One Hour Compo - Round 208 (OHC208)

Votes (4)

Oct 04, 2012 Acuity
  1. Get Wrecked
  2. Marooned
  3. Forgotten at Sea
CJthemusicdude - Awesome vocals with awesome track.

Dafydd - I love that Flying Battery sounding bass. =D

johnfn - piano. <3
Oct 04, 2012 johnfn
  1. Get Wrecked
  2. Marooned
  3. Legend of the Sea
Some picks, no ordering:

ddr: omg this is way too happy. :D :D :D :D :DDDD i enjoy the separate parts. that's something i tried to do also but you did it better.

dafydd: this is really good stuff.

cj: not only is this hilarious, it's also awesome. you even got that ddr-laugh you did ages ago to fit in the track. the ending section is REALLY incredible. that melody :O you covered so much space in 3 minutes.

JH: that was really well done. sax <3

acuity: ah, delayed piano. you incorporated my glitchy piano into your song! :D :D i think it may work a little better if the piano was at a higher register, but that's a nitpick because this is amazing.

42: you clearly have the gem of chord progression awesomeness. 30 minutes late, wow.


some comments for the people who i missed when i was too busy freaking out about the extended deadline thing (lol).

7th: nice instrumentation. that lead was pretty weird though.
scootalewis, you sung this time! sing more! i can tell you have skill. belt it out, who cares about your parents :D (and insert obligatory comment about backing here)
jackshine: haha, once i read the description this made more sense. i dont think you even used db_glitch, you glitched by hand. cool.
beetie: really nice string sounds. it should be longer :3
ducks: haha, isn't that the rainy mood rain? the only reason i know is because i used that once too :D i <3 OoT.

Oct 11, 2012 Misael.K
  1. Marooned
  2. Legend of the Sea
  3. Lone in Isles
Dafydd: This is completely beautiful! I love it.

DDRKirby(ISQ): I always enjoy your stuff, and you deserve this vote, magnificent piece you made!

A-zu-ra: No more Aru-san complex, please! You make such pretty stuff too.

Dafydd; DDRKirby(ISQ); A-zu-ra; AutomaticJack; blastron; CJthemusicdude; Forty-Two.

Acuity; DarkShadow; JackShine; JH Sounds; ScootaLewis; seventhelement; johnfn; mcmiagblackmanisgod.
Oct 11, 2012 DarkShadow
  1. The Siren Song of Bitlantis
  2. Forgotten at Sea
  3. Raging Seas
AutomaticJack - really enjoy the fast pace, has decent transitions. Like the way the drums developed at the end.
DucksUnlimited - catchy melody! I still say it sounds familiar.. intro/outro gives a "sea" environment a bit
johnfn - has Breaks down nicely, glitching. I also liked the piano near the end!

also others I enjoyed