  3. As I Rest My Head
Acuity: DAT PIANO RIFF. The rest of the song is really dressing for that riff. The length of the song and the repetition of the riff really work in your favor because the riff grows even better after listening. The wobble bass works really well without being in your face.

DDR: I really like this entry. The mood was a really nice variation on your normal style. That opening melody is driving me crazy though. WHERE HAVE I HEARD IT BEFORE.

Blastron: this was really awesome. Great instrumentation, definitely extend it!

Mentions (no order): CJ, really nice sounds; sci, that was insane :D
Oct 04, 2012 Misael.K
  1. Driftwood
  2. Nocturnal Immersions
  3. half sleepness
A week made of pretty entries.

Jakesnke17: very good sounds and overall felling.

Qwertz: really soothing. Nice melodies.

DarkShadow: while this could do better with some better mixing, I still liked it a lot.

A-zu-ra; Acuity; blastron; CJthemusicdude; DarkShadow; DDRKirby(ISQ); Jakesnke17; Qwertz; TheMisterCat.

Arcana; AutomaticJack; Beetie Swelle; DrumJ8; DucksUnlimited; Duosis; Forty-Two; johnfn; sci; Skrullz; SupaSpeedStrut.
Oct 04, 2012 Acuity
  1. Dream of The Shore
  2. Petri Dream
  3. Lucid Vision
johnfn - I dunno, I really respect your piano and chord progression.

CJthemusicdude - This was an awesome remix.

DDRKirby - Beautiful.