One Hour Compo - Round 673 (OHC673)

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Sep 02, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. your destination is behind you
  2. Mysterious Miasma
  3. Super Lost

great spooky foggy woods roads tuneses everybody

Sep 03, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. fogsong
  2. When I Lit Your Way
  3. cant think of a title

It's been a long road, getting from there to here

Sep 04, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Two Different Ways to Nowhere
  2. Mysterious Miasma
  3. fogsong

@Misael.K - There is a lot of noise in this one, despite there being no beat. It's quite a powerful track.

@CotMM - Good luck finding any drums, because there isn't any lol.

@Eva - Everything is space music these days lol.

@Coloradoweeks - Tell me about it lol.

@Arcana - It's consistent to a degree, but there is a sort of breakdown, which eases the burden of loud pulsating ambient noise, which is a good thing.

@CotMM - It depends on what kind of song your talking about, because these days, a hit only needs 3-4 chords max lol.

@Exubeats - Or a journey to the final boss, who knows.

@Arcana - It could actually be a good set opener, for a DJ or live event.

@CotMM - We can discuss this, after the gabber beat.

@Everyone - A lot of comparisons to Christianity, which is a new one for me lol. It's only a choir, not a religious awakening haha.

@Everyone - It's funny how people forget the theme is literally an empty road in the forest lol, but i guess that's interpretation for you.

@Misael.K - It sort of reminds me of a old heroic god like movie.

@Exubeats - Believe it or not, but a couple of layers of that noise was ripped directly from Slayer. Yes, that band.

@CotMM - lol

@Coloradoweeks - You might wanna google New Age music, and Dark Ambient, these are the closest comparisons to my track.

@CotMM - When i make music, i have no genre in mind, so it's really what you guys think that determines the genre.

@Misael.K - I mean it's too intense in general. It's more like a distorted version of New Age music, but then again, as i've said, i don't have a genre in mind, when making music.

@CotMM - Power Ambient lol, that's actually a pretty good term to describe this.

@Exubeats - Noise Ambient maybe?

@CotMM - Well that's mighty kind of you to say. I hope i continue to please you every week.

@Arcana - Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't realise until i checked on Friday. Hopefully it's not a big deal right?

@CotMM - It's 5:57 bro, do you seriously think they will accept 2 more minutes of it?

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now Then....

TheVideoGamer - This track is built primarily of 2 main sounds. A long drawn out noise sweep, with distortion (There's 2 layers of this0, and a 3 layer pad, doubled with a Choir. That's really all there is to it, since the interest is in the automation, the filtering, and of course the chord changes, which people oddly associate with the church or something, i find that funny. I mean it's not full on noise music, which maybe i shoulda done, but i liked the idea of powerful ambient music, because i could get ideas down quickly, especially in a complex and non-repetitive way. All in all, super into this one, especially love how i didn't fall back into the habit of adding drums. I always seem to do that, which shows in some of my old tracks. Drums are not always the answer lol. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Lyra_183 - If you want my honest opinion, i would bring the backing track up a bit, that way it makes it more like a cool dark song, than a primarily acapella piece. Still though, i like your voice, you sing super well. Good job!

Souperion - Shame you didn't get a chance to come up with a full piece of music. I was once you, and sometimes still am, causing me to upload random garbage, that should have been a great track. Oh well, the strings were nice, I'll give it that. Good job!

cotmm68030 - This theme was made for you lol. Super haunting melodic synths in the background, just makes that dark atmosphere. The washes of deep brooding noise, i mean everything about it, is just amazingly fitting to the theme, it's just lovely stuff. I can't say anything else really, i loved every minute of it, the melodies were just soo good. Well done!

DarkShadow - DarkShadow going chiptune this time. That familiar feel of DarkShadow, but with a chiptune edge. Reminds me of Vaiaphraim actually, a dude who's in 2hts. Both share similar styles. All in all, huge fan of this one, lovely melodies. Also a rare treat seeing you write a description lol. Well done!

Koekepan - 30 second Psytrance untz. Such a shame i don't get to hear more of it, it could have been something special. Oh well, good job!

