One Hour Compo - Round 377 (OHC377)

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Dec 31, 2015 Koekepan
  1. wtf am I doing??
  2. sparkly
  3. The Last Year For This Day
Surprisingly close competition.

aptbr - I don't know what you're doing, but it really evokes the theme for me.

42- It feels sparkly! Thematic consistency wins for me.

Arcana - you bring out the other side of the coin; the party experience. It sounds like a party.
Jan 04, 2016 Random-storykeeper
  1. explosive color
  2. sparkly
  3. Cebleraiton
Geez who do I vote for, hmm. Even though most of the entries were short, there was something about them that kept true to the theme, or were just good from a musical standpoint.

1) "explosive color" - I like this a lot actually; the drums complement the theme for me in an unusual way. The music makes me think of something rising to the sky, which is suitable to the theme. Love the little piano bit at the end too.

2) "sparkly" - Lots of chippy colourful explosions to be had everywhere. It's very cute and simple, but effective at keeping to the theme.

3) "Cebleraiton" - This is such an awesome groove that gives me johnfn vibes. Although I had trouble connecting this music to the theme, this is the piece I enjoyed the most, musically.

Honourable mentions:

"The Last Year For This Day" - I wish I liked this more. The beat is fantastic in this and the chords are nice. It's just...the progression doesn't do much for me in a few parts. I think it does nail the whole party vibe pretty well though.

"The Aurora is Greater" - It stays direct to the theme and also to the coming of the new year. Connecting it with nature just seemed like an odd approach that I didn't really see. It did give the same sort of "elevated" feeling that NickC's piece does, but I didn't feel like it built up enough or if it did, it wasn't noticeable to me.
Jan 07, 2016 Misael.K
  1. sparkly
  2. The Aurora is Greater
  3. BOOM!
Forty-Two: this is great! I like how happy it is at the beginning, and how it slowly shifts at the end.

Koekepan: super atmospheric, great work! Super soothing.

Random-storykeeper: short but powerful. Almost like an explosion. =P

awesum: Koekepan, Forty-Two, Random-storykeeper.
good: aptbr, blastron, NickC, bleh, Arcana.