One Hour Compo - Round 376 (OHC376)

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Dec 24, 2015 Koekepan
  1. Waiting For The Snow
  2. Starlight Snowflakes
  3. snowy village
Good round, definitely.

Waiting for the Snow is a mature, well-constructed ballad on a solid progression. A change in the progression to add variety wouldn't have hurt, but the sound design is excellent.

Starlight Snowflakes is also very well shaped in sonic terms, and deeply evocative.

Snowy Village is a bit more diffuse in its relevance, although it's an excellent work in its own right, so it merits a third place.
Dec 31, 2015 Random-storykeeper
  1. snowy village
  2. Waiting For The Snow
  3. Checking the Fields for Bright Eyes and Glazed
Well dang these entries really stood out for me in different ways, even though there weren't that many.

1) "snowy village" - What I absolutely love about this is that overall, it feels really warm, but at the same time, very snowy. Kind of like standing in snow all bundled up in wintery coats. It's very pleasant and I think those higher bell sounds really capture snowflakes falling so well, which I think lies in the focus of the two images. And you stole my heart with those last 40 seconds, with those bendy notes and panning.

2) "Waiting For the Snow" immediately sold me with its opening chords. I love those little string embellishments and the harp. I think this piece has more progression than some of Misael.K's previous entries. I'm not completely in love with the choice of percussion, though. I do love how it is arranged, where the accents don't always hit on the strong beat. But it felt a little too heavy, especially with the cymbals.

3) "Checking the Fields for Bright Eyes and Glazed" takes a darker spin on the theme, painting an eerie landscape in the midst of the snow. I like how all the tones, the percussion, contribute to creating this atmosphere. And Koekepan seems to enjoy thinking vast when it comes to these themes, which is interesting.

Additional honours:

- "Some ambient music I made and then sampled..." - I almost put this in third because I really like this; it makes me think something I'd hear in a timelapse video. All those chords make me think of just standing there, watching the world move around me. I decided it had to come down to theme relevance in the end however, otherwise I'd never be able to decide.

- "bleh 7" - le bleh

- "Hoar Frost Majesty" - This is neato; it sounds a lot like trailer music. My favourite touch is that little breath at the end.
Dec 31, 2015 Misael.K
  1. Some ambient music I made and then sampled...
  2. Checking the Fields for Bright Eyes and Glazed
  3. Starlight Snowflakes
To everyone who's reading this: Happy New Year! I won't be participating tonight as I'll be having dinner with my family away from any computer. So have a good one and I'll see you next year. Cheers!

aptbr: interesting mix of cold tunes and beats. Super chill track. The second part is very good too, some nice chords in there.

bleh: there was an ok amount of (bl)eh, but I still think the first bleh was better. Also, you need to be more aware of the theme! (please don't stop making these)

Koekepan: it's 30º C here and your track made me cold. I'd say you did a good job.

NickC: this is cute! like someone said on IRC, this feels kinda RPG-ish.

Random-storykeeper: a somewhat bittersweet entry, with hints of prettyness but overshadowed by the underlying melancholy. Harmonically very interesting.

Torzelan: nice track! definitely makes me feel I'm in a snow-ridden kingdom fighting evil snowmen or something.

awesum: aptbr, Koekepan, Random-storykeeper.
good: bleh, NickC, Torzelan.