One Hour Compo - Round 795 (OHC795)

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Jan 04, 2024 Koekepan
  1. sorry 2024
  2. Emotions Undetected
  3. realizations
Great and relevant entries.

Treyt really delivered; coloradoweeks came ahead by a hair.
Jan 05, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. realizations
  2. Deep in Suspense
  3. Thought Loops

All comments are replied to on Discord making this bit irrelevant. Onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - I won't explain much in terms of track because it is very simple. And by simple, i mean i took a 4 chord sequence and looped it to the end. The reason being that i dedicated some time to make some rap vocals out of a robot TTS. I made up some lyrics into a TTS (Which aren't the greatest), and then essentially recorded it to audacity. I also made sure the vocals were at least to some degree, on beat in hopes it sounds relatively like a rap song. I can't sing or speak at 2am in the morning, so this will be the best alternative. Again it's really nothing too complex, especially since 60 percent of my producing time was on the vocals. The track is about why Domestic Violence is wrong. Largely because the theme is hard hitting, the track is also hard hitting. Plus the images made me see things people might not. The women is crying and the man is a little....pissed. It would be weird to call it a cheating scenario if this would be the case. Who knows i just rolled with it, because it was different. Anyways, the track has 2 drum layers, with one being a breakbeat, a guitar and soft piano layer, a synth pad, and a bassline following the chords. That's really it, the vocals are the star, that's why the track is simple. Surprisingly people loved it, which is great. Oh well, glad you liked it anyways!

BJKMenu - Lots of thick basslines it's very dope. Kind of like modern 80's music, but with a EDM tinge. Not what i was expecting to be honest, since you mostly do funky guitar stuff, and not heavy synth rock. Don't know where the vocals come on, but wow they're good. The mix is a little hollow to be honest, i do think you could tone down some of the harsh properties of the bassline, and some of the boominess on the drums. However the idea is crazy good. You work very fast, and surprisingly produce very good quality music. You know i'll give you this one, there is way more to like than dislike, and the guitar playing is top notch as always, well done!

Koekepan - 5 minute Koekepan returns! Gone is the short noodles, in favour of a longplay lol. This is very synth focused, and i mean that in like a synthwave way. Not really chill, and has a bit of a ominous 80's style to it. I do love the chords here, it's not just a traditional minor sound, but rather some chords are ambiguous. You don't know which chord it's trying to sound like. It is a bit on the minimal side, however it goes through plenty of chord changes, so i am not bored in the slightest. That melody is very dope, although maybe i would have gone for a bit more of a solo vibe, than a simple airy melody vibe if you get me. Surpassingly little percussion here, i assumed there was gonna be more drum stuff. Not expecting spoken word, but i love it, adds more to that ominous feel, if perhaps a little quiet. All in all, this is some really top notch stuff from you, great stuff, awesome work!

DarkShadow - NES DarkShadow woo les goo! That is one tight groove i must say to say it's blistering fast in parts. This is actually pretty awesome, i want more of this, it's got a catchy melody, not too dissonant, and the mix is very nicely done! Honestly man, well done this was dope! Best DarkShadow composition to date really, very hard hitting, and was enough for me to place it 2nd! Amazing work!

Nukage - We could all do with more happiness lol. I think this is a troll title though, because these vocals are pretty...demented. And that techno not nukage wow. Man you guys always subvert my expectations. More of this please. The kick is very boomy here, the whole mix is very crushed, like...very. And that pains me, because this compositional incredible. But this mix is soo god dang loud and clipped. It's a tough spot for sure. I thought about it for a bit, and i ended up giving it to you, based on how awesome that idea is. It was barely a well done though, that composition alone saved it from impending doom. Well done!

cotmm68030 - You know i haven't seen you in compo for the past few rounds, which is kind of interesting. I am aware stuff has happened, just like it has in mine, where i can't always make it (See the last round for example), and i also know you weren't feeling 100 percent (Hope your ok), but it's nice to see you return with a 5 minute cool Dark Ambient epic. The drums are soft, kind of representing a heart-beat. The ambience was very cold and distorted, but soon you abandon that for more intense kicks, thick overblown guitars and one hell of a vocal performance. I forget how much is you doing that, or if that's just a processing effect. Even with all the distortion and unsettling ambience, it's surprisingly very tonal! And weirdly calming, despite my prior comments. Maybe NIN inspired music just calms me lol. I don't know why, but this is very dope! The vocals are lovely, and clear too, sometimes it's a bit hard to understand, but i got this very well. The ambience is top notch, so hard hitting and theme relevant to me i picked it for the top spot. Incredible work!

NeonLasagna - Welcome new guy! I am TheVideoGamer i am known for writing essays in compo lol. I love this funkiness, it has that oldschool chiptune and funky 80's vibe going on, but with a bit of modern sounds. The bassline is soo juicy, and the chords are dope! If you want my critique, the lead doesn't have a purpose, and the melody is a bit lost in this. Although the track is 1:46 i still feel like we could have moments where we loose the drums, and effectively keep it mostly atmospheric if you will. There is definately lots of potential. However my first entry i made pales in comparison to this, it's definately a lovely dope idea, with lots of potential for refinement. Welcome man, good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The delay piano from Kirby is back! It's such a signature sound from you, i can't shake it away lol. It's kind of creepy in parts, yet kind of....funky. I always don't know where it's gonna go, and this is a prime example. The various drum switches are just crazy wow. The bassline is awesome, but it's probably a weakness of mine. It just feels so dark and spooky, but then you introduce some lovely melodic elements, that make it quite tonal. So many changes in this, it's like a rollercoaster ride. Nothing bad to say, i loved this a lot, so good infact i picked it 3rd! Well done!

