One Hour Compo - Round 392 (OHC392)

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Apr 14, 2016 Shitbird
  1. OHC 392 Dawn's Chorus
  2. Frustrated Invasion
  3. Phaser
Atmospheric. Hah. Get it?
Apr 14, 2016 Koekepan
  1. Frustrated Invasion
  2. Forbidden Planet
  3. Roche Limit
MisaelK provided the best narrative interpretation of the theme, and I liked the soundscapes.

GLL provided another good interpretation, although I found his rather classical sound choices slightly misplaced, somehow.

Shitbird did a good job, but the somewhat upbeat tone detracted from the peacefulness of the images to me.
Apr 14, 2016 Patashu
  1. Egg Rolls Part Deux
  2. Roche Limit
  3. Frustrated Invasion
stuff I liked:

Watching the satellites fly by until the sun rises by Koekepan
"Roche Limit" by Shitbird
"Egg Rolls Part Deux" by Suzumebachi
"Phaser" by Hollow <-- retrigger square waves but short
"goodbye mother"
"Frustrated Invasion" by Misael.K.
"Em pleh" by Takeshi64
"Island Earth" by Jayme_Christmas
"recall" by starla
"new reality" by jarski
Apr 15, 2016 Shael_Riley
  1. Island Earth
  2. Blot Out the Sun
  3. recall
Good musics.
Apr 18, 2016 starkaudio
  1. Watching the satellites fly by until the sun rises
  2. Frustrated Invasion
  3. goodbye mother
These pieces invoked the inspirational materials in me the most by far. My opinion says space-music should feel kind of dreamy. :)
Apr 21, 2016 Random-storykeeper
  1. Frustrated Invasion
  2. Em pleh
  3. goodbye mother
1) "Frustrated Invasion" - Man, the first half illustrates the premise you were going for excellently. If anything, I wish the drums at the beginning were more like war drums to really hit home that feeling of a coming invasion. Hmm. Actually well, the second half is okay; the longer chords make the piece more "expansive" and is fitting to the theme. Something about the progression is very off putting in the musical sense though.

2) "Em pleh" - This is one of the more pleasantly crafted entries that is also the most thematic. I think most of that can be attributed to the bass and the descending notes. But the delays are very lovely, and the simplicity works well. I just wish it had a better buildup at the beginning.

3) "goodbye mother" - The chiptune melody works great against those chords. And those strange vocals are unsettling, but manage to be mixed well and make this entry more interesting and weird than annoying and weird. Additionally, there are some moments where the vocals don't come in, and it's actually nice to listen to.


I considered voting for "Forbidden Planet", "Watching the satellites fly by until the sun rises", "Transmission Latency" and "Funk Orbit". GLL's orchestral sounds were beautiful but a little on the soft side and a little underwhelming overall. Koekepan did a good job building upon ideas (and having good instrumentation), but felt like it did not need to be 11 minutes.

Lastly, I highly enjoyed "Big Earl Thumpin' (WIP) BONUS DONT VOTE" and there's something about "Island Earth" that's really cute and amusing.
Apr 21, 2016 Misael.K
  1. Roche Limit
  2. Watching the satellites fly by until the sun rises
  3. Em pleh
Shitbird: this is too awesome and intense. I feel like I am in an action movie IN SPACE.

Koekepan: a very good entry that feels very spacey, if only a bit unfocused at times. Delighting sounds!

Takeshi64: some pretty tunes that I think fit the theme.

awesum: dusthillguy, Jayme_Christmas, Koekepan, Shitbird, Takeshi64.
good: Arcana, GLL, Hollow, jarski, NickC, Patashu, ProjektZero, Shael_Riley, starla, Suzumebachi.