One Hour Compo - Round 344 (OHC344)

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May 14, 2015 Koekepan
  1. Gold Against Gold
  2. Peaceful Fields
  3. Golden Plains
I like the counterpoint in Gold Against Gold, even if the sound design isn't as sophisticated. I'm a sucker for ambience, so the other two got a good look in.
May 20, 2015 Misael.K
  1. simpler times
  2. Gold Against Gold

johnfn: holey shirt. I thought about subtracting points from you because of that rough transition... but I forgive you this time. I mean, I know, transitions are hard. Also, I said in the chat, but this reminds me of "Farm Boy" from FF7.

Random-storykeeper: this speaks "harvest" and "agriculture" to me. Definitely nailed the theme.

Shitbird: lovely tunes! very "in tune" with the theme. The section from 1:25 to 1:54 is the best, though I feel it needed to be just a bit longer.

awesum: Atmospherium, jarski, johnfn, NickC, Random-storykeeper, Shitbird.
good: Acuity, Arcana, dusthillguy, Hollow, Koekepan, sci. 
May 21, 2015 Random-storykeeper

  1. simpler times
  2. Midgar Zolom
Deciding first and second place was toughhhh; I love simple piano music almost as much as I love chiptune.

I ended up going with "The Combine Harvest" as my first choice because I just feel happier listening to it. It really does make me picture an 8bit sun and crops.

"simpler times" came in a very close second for me...the simplicity works for me here. It comes across as a story unfolding on a field; the setting never changes, only the characters and circumstances. Anyways, I really like this one <3 piano.

"Midgar Zolom" - Mellow and catchy. I like the soft melody and beat. It's also a unique angle at musically interpreting the theme, but it does it in a nice way.

Honourable mention: "Peaceful Fields"; those long chords are beautiful. Love the chord progression in this! I just felt like it started to drag on a little too long near the end, but it wasn't super awful. It came really close to my third choice.