Garian - At least you entered....even if it's only 23 seconds. I mean don't get me wrong this is seriously dope, it's very video gamey sounding, even if no VGM sounds are really used (I get more Eurodance vibes personally), and the chord progression is good, but like 23 seconds is really pushing it lol. I get basically no music. Sorry dude but good job!

Coloradoweeks - For the theme that is quite...hard hitting, a lot of the songs are kind of tame, in terms of emotion. Maybe i'm thinking too hard. I do love the RnB in this, it's got a bit of a soul vibe going on. The ad-libs are lovely, and the singing is amazing as usual. Some parts are deliberately breathy, which makes it more...personal. Nice Axis of Awesome progression. Honestly it's just awesome stuff from you, even though the track is not intense as the theme actually is. Maybe i just like hard hitting music who knows. Anyways, this was lovely, awesome work!

Treyt - Look at that, i'm not the only one doing rap! You actually did a rap song, i did a bit of a mess job with mine lol (Shoutout to Misael.K for making it 100 times better). I am missing a bassline, it's soo good as an idea, but the bassline makes this a whole lot better. Maybe an 808 sub. The melody is fire though, that progression totally encapsulates the raw emotion of the two images, and the rap was dope as hell (Although slight critique, the voice is a little...monotone and emotionless, exactly like mine). The lack of bassline is too noticeable for me, i feel it could make this soo much better, so i'm so sorry man, it's a good job from me. Don't be discouraged though, there is potential! Good job!

NickC - Not many people are going hard with the titles, maybe the topic is too much for them. Digging that rumbly piano, and really nice cello sound. It can be a bit boomy depending on taste, but ultimately the atmosphere is there, and it definately fits the theme. I love the different chord changes, you sound like Beethoven. The high registers in the violin melody were much needed, really adds a lovely spooky element to the track. However i can't really get over how boomy the piano is. I know taste is personal, but the track is soo based out from the piano, it makes it hard to identify any real chord progression in this track. I do dig the seasonings in this, so not all is lost. Good job!

lunarice - Great title lol. This is some really cool warbly keys! Very detuned, very spooky. Yeah a lot of spooky tracks this week, but mostly tame in terms of punch. I do like how it slowly morphs into some kind of Slim Shady key riff, that would soon be turned into a beat and some intense raps. Man it just sound Eminem for some reason. I do think we could go for some more sounds, i feel it's very thin at the moment, maybe include some more dynamics, a string section. However that sound alone did pack a bit of punch i must say. Lots of potential here, good job!

Arcana - Great chords, it has that cool trancey like vibe. Great singing too, it's definately got a bit of a emotional tinge, although mostly electronic. Some parts of the vocals are a bit upfront, and sometimes a little out of tune (It might be a voice crack who knows). The drops is very satisfying though, such a big dynamic change, i was totally hype for it. The guitar work is seriously strong too! It doesn't feel cheap or fake. The vocals towards the end are a bit...intense. Maybe tone it down a little, but the idea was pretty lovely! I definately see a lot with this track, the arrangement is top notch! Good job!

Misael.K - You know it's only 15 entries, and yet for some reason it feels like 25. I don't know why, you guys never disappoint with the entries, but yet it feels longer than it should, oh well. That is one sus piano lol. Sick singing, i kind of knew you were gonna sing for this, but at the same time, i have been surprised before. This is some serious good chord changes! The chorus with the open guitar was kind of a jumpscare to be honest lol. Maybe a little loud, but it's not clipping, and the rest more than makes up for it. The vocals are well clear in this (Although maybe it could be even more clearer). Even with all my points, the composition itself far outweighs the rest, and i ended up giving it to you. Well done!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ).

I went for the ones that hit me the hardest in relation to the concept of the theme.

These 2 also potentially deserve to be on the list:



Awesome - BJKMenu, Koekepan, DarkShadow, Nukage, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), coloradoweeks, Misael.K.

Needs Work - NeonLasagna, Garian, Treyt, NickC, Lunarice, Arcana.

Jan 11, 2024 NeonLasagna
  1. Thought Loops
  2. Deep in Suspense
  3. realizations

Jan 11, 2024 Misael.K
  1. sorry 2024
  2. Domestic Violence is Not Ok (Featuring Bad T T S Vocals)
  3. It All Ends

coloradoweeks: no ripoff here, just an awesome track.

TheVideoGamer: this was lovely! TTS voice or not, it's a great rap.

Koekepan: very apt and theme accurate. Very melancholic.

awesum: coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), Koekepan, lunarice, TheVideoGamer, Treyt.
good: Arcana, bjkmenu, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Garian, NeonLasagna, NickC, nukage.

Jan 11, 2024 NickC
  1. realizations
  2. No More Lies
  3. Plush Doggie vs. You