One Hour Compo - Round 681 (OHC681)

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Oct 28, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. The Abyss
  2. Don't talk to the creepy girls in the woods
  3. Cannot say Farewell

great job everybody!

Oct 28, 2021 Koekepan
  1. Don't talk to the creepy girls in the woods
  2. Picture Of Woman
  3. The Secret In Her Eyes
I liked the comparative purity of these entries, as they related to the material. This is always a winning factor for me.
Oct 28, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. behind these eyes
  2. The Secret In Her Eyes
  3. Picture Of Woman

This whole round had me like 👀

Nov 03, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Don't talk to the creepy girls in the woods
  2. Picture Of Woman
  3. Extrasensory Detachment
    Wassup Thunder

@Souperion - Well now that the limit is enforced, i have to find ways to satisfy me and the rules. Honestly, if you believe in yourself, even you can make 6 minute tracks like me lol.

@MickRip - I'm glad i made your sub happy haha.

@Misael.K - Nope. It's "What are you staring at, fucker". That's good old Jim Carrey for you.

@Eva - In this context, it is actually pretty scary.

@CotMM - You've pretty much answered the question lol. Me, Myself and Irene is an absolutely classic movie.

@MickRip - Wut?

@CotMM - There you go. I've linked a clip of it, in the Discord if you want to watch it back in context.

@Misael.K - For those wondering, it's primarily a polyrhythm. However unlike standard polyrhythms i usually make, i constructed this at 126bpm, and stretched it, making it a very loose polyrhythm. The rest of the drums are sampled loops. In particular one from Drake lol. The drums don't really change, it's almost like a consistent pulse.

@Koekepan - When you listen back, it is kind of minimalistic (Maybe to such an extreme). However at the time, i was so invested in the groove, i almost thought it was the best thing i came up with. I guess that's the power of music eh? lol.

@Misael.K - The developments are small, so i can see the case to be made, for it's rather intense repetition. However i didn't purposely make it just one note on repeat for 6 minutes. They're things coming in and out that make it almost like a slow moving ambient piece. It's essentially got a pulse throughout, like a metronome, followed by different sounds. I like it, but i guess not everyone's a fan. I was super into it at the time, but i am starting to see the bigger picture.

@MickRip - It's more unnerving than anything. Maybe that's why it's so minimal.

@CotMM - Fair enough, some can perceive it as a bit too minimal. Sometimes it gets to the point, where i don't have any more ideas for expansion, and that's my cue to export. So the end result, is my end result if you get my drift.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track as described is a minimalistic one. I wasn't aware of how minimalistic it was, until i returned to the track. At the time i was too invested in the groove, and nearly at one point, thought it was the best thing i had done lol. The whole backbone consists of a pulsating triplet bass, over a 4/4 groove. Essentially a polyrhythm, however it's a loose polyrhythm, because it's essentially time-stretched at 126bpm. There's no real pause in the break, it's mainly just a looped bass. Let's be real though, what music can you exactly make from a woman staring at you? Minimal, Dark music seems to me, like the only way to go. The only other sounds that are significant, is a moody chord sequence, light percussive taps, FX that creep in and out, and a vocal snippet of Jim Carrey. See above if you want to find the movie. All in all, i like this, even if some might not.

Lyra_183 - Very nice singing as usual. Really great piano backing. Always improving, always growing. Keep at it! Good job!

DarkShadow - Saw waves straight from the NES. Really cool chords here, i'm strangely drawn into it. Always nice putting a spin on your signature sound. Very VGM Like, big fan of this one. Well done!

Souperion - Spacious piano vibes, very haunting. Nice blend with the strings. Kind of action packed for this image, but yet still feels haunting. The rock vibes that come in later, feel way too intense for the image. I imagine a final boss showdown in this track, and yet the image, is a woman staring into your eyes. Maybe it's me. I do like this track a lot though, very groovy and fun. While not image appropriate, it was catchy enough for me to give you the awesome category. Well done!

Koekepan - I see you are a big fan of using mallet sounds lol. Lovely choir, really emphasizes the dark atmosphere. Very fitting, and very moody, it's how i imagine encountering a strange woman. The vocals seem to add that touch of sparkle to the whole thing. Long story short, i loved this. Well done!

WWWW - Awesome name lol. Some seriously chromatic chords there, it's super jazzy but also strange. It's a very unique composition here, the chords are strangely....awesome. Like this is just soo good, but yet i can't describe why i love it. It's got a slow almost hip-hop beat, but the arps and melodies are so fast, it feels like DnB. The ending is abrupt, but the super unusual vibes were...just amazing. Well done!

