One Hour Compo - Round 820 (OHC820)

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Jun 27, 2024 Koekepan
  1. analog clouds
  2. thank heavens
  3. Smog flavored boba
Lunarice nailed the theme in sonic terms. That's a solid win.
Jun 28, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. Eternal Visions
  2. thank heavens
  3. analog clouds

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TheVideoGamer - This track is essentially the jarring juxtaposition of hard heavy gabber beats mixed with soft serene almost emotional ambience. It could even be more happy hardcore but the melodies are a little complex and ethereal. Either way, It sounds like a floating cloud, but on hyper speed. The track is all about keeping it light and relaxing despite the frenetic energy. The bulk of the calm nature comes from the fast and heavily delayed arps, and pad chords. There is a melody but it’s not as frequent as a normal track might contain and it’s mostly played in a soft way. There is quite a few calm sections here, but it ultimately boils to mostly 2 chords. There is also a middle part with some samples, that only really serve to bridge the repetition. All in all I’ve said this loads of times, relaxing gabber like this should be a thing. It could be explored further. Glad you liked it anyways!

DarkShadow - Sounds like a faulty hard drive lol. You're music is the ultimate computer failing music. The rhythms in this are super wonky, it's almost on J Dilla's level of wonky it's actually pretty cool. The chords are DarkShadow styled chords as always, a mix of dissonant and consonant. No word of a lie, this is actually a lovely idea to explore, i loved those rhythms! I just wasn't feeling the chords, because they're a little...all over the place. To me it's a neat idea with potential, i like it. Good job!

Relax.D - A 2hts favourite returns. Hope you had a nice sleep afterwards lol. This is some really cool synth-wave type vibes, with a cool vocal performance that has this slight robotic effect it's great. Beat and bassline was catchy, but the mix is weirdly fed through some telephone effect, that i'm not sure i'm really into. When i vote i tend to be a little more critical than when i am just listening in chat. The vocals are also sick, but at the end, we get a little lost, as if it's become more a background element than a main element. Still though, you have something here, the vibe is really good. With polish it could be awesome, good job!

Koekepan - 6 Minute Koekepan is back! That is some neat twinkles we have here. The pads are such a classic Koekepan sound, but with a lot of cool sus chord action here. I get that feeling of uncertainty with the relaxing ambience, as if i don't belong here. The melody is not making a statement, but man it's very nice. I love the filtering it has going on, it's a Wah Wah synth almost. The chord changes are definately more subtle than a standard Koekepan piece, i can tell we mostly morph into different chords, but that's fine, not all ambient pieces need to be loud or in your face. I love how dynamic and immersive it is. It's not too slow or boring, and it has just enough variety to keep it from being too repetitive. It's pretty sick actually. There's just a lot it has going for, and i also love the volume changes too, there's real dynamics, it's not just a straight static sound throughout. Long story short i thought this was sick, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Nukage - Ok so based on what you've written in chat you uploaded a faulty render right? Because if so, my listening experience is based on the discord upload, not the ThaSauce submission. It makes the most sense obviously, because i'm not gonna listen to 3 minutes of silence lol. This is a really sick metal vibe, that is surprisingly long for a Nukage entry. It's very rare these days to see you break the 6 minute barrier, but i'm all for it. The piano and pad lines in this one are surprisingly beautiful, and haunting. This one is not a typical Nukage entry, as there isn't really a build-up and drop as such. It's more about adding stuff as you listen, mostly subtle and ambient like. There isn't any metal sections here also (Just straight up calming haunting ambience and drum beats), despite what you might be prepped for. The drum changes are sick, so many cool effects. There is a lot going on for this one, which to say it's made in 1 hour it's amazing. My entries mostly rely on copy and paste, but this one is very dynamic. Even manage to get some sick vocals too. I get it's all probably presets, but to say it's done in an hour is still impressive. It's just such a dynamic tune, so many great sections, it's just really epic. I love it a lot, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Lots of thick 80's styled pads here, that intro weirdly reminds me of Windows 98 start up music lol. This is one hell of a bassline and beat combo you have here, your music is always such high quality. The swelled pads are sick also, as was the chord choices. I mean i never really find anything outright bad to say, because your mixes are always such high quality. The melody is really fire, even though this one is more of a background element. Your compositions are always so good even if the mixes aren't always there (I'm not saying it is, i'm saying if a mix were to hypothetically be bad, the composition will always save it, because you write such great compositions). There's just so many lovely sections here, it's just soo fire. Nothing else to say, i love everything here, it's awesome. No surprise it's awesomeness is what made me put it on the top spot. Then again you do know your neon themes exceptionally well. Incredible work!

LillyMeadows - I'm liking that 80's inspired beat, with that wide gated snare. Maybe a little too much reverb on that snare for my liking, however i am trying to sense you're going for more of a Industrial 80's fusion thing going on. I love the chords though, and that bassline is juicy. The idea is actually really great, i just feel the drums are weighing everything down, not so much by the virtue of it being compressed, but the sheer intensity of them, in contrast to the lightness of the synth. The synth struggles to match the thick and in your face beat. Still though you have something here, a little smoothing out would make it really awesome. This has a lot of potential it was a lot of fun, good job!

