posted in OHC786 on Nov 02, 2023

Apologies to Mister Fox.

Damen und Herren, ich kann einfach nicht glauben, dass wir nicht öfter darüber sprechen, aber das Gehör von Füchsen ist absolut atemberaubend! Es ist an der Zeit, aufzuwachen und die schiere Faszination dafür zu schätzen, was diese Tiere mit ihren Ohren leisten können.

Ich meine, im Ernst, Füchse haben Ohren, die unsere Ohren in den Schatten stellen. Diese spitzen, glockenförmigen Ohren können Geräusche aufnehmen, von denen die meisten von uns nicht einmal träumen können. Wir sprechen hier von Supergehör, Leute! Sie hören das leiseste Rascheln von Blättern, das leiseste Trippeln eines Tieres, selbst wenn es unter einer Schneedecke vergraben ist. Es ist, als hätten sie eine geheime Hotline zur Welt der Geräusche, von der wir uns nicht einmal vorstellen können.

Aber das ist noch nicht das Beste. Füchse hören nicht nur gut, sie hören INTELLIGENT. Diese Tiere können die genaue Quelle eines Geräusches mit chirurgischer Präzision orten. Sie können ihre Ohren wie Radargeräte drehen und wissen, ob das Geräusch von links, rechts oder von hinten kommt. Es ist, als hätten sie ein eingebautes GPS für Geräusche!

Warum ist das wichtig, fragen Sie? Es geht nicht nur darum, der ultimative Lauscher von Waldgeheimnissen zu sein, obwohl das schon beeindruckend genug ist. Nein, es geht um ÜBERLEBEN. Füchse sind auf ihr unglaubliches Gehör angewiesen, um nach Nahrung zu jagen. Sie können das leiseste Piepen einer Maus hören, selbst wenn sie unter der Erde versteckt ist, und dann, BÄM! Sie schnappen sich ihre Beute mit unübertroffener Genauigkeit. Das ist Prädator-Exzellenz, meine Freunde!

Aber hier ist das Entscheidende - ihr Gehör hilft ihnen auch dabei, miteinander zu kommunizieren. Sie haben eine ganze Bandbreite von Lautäußerungen, und ihre außergewöhnlichen Ohren sorgen dafür, dass sie jede Nuance hören. Sie sind wie die besten Geheimagenten des Tierreichs, immer auf derselben Wellenlänge, immer informiert.

Also, was können wir hieraus mitnehmen? Wir sollten mehr wie Füchse sein! Wir haben vielleicht nicht Ohren, die so beeindruckend sind, aber wir können ganz sicher aufmerksamer sein, die Welt um uns herum beachten und die Feinheiten schätzen, die das Leben uns bietet.

Zusammenfassend: Lassen Sie uns begeistert sein von den Füchsen und ihren atemberaubenden Hörvermögen. Lassen Sie uns aufgeregt sein über ihr Supergehör, ihre Präzision und ihre Überlebensinstinkte. Es ist an der Zeit, den Geist des Fuchses zu kanalisieren und aufmerksamer, bewusster und stärker im Einklang mit der Welt um uns herum zu sein. Danke, Damen und Herren, dass Sie mir erlauben, meine Begeisterung über das unglaubliche Gehör von Füchsen auszuleben!

dreaming of ouroboros

posted in OHC770 on Jul 13, 2023

In a room engulfed in shadows deep,

A coven gathered, their secrets to keep.

Mystic symbols adorned the walls,

Candles flickered, as darkness calls.

O serpent of the ancient night,

Unleash your power, grant us sight.

In this ritual, we invoke your name,

Guide us through the abyss, where shadows reign.

An egg, black as obsidian, appeared,

Whispers of the arcane, a chant was seared.

Cracks spread, with an eerie glow,

Revealing a creature, the world would soon know.

O serpent of the ancient night,

Unleash your power, grant us sight.

In this ritual, we invoke your name,

Guide us through the abyss, where shadows reign.

The serpent emerged, its scales aglow,

A dance with darkness, it began to show.

Eyes filled with wisdom, secrets untold,

Devotion offered, allegiance to behold.

O serpent of the ancient night,

Unleash your power, grant us sight.

In this ritual, we invoke your name,

Guide us through the abyss, where shadows reign.

united we fall

posted in OHC769 on Jul 06, 2023

you stared at myself

as i looked in your eyes

will the future become

the past we'll despise

lets work together

to tear this apart

united we fall

united we fall

united we fall

my wasteland supreme

your american dream

what a perfect disguise

when we don't have to hide

and i'll take up your hand

if you'll run with my plan

united we fall

united we fall

united we fall


posted in OHC752 on Mar 09, 2023

recorded a bunch of guitars to try and do something pop-adjacent, had to step away from my daw until a few minutes before deadline. time for jank.

hypoxic dilithium infusion chamber

posted in OHC750 on Feb 23, 2023

well intentioned wankery gone less than ideal. Started as an attempt to poorly do 'hard rock' with a bass guitar and a six-string. Devolved into soundscape, but didn't have the dynamic flavor to keep things interesting for 6 minutes, so I folded it onto itself down to this just over 3 minute runtime. Was a good exercise in trying to recover from a series of poorly executed ideas. 100% sourced from recordings of two of my guitars with no synths.

under control

posted in OHC721 on Aug 04, 2022

behind the mirror

my darkened eyes

your hopeful glimmer

has come to die





the life you once had

empty and cold

the world you wanted

under my control





astral drifting

posted in OHC719 on Jul 21, 2022

started with an idea for a more industrial track. fell apart. did this instead. driving fast, sliding sideways, looking at the stars in a trance. or something.

