One Hour Compo - Round 780 (OHC780)

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Sep 21, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Wait, how long did you set the time bomb?
    Wassup Thunder
  2. corporate espionage
  3. The Mission
Wassup Thunder hewed close to the theme, and communicated his thematic urgency very well.

cotmm68030 was very good, with a well-chosen groove and a decent chord progression but the key was the sound design elements layered in.

DDRKirby was his usual polished self.
Sep 21, 2023 upd|ate!
  1. Retirement Achieved
  2. The Mission
  3. Breaking and Entering

Sep 21, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. ain't it nice
  2. Clumsy Neighbours
  3. RAHHH

Sep 21, 2023 Dex
  1. The Mission
  2. Retirement Achieved
  3. Wait, how long did you set the time bomb?
    Wassup Thunder

Sep 23, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. The Mission
  2. Retirement Achieved
  3. ain't it nice

I inadvertently replied to comments on Discord, which was a lot less than expected, so once again this section is irrelevant. On to the actual voting! 

TheVideoGamer - I went for a full on Acid Trance experience mixed with a lot of Psytrance elements. It's kind of a genre fusion, but with 2 styles of Trance instead of a full blown genre mash of say Drum and Bass with Yodelling Chickens lol. The main components come in the form of a signature Laser Kick found in Goa, Psy and similar types of trance, a thick thumpy bassline (Comprised of 2 synths) playing 16th notes, as well as a intense 303 line that gets filtered a lot throughout. There is also a lot of thick trancy chords, 3 kinds of pad chords, including a choir section, 2 melody lines as well as an ending, which is me just doing what i can to the acid line to keep it interesting lol. It's like one giant breakdown essentially. The rest of the drums are just percussion really, involving a clap, a hi-hat, a ride cymbal, a rimshot and the classic trance snare fade build-up, which is often accompanied by a fade in riser. The last significant thing to talk about is the breakdown in the middle, where all the instruments drop out in favour of a drone and some pad chords, as a way to keep it from being so busy all the time. It's not a bad idea, it definately achieves everything i want it to do, but i do think the ending gets a bit too...samey, but i only have 1hr and 30 minutes total, so you get what you get. Glad you liked it anyways, even if you don't listen to this type of music!

Lyra_183 - I can hear the T.V in the background lol. Great singing, love the pounding that acts as a kind of percussion to the piece. The T.V kind of distracted me a bit haha. Still though, lovely singing! Good job!

BJKMenu - Ooh tight rock vibes. Really digging that guitar chugging. Full on Punk rock aesthetic. Totally reminds me of Dex. The chords are surprisingly in key too, i don't feel like were into any crazy territories, compared to some other tracks. Could benefit from a few mixing touches, make the drums more prominent, and the guitar less in your face, but this is a very minor nitpick. Ending was kind of amusing. Loved this one, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

DarkShadow - Woah this is has a really cool hi-hat riff in this! It's not an immediate DarkShadow piece, it has a bit of a electro vibe. When the chords come in though, we definately get the DarkShadow feel. The bass abuse is very powerful here, i'd say perhaps....too much lol. I like me music to be deep, but not like that deep, it's killing my headphones. The ending was very different from you, i'm very surprised. More minimal, has a thick laser kick and sub bass. Honestly a great direction to take your style, it was very cool. Soften that bass overload, and this would be easily voting worthy. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Now we've downgraded to 5:54. Were missing 6 seconds lol. Nice reverb usage, it's much better than my thick liberal soak that i do on my pieces. Love how the drums fade in, it's a really nice electronic Kraftwerk-ish drum kit, but with a cool soft melodic sheen to back it up. It's not a thick electronic sound, it's like....Ambient Kraftwerk if that's a thing. You know it actually reminds me of Tangerine Dream mixed in with Cabaret Voltaire for some reason. Get's more and more chill and kind of uplifting throughout, whilst the drums consistently fade in and out. The idea of drums fading in and out is not something i'm used to, and it did take me a while to process that, but the rest more than makes up for it. In simple terms, this is just a super chill, soft melodic piece. Don't see anything wrong with it at all, this was just super lovely, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The first impact already tells us were in for a heavy ethnic inspired piece. Lots of cool mallet melodies, and super funky Jazztronica elements. Totally suited for a Bank Robbery. I can just imagine a cartoon like game in the Vicinity of Crash Bandicoot. The melody vibes are wonderful in this, that saxophone line just makes this piece. Love the changes, lots of solo's. Also loving the dynamic changes here, with smooth transitions from Half-Time to Double Time. It's just soo good, one of your strongest ones for sure. It's just one hell of a funky piece, i love it. The fact that it's the most theme fitting out of all the entries (And combined with just how so god damn funky it is), is the reason i put this on the top spot, it's that good. Incredible work!

Wassup Thunder - I knew it. Eurobeat was obviously perfect for this theme, so i was not surprised at all. One thing that sticks out is the synths here, are more...gritty. Almost like you've made this in more of a Heavy Metal context. Drums are sick, lots of wonderful melodies, kind of dark in parts. No surprise this fits the theme. Sadly i do think some mixing touches could work here, to stop it from sounding super sharp all the time, and to maybe make the light and shade parts more pronounced, but really though this doesn't diminish how good the piece is, definately one of your strong ones, so sad i can't put this on the list as i can only choose 3. Still though, awesome work!