Barley - Chugg guitar, always down for that. I am a huge fan of this tone, one of your best in a while. Drums are quiet unfortunately, i feel the guitar takes up a lot of space. Your singing is seriously good, so unique, definately gotten better every time. Despite all the small problems, i consider this to be your best in a long time, because the tone is so clear and thick, i love it, and the vocals are powerful, especially in contrast to your first entries. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Seems to be some kind of retro theme in a lot of these OHC entries this week, specifically in the use of squarewaves (Of course yours is commission work, so this was a given) Funky melodies in this one, you have such a great way of making melodies. I also love how it's that classic DDR sound, but you play with my expectations sometimes, so i can't always assume it's Chiptune or Ambient or both. Long story short, this is super well produced (Even if i can't really vote for it), well done!

cotmm68030 - Very intricate percussion, has that 90's industrial edge, with a hint of haunting ambience. Great vocal effects, very dark. Love the glitchy aspects, it's very fitting to the theme. Lots of cool developments. Well done!

MickRip - Lovely haunting chords on the piano. Each chord fits so well, it's kind of like delving into the mind of a maniac, that was once a beautiful soul. The piano and strings in this one, are honestly beautiful. I don't think i've ever heard a more beautiful composition than this, especially for your first entry. Just...wooow. This is extremely good, like incredible stuff. Awesome work!

Wassup Thunder - Lots of cool weird synths. Very Dark Ambient style, i like it a lot. Great synth syncopations, this is very interesting for Wassup Thunder. I don't think i've heard you do a full electronic song, that isn't Eurobeat, so this definately plays into my expectations. Really cold synth melodies, combined with cool techno beats. Really liking how it blends with the synths, definately a Sci-Fi horror. Awesome work!

Eva - Your tracks are getting very short lol. I like the guitar playing, but the one note chord, especially for 40 seconds feels a bit boring, sorry. It sounds like a start of a song, that could do with a bit of expansion. Lovely idea though, good job!

Misael.K - Very jazzy chords, sounds like a FM EP. Really lovely rain sounds, kind of going for a 80's lo-fi aesthetic. Admittedly not creepy, more like soothing inside the city (Lol, it feels like it fits OHC 678). Great drum work though, very funky, especially in contrast with the strings. Not what i think of, when i look at the images, but dam this was really good! Super enjoyable listen, amazing chords. Well done!

Suzumebachi - Rich and juicy synth bass coming out way. Great beat and bass. Very 80's inspired too, it feels like it belongs to some neon road theme. Super funky chords, great vibes. Admittedly i'm not getting much developments, as i'd hoped for. The intro is a bit too long, and there isn't really much in-terms of sound. As usual the harmony is incredible, and it is a really funky vibe, but it feels incomplete to me, and too reliant of the bassline, than the chords, sorry. Maybe it might change in future listens (Or maybe i'm too ignorant, who knows), but as of now, good job!

JH Sounds - Man your cover, for OHC 676 would have totally worked here lol. It's very fitting, because it has face in the title haha. In all seriousness though, this is a very nicely produced song. Great chords, great lyric writing, a ton of fun. Especially a fan of the rhythm and harmonies in the chords in this one. Well done!

Arcana - Dark chords, a stable for this theme. Great synth work, really like the vocal integrates well into the chords. Half-experimental but also kind of got that electro edge. I sense a bit of your modular synth in this. It feels weirdly out of tune in the synths, but i don't know if this is in part because of the modular work (If it's used). Lots of great moments, but i do feel the parts where it's out of tune in the melodies, kind of set it back a bit. Maybe it's a adjusting thing i don't know. Great work on the rest though, this was a ton of fun to listen to. Good job!

obScene - Pretty guitar and piano work, that reverb is gorgeous. Really like the wait flows and develops, you are really good at dark cinematic ambience, this is just amazing stuff. The guitar is very well executed, it just fits sooo well, even if it's not real. That reverb is just....incredible, really takes this above and beyond. That alone sends it straight to awesome territory. Amazing choir usage, this is a beautiful piece. Incredible work!

Top 3 - obScene, MickRip, Wassup Thunder

These 3 should also be on the list. Just soo good:




Awesome - DarkShadow, Souperion, Koekepan, WWWW, Barley, DDRKirby(ISQ), cotmm68030, MickRip, Wassup Thunder, Misael.K, JH Sounds, obScene.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Eva, Suzumebachi, Arcana.

Nov 04, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Cannot say Farewell
  2. Picture Of Woman
  3. The Abyss

too much eye contact or not enough?

Nov 04, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Don't talk to the creepy girls in the woods
  2. Picture Of Woman
  3. kinda space vibe

obScene: hauntingly beautiful.

MickRip: a lovely composition with great movement.

wwww: cool chord changes and cool melodies.

Koekepan: *knocks once*

awesum: Barley, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Koekepan, MickRip, obScene, Souperion, wwww.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, eva, JH Sounds, Lyra_183, Suzumebachi, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.