Barley - Lovely guitar playing, got some great chord action going on. It's very much got a bit of complexity going on. A very simple track, i can tell it's mostly going for 4 bars each, looping for some time. However i like the lo-fi minimalism, so that's a good thing. Your voice is heavily buried, so i'm afraid i can't decipher what you are saying, i'm sorry. This has potential to be expanded, it just needs polish. Good job though!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - What's with all the entries going over 6 minutes? Last week it was Nukage, now it's DDR. Not hating on anyone, i just want to know why, i mostly stick to an average of length of 5:57. Back on track, the music is very lovely. It almost shares some similarities to last week entry, but with a lot of cool new elements to keep it fresh. For one thing, this is very much 80's inspired, with a lot of synthwave elements. It's very beautifully constructed, the pad chords and melody are lovely. I actually enjoyed this journey a lot, it was awesome. Sometimes you guys make music, that ends up being too short, however rules are rules. Long story short, this was a beautiful listen, awesome work!

Ethansight - Very powerful piano, and deep sub. It's like a fine line between Jazz and electronica. It's a very simple progression, but it works well in this case. The synth lead is very beautiful, and the 2nd part of the track, is full of these wonderful chord changes. Just a shame the 2nd part only lasts for 20 seconds, i would love to hear more of it. If anything the whole track feels like it's underdeveloped, it has room for expanding upon. Good job though!

exubeat - That is one quiet looking waveform. Liking the moody spooky ambience, it's very much has a Theme Park horror movie like quality to it. Also a fan of the electronica, it's got some lovely juice basslines. Despite the quiet master, i loved the melodies here, it was super fitting to the theme. Well done!

NickC - The bass presence is extremely strong here. It's very industrial and noisy, almost on the verge of clipping in parts, however i know it's intentional, because of the extreme distortion on the drums and synths (Which i love by the way, this is not a criticism of the track). The time signature changes was a great idea, and the dark ambience is an amazing feature. The melody work is extremely strong here, very fitting to the theme. Love this one a lot, awesome work!

Misael.K - Now we have an organ composition. Loving the way it juxtaposes with the pads. Bassline was unique and cool, it sounds like a clav. Very funky, with some lovely guitar distortion. It feels weirdly upbeat for this theme, if i have to be honest, (However that's only on theme accuracy, the composition was super fire.) but the melodies were really good. Too good to ignore, all in all i love this, well done!

Dex - The rock maestro returns, for a kind of happy tune, in a theme that's based in the dark forest. It's way too happy for this theme lol. I mean the composition is dope as always, i love the rock vibe, but the image comparisons just don't seem to do it for me, it's way off theme. I mean the composition is awesome, but it's way too happy for the theme. I'm sorry, that alone, really makes it hard for this to be in the awesome category. Good job though!

Eva - Ooh i like the drums, it's very lo-fi, almost like the outside of a club. The whole idea is super cool, it's like noise rock or something. The weird ideas really seem to work in this track. The one thing that sticks out, that i feel could be improved, is the arrangement. It feels very one sided. The drums just power through, the guitars power through, there's no real dynamic shifts or anything. Also your voice starts of great, then gets lost in the mix. Sorry, i'm afraid it's how i feel. Props for the lovely idea though, good job!

JH Sounds - A JH composition written in a minor key, that's something you don't see everyday lol. Big fan of the arrangement in this one, the lyrics are very well written. This feels like a completed song. The electronic elements were great, lovely contrast from your acoustic works. Into this a lot, well done!

Arcana - Yeah i can hear the distortion, i'm sorry about that. The idea could have worked super well, especially with the sick piano chords and drums. It sounds like this could have been awesome. However the extreme clipping takes it away. Good effort though!

obScene - Thy obScene returns for some good ol' industrial melodic fun. Amazing melodies, sick distorted synth solos, and powerful drums, that sound it was made with trash cans. The strings are super good in this, i'm in love with the incredible melodic ideas here, the whole thing is super fire, and amazingly fitting to the theme. Icredible work!

Top 3 - obScene, DDRKirby(ISQ), NickC

These 2 tracks, should also be on the list, but can't:


DarkShadow (Dark Shadow's was actually really good this week, like one of his best in recent years).

Awesome - cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), exubeat, NickC, Misael.K, JH Sounds, obScene.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Souperion, Koekepan, Barley, Ethansight, Dex, Eva, Arcana.

Sep 09, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Into The Unknown
  2. Nobody's Alone
  3. Mysterious Miasma

foggy votes

Sep 09, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Two Different Ways to Nowhere
  2. Mysterious Miasma
  3. The Road of Life
    JH Sounds

obScene: super emotional. Great dynamics.

DDRKirby(ISQ): lovely and super well done.

JH Sounds: catchy and interesting lyrics.

awesum: cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, ethansight, JH Sounds, NickC, obScene, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, Barley, DarkShadow, eva, exubeat, Lyra_183, Souperion.