One Hour Compo - Round 404 (OHC404)

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Jul 14, 2016 Koekepan
  1. Find the Missing Piece
  2. Befuddle Puzzle
  3. Eceip gnissim
Random-storykeeper made an excellent entry, with lots of feeling. I wish that the recording quality had been higher, but her entry was exactly what music should be: affecting.

Suzumebachi had a very polished entry.

I liked Takeshi64's entry, although it seemed to be a bit truncated somehow. Perhaps a deep breath and a second run at it might have improved the overall result?
Jul 19, 2016 Misael.K
  1. Find the Missing Piece
  2. footsteps
  3. EOF not found?
Random-storykeeper: lovely vocals, lovely lyrics, lovely melody, lovely chords. OMG.

starla: ooooh, I love those little stereo panning beepboops, gives this a very mystical touch. Great vocals.

sci: too silly to be real. Too real to be silly. Real silly be to too. To be silly real too. Silly too be real to.

awesum: Suzumebachi, sci, Koekepan, starla, Random-storykeeper.
good: A-zu-ra, Garian, Takeshi64, DDRKirby(ISQ), NickC, TinyCastleGuy, Arcana. 
Jul 20, 2016 Random-storykeeper
  1. footsteps
  2. Missing Pieces
  3. Missing You
Because the votes got erased, we may never know who the other users voted for, initially. :(

Anyways, this was a really good round!

1) "footsteps" - Listening to this gives me chills. I love the panned bloops, which, paired with the vocals, really make this piece shine. A simple song, but executed beautifully.

2) "Missing Pieces" - The first half of this piece has a bit of mystery, but its calming atmosphere still retains that "puzzle game" feel to it. I find it intriguing. Initially, I didn't like the second half, but upon listening to it throughout the week, it grew on me. While there is a contrast, it also feels connected to the first half somehow.

3) "Missing You" - The "logo" sound at the beginning is very inviting and hearing it as a recurring theme really holds the piece together. To me, it feels more like a piece about being together with someone than missing someone, but hey, that's just me. Cute entry overall.


Also awesome:

"Untitled X" - Snappy piano chords are my weakness.

"Eceip gnissim" - I like the general blend of sounds and the use of bends. Everything comes in at the right time.

- "EOF not found?"
- "Notch Filter, Sidechain, PWM, all about missing pieces"
- "Originality Not Found"
- "Corporate Bullshit"
Jul 21, 2016 TinyCastleGuy
  1. Find the Missing Piece
  2. footsteps
  3. Missing You
Very nice vocal entries this round! It's a shame I waited until this late to vote (even with an extra week to listen to the entries), because narrowing it down was tough thanks to all the great ones.