Lunarice - Loving those bell sounds, i think i recognise it from GarageBand (I use the software a lot lol). This is a really great piece, the percussion in this is extremely good. So many velocity changes which i'm a sucker for. The synths are also really nicely mixed, it goes so well with the soft bell i feel like i'm in a movie or Video Game. It's a lovely composition that doesn't overstay it's welcome, or get in the way. The guitar work in this was kind of unexpected, especially in how it's played, but it's also really nice, and adds something to the already dynamic piece. This one was seriously good stuff, so good i honestly decided to place this 3rd. Amazing work!

Dex - An old favourite returns. It's been a while i think since i last heard you compo, or my memory is terrible lol. There is some really great rhythm and fill ideas here. It has a nice call and response vibe between the soft piano and thick rock guitars. The flute melody make it more folksy sounding, yet the guitar just fills the stadium, it's a great contrast. I love how hopeful the melody sounds, at the moment it's the happiest melody we've had so far, which for a theme i was kind of expecting more people to do, but i guess people went for the sad dystopian vibe instead lol. The ending was crazy, you really went to town on the fills, without loosing any of the rhythm, i really dig it! Whole thing was just great, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Meistr - A 3 way collab i love to see it. This time with a new vocalist i've not yet heard before, but i'm down. This one is quite short, but i think a lot of the attention is placed on the mix, not so much the composition. I do love the chords in this one, but that's Treyt for you. Always got that hyperpop synth work. The vocalist is great, but i know a good singer when i see it. I will say the idea is awesome, but for me (I know taste is personal, nothing i write here is definitive, it's merely just my listening experience), the track feels mix wise. The drums are upfront, but the synths are at the back. You're vocalist is sick, but he/she is quite buried, and saturated with some kind of a autotune/voccoder effect that makes him/her much deeper than he/she really is. I don't hate it, but it does make the melody line a little lower than it should. Point being, the track as a compositional level is lovely. But sometimes the mix can actually dictate the listening experience, and this was kind of it. Also whilst i get we have a short time limit, it was quite short, and that banger could have banged for a minute more lol. Don't be discouraged guys, you have a great combo here. With a little refinement we could make it awesome. Good job!

Coloradoweeks - Great intro fill here, we really be feeling that 80's vibe. This whole track honestly screams 2024 Taylor Swift vibe, i'm not even kidding. It wouldn't sound out of place on TTPD (And i say this as someone who doesn't even like her music, it's not for me). To me this is miles better than Taylor Swift's music (That is a hot take i know, but at least i'm not saying this to her fan base lol). I love the lush 80's synths, the really catchy vocal lines (I don't need to write every week about how good of a singer you are), and the really tight grooves. I will say this could be a tad bit longer, it ends too soon (And to be more nitpicky, maybe a little louder on the master.) Regardless this was super catchy, with great melodies. Almost disguised that Colorado fade out haha. It was so good i decided to give you the 2nd spot, i loved it a lot. Amazing work!

Misael.K - This is a very cute melody, almost like were in a cartoon world. The speedup thing seems like we could be going for something pretty fast, but no it's just standard techno beats (Not that i'm complaining lol). You call this a TVG beat, yet the only thing reminiscent of my style is maybe the cute melody, and the very over saturated mix (A TVG staple). In all seriousness though that is one really catchy melody i'll give you credit, but the kick drum is quite saturated and not in a good way. I mean the waveform kind of tells it all lol. I can't tell if you're being serious (Or even deliberate) or not, but the mix is....loud. I guess the voice at the end of my track kind of predicted it haha. Steve Carell knows what's up. Just when i thought it couldn't get any louder you add a thick dubstep bass to top it off. I'm not joking when i say this, you did mix this pretty loud, and it's hard to tell if you're being deliberate. It's sad because that melody is very addicting (Actually relistening it feels like a Christmas song but written in June. Merry Christmas Misael?). I'm conflicted on this one gah! In the end the loud mix was off putting i'm sorry, so this is a good job from me. It's not all bad though, you put a lot of effort in a wonderful melody, so it's not all bad. Good job!

Arcana - That is one reverbed vocal, it comprises of 80 percent of the beat. I love the idea to be fair, but you really made it the star. The backing is really great, it's a lovely beat, with a really nice arp sequence. It definately feels like you nailed the cloud element of the theme. The backing is super strong, and the vocal work is awesome. This is a really strong entry, i just wish it wasn't super over saturated with reverb. Towards the end you did manage to correct the reverb, so i assume it might have been accidental who knows. Either way this was probably the strongest in a while, and definately more than enough to give you this one. Hell i could easily vote for this (I can only choose 3). Awesome work!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), Coloradoweeks, Lunarice.

These entries also deserve a spot on the list:




Arcana (Your strongest to date. Minus the reverb at the first half, the track is more than voting worthy)

Awesome - Koekepan, Nukage, DDRKirby(ISQ), Lunarice, Dex, Coloradoweeks, Arcana.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Relax.D, LillyMeadows, Meistr, Misael.K.

Jul 04, 2024 LillyMeadows
  1. Forward Forward Forward
  2. thank heavens
  3. Digital Sunrise

Jul 04, 2024 Misael.K
  1. The Road To The Top Of The World
  2. Meistr, Treyt, and Sabiella - Do do
  3. Ride Down To A Paradise

Another last minute vote, apologies.

awesum: Arcana, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Meistr, TheVideoGamer.
good: Dex, Koekepan, LillyMeadows, lunarice, nukage, relaxd.