Arcana - Huh you're early for once lol. More tracker work, great to see you explore other areas of production. Great synth work in this, i am transported back into the sounds of the NES. This feels like chiptune techno, and i am all for it. The main NES lead is very shrill. I know square waves aren't that pleasant on their own, it does take some skill to master a good square lead, i know for sure, as i don't always succeed. Composition wise, it's actually pretty awesome (Even if some parts are close to being repetitive), but the mix needs so much needed attention. However this is out of your comfort zone, so huge props for attempting this, and it does sound pretty great, so good job!

updlate - Welcome new person! First time i'm hearing your tunes. Great bassline and definately a powerful kit, i was really feeling the punch here. I really loved the cool little additions here, even if they aren't massive. Like a nice little Sync lead here and there, or a background harmonic touch, it's lovely. It definately has the perfect setup for essentially something more. I feel like velocity and note changes to the bassline could bring more of a harmonic element to the piece. We could also add a few pad chords for some textural ambience, who knows. I definately felt like i was longing for more at the end (Which i get it, it's only a 50 second piece here). But this is a One Hour Compo, so your not always gonna get 5 minute epics all the time, so i do understand it's not easy, and i try to keep an open mind where i can. Definately a lot of fun though, the composition itself is great, with lots of potential. Good job!

Koekepan - Koekepan bringing out the techno jams. I feel this is gonna be Minimal Techno, specifically a modern Minimal Techno vibe, like Richie Hawtin. I do like some of the cool synths here, it sounds like a scraping chair haha. I think the idea of this track is great, but i am not a fan of the constant kick drum pulse. Minimal Techno isn't exactly the most sophisticated genre, it is more designed for you to sit back and relax as such, but i do feel removing the kickdrum in parts could add to the ambience a bit more, especially for a 6 minute piece in this. I do like Minimalism, so this is not a criticism of that style, especially since everything else was lovely. Great airy pads, and a lot of cool synth textures. Removing the kickdrum in parts could make this more awesome. Still though, good job!

Dex - Dex bringing out all of the percussion in this. It sounds like it's coming directly from the guitar, and not a bongo or something similar. The 180 into rock was....ok wtf lol. I think you're trolling me. Like that was the farthest thing i was expecting. It's sick though, loving that lead synth melody, (If a bit loud in parts). It totally has a Mega Man vibe that i dig. And were back to the percussive taps. What craziness are you gonna give us next? More rock, but this time Half-Time and more closer to a gritty Doom-ish game. Actually it sounds more like The Terminator for the Sega CD. Only after a pause we go back into that first rock section. I do love the sick rawk vibes, but man i'm sorry, that main lead melody cuts through the mix pretty harshly. It makes it almost borderline clipping. But it doesn't change or diminish any of the good qualities of the piece, however it does mean that with a little bit of mixing touches this could be perfect. Still loved it though, good job!

Coloradoweeks - More rock! This time this sounds like Garage Rock! That guitar and drum combo is soo good, it sounds soo authentic, and less mechanical as you might expect from a VST. Shame this is only a minute, as i could stand for another minute of this. The vocals are incredible as usual, although they are I don't know what it is, i suffer from it too, but a lot of melodies tend to be loud for some reason, throughout these compo's. I guess it's just how it is. The major chord at the end, in the 2nd part of the piece was a fantastic addition, really adds to the cool sort of Lydian feel (I'm not a Music Theory expert, so forgive me lol). Can't finish a piece without the classic Colorado ending. Almost close to basically having no ending, the sound barely fades out before it stops. I want to point out this is not me hating or anything, i hope you don't take that as a negative, it's just a joke that i make, in that all of your tracks finish with a delay that never properly fades out. The track just stops. Anyways i'm rambling, even with all of my minor criticisms, the track still bangs hard, and is just one sick piece. Regardless of what i say, i ended up picking this for the third spot! Amazing work

Misael.K - Ooh that guitar is very familiar, the riff reminds me of a 90's grunge song i don't know. Loving the chord choices, and that beat is very cool. Interesting how the beat is close up and almost dry, but the guitar is in the background, and sounds...roomy. Trance synths are not what i was expecting to find in this, but it's definately a welcome addition, really adds a nice contrast to the rock organ. Main lead melody is killer, love it. It has just a really nice set of changes, lots of lovely fills, and a lovely chord progression. I love the 2nd half. It was about to get a bit repetitive, but then you add a lot of cool textural elements, that expand a nice progression into a sick one. It's not a full on chord change or whatever, but it's a lovely set of synths, that really adds something to this, makes it more electro inspired. Honestly, there's nothing else to say, the whole thing was a lovely journey, great vibes. Amazing stuff, so amazing i picked it for the 2nd spot! Amazing work!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), Misael.K, Coloradoweeks.

These entries also deserved to be on the list:



Wassup Thunder (Man this was super theme fitting, shame it can't be on the list)

Awesome - BJKMenu, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Wassup Thunder, Coloradoweeks, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Arcana, Updlate, Koekepan, Dex.

Sep 28, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Illegal Alien Thief
  2. Breaking and Entering
  3. Plan and Outcome

bjkmenu: loving the noodliness.

TheVideoGamer: big heist energy.

DarkShadow: this fits very well with the theme.

awesum: bjkmenu, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, Koekepan, Lyra_183, upd|ate!, Wassup Thunder.

Sep 28, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. The Password is Yiffy
  2. ain't it nice
  3. The Mission

somebody set up us the bomb