One Hour Compo - Round 272 (OHC272)

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Dec 27, 2013 johnfn
  1. Fragments of the Past
  2. Time and Space
  3. Sustain Nothing
Nice job guys.

I also liked Misael.K's cyclical piano, obScene's piano driven piece (sounds like Trancient!) and codekk's really nice chord progression.
Dec 28, 2013 obScene
  1. Fragments of the Past
  2. Sustain Nothing
  3. Shattered Time
DDRKirby. Love variation and use of contrast.

Trancient. Glad the sustain pedal broke, you do punchy well.

Blastron. Simple and monotonous but the creative glitching makes it interesting!

Dec 28, 2013 Atmospherium
  1. At Last, The Time Gate
  2. causal break
  3. Ancient Times
I'm disappointed that I had to miss OHC this week, this theme has so many possibilities. Oh well, here's my rundown of everyone's entries.

Misael.K - I'm glad you finally got around to doing the tempo-shift challenge. This was the perfect theme for it, and your execution was brilliant. I'm really impressed with how this one turned out.

Forty-two - It's depressing how much I like your entries every week. This week's entry sounded so simple, but had a surprising amount of depth.

DDRKirby(ISQ) - I love the rhythmic syncopations in the percussion elements. I kept finding myself hoping you'd take this piece in a certain direction and then, as if on queue, the music went right where I wanted it. Really great writing.

A-Zu-Ra - I really like how you arranged this. Great synth selection, great melodies, great beats. The buildup into each of the sections was perfectly executed. The moment when the DnB returned after the silence was awesome.

ObScene - Those strings... I wanted more of those strings... Awesome track - everything worked together incredibly well. I just wanted more strings...

blastron - I was hoping that this week's theme would result in a lot of glitchy tracks. Your was exactly what I was wanting, I really like how it degraded over time. Could use a bit more punch all around, but the writing/arranging/editing was right on track.

DarkShadow - This really nailed the theme, in my mind. I'm also a sucker for compound time signatures. And glitches. And filters. You delivered on all fronts.

mcmiagblackmanisgod - That kick is absolutely huge. I'll need to listen to this again when I get back to my good speakers. The snare had interesting stereo width and, for some reason, that's sticking out in my mind as one of my favorite parts of this track. Great samples all around.

Trancient - That higher lead synth is perfect. And the bass synth. And the other synths. And the drums. Basically, you completely nailed the feel for this track. That guitarish leadline was awesome, completely unexpected and completely satisfying.

codekk - Man, I loved the mood on this. You can never go wrong with vibraphone-ish patches. Great chord selection, great synth selection, great melodies. Really strong work all around.
Jan 02, 2014 Misael.K
  1. Fragments of the Past
  2. One Final Thing
  3. Sustain Nothing
DDRKirby: beautiful. Completely beautiful.

obScene: other than a longer ending, this needs nothing.

Trancient: lovely! love the piano.

What I liked a lot:
blastron; DDRKirby(ISQ); Forty-Two; obScene; Trancient.

What I also liked:
A-zu-ra; codekk; DarkShadow; mcmiagblackmanisgod.