the abyss that begins from within

posted in OHC714 on Jun 16, 2022

a meditation on small sounds becoming inescapable. becoming intoxicated and oxygen deprived at the same time.

features an undulating texture derived from tiny sources, including the highly amplified internal noise of the long tails of quiet synths, and contact microphones on a refrigerator compressor.

a slight distortion of the truth

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022

the background textures were constructed by creating a sound from an image of the letters of the first theme repeating over and over again. the story was lifted from a cassette tape I found of myself rambling cult like statements for nearly an hour, probably some time around 1995. the soundscape in the background of the vocals would have been created by balancing the feedback of the speakers in the recording space by while processing effects through guitar pedals and the real time audio manipulation abilities of an early sound digitizer attached to our amiga computer.

serendipitous serenade

posted in OHC701 on Mar 17, 2022

entirely built from random selections of instruments, random selection of chord progressions, and arpeggiators set to randomly select intervals within the random chords. Serendipitously, it kind of worked.

prisoner of doors

posted in OHC700 on Mar 10, 2022

for every door that has been slammed shut

i will still try and find a way

for every passaged closed and blocked

i will push on every day

and in the darkness behind these walls

i will tear open a new way

and in the prison of my mind

i will push on every day

mostly ambient

posted in OHC696 on Feb 10, 2022

The middle solo is a autotuned sample I recorded of my college dorm room window back in 2003. I'm so glad to have finally found a use for it.

raise your voice

posted in OHC686 on Dec 02, 2021
stand your ground
when you tear it down

speak your voice
as your flag your hoist

hear the withered cries
that you can't deny

we can take no more
we can take no more

battles rage
our hope made fade

but we will stand
for what we demand

we can take no more
we can take no more

the worlds erased

posted in OHC683 on Nov 11, 2021

before the sun shines out its rays

of the final light before better days

can i still see the stars 

through the bitter glowing haze

the steely grip shuts us away

to give our children one more day

but those distant lights still call my name

the worlds apart that we erased


posted in 2HTS387 on Aug 29, 2021

i was going to just watch starla's twitch stream, but then she asked where my song was, so i had to make one.

left among the reeds at sunset

posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021

started with a gritty industrial song, didn't like it, started something else, and crashed before i saved.

made in 15 minutes from a single take recording of whatever acoustically interesting things i could find around the house.

Your Love

posted in OHC662 on Jun 17, 2021
your love is like the cold of the moon
deeply cold and always there

your love is like the dark of the moon
hidden distant but always there

your love is like the stars in the sky
beautiful inspiring and so far away 

your love is like the galaxy
impossibly huge
and it makes me feel small

insignificant in the face of your pull
like a black hole ready to swallow me
string me along as i fall into you
and all of me is torn apart

iridescent reflection

posted in OHC661 on Jun 10, 2021

a million small spheres each with their own version of the world they've inhabited for only the briefest of time. every one of them coloured by their own frailty, shifting and writhing as they loft hopelessly in the currents they are trapped in. a moment of joy, imperfect and suddenly ended.

Never Quite The Same

posted in OHC659 on May 27, 2021

bittersweet like the love in a dream

never quite as real

covering faults with decadent thoughts

never quite as true

aromatic in the dark

never quite the same

filling my mind with nostalgic drops

never quite remains

sickly sweet and blinding bright

never quite what you want

an aftertaste hanging in the air

never quite as real it seems

hot frog bubbles

posted in OHC654 on Apr 22, 2021

I got to thinking about an ambient track centered around bubbles and water noise with cold wind blowing, but then it sounded like frogs to me which made me think about frogs in the backyard when we're swimming but that wasn't hottub enough so i thought maybe some beats would spice it up. yep.

a tightly woven thread

posted in 90MC013 on Apr 20, 2021

a tightly woven thread makes light of the cord between us

holding us to better things as we speak lies and truths ever closer

do not let these threads unravel

bring fast your grip to winding ever tighter

make the way before you certain and firm

save your regrets for another day

for when that last moment arrives

it is the binding of fibers that gives us the greatest strength

how come

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

entirely composed from samples sourced from my washer and dryer. Turns out you get a nice reverb when you stick your head in it.

technically that means the entire signal chain was dry.

solid as a stone

posted in OHC647 on Mar 04, 2021

i stood still 

solid as a stone

even as i was tossed away

spinning over the void

splashing down over and over


and as i sank

i would not be moved

and as i fell

i would not be moved

and as i lay

i would not be moved

i stood still

solid as a stone

even as i was tossed away

tear it all down

posted in OHC644 on Feb 11, 2021

mostly this, but not in this order, because.. chaos. or something.


burn burn tear it all down

the smoldering coals of a life left wasted


flame flame and make it hot

set the world on fire and throw it away


smoke and ash rising in the sky

the putrid air choking

heat and tears burnished on your cheeks


turn your back and be consumed by the heat


staring back

posted in OHC627 on Oct 15, 2020

i see my reflection

screaming back at me

i see my intentions

breaking through my screen


callus frosted wisdom

reaching back inside

entangled moments fracture

steal away my lies


Ripped Paper Reclaimation

posted in OHC611 on Jun 25, 2020

I found this track tightly wound up and wedged between some bricks in a wall. It fell apart as I tried to extract it from it's masonry prison. I took the tattered fragments and lovingly reassembled them. Most things don't go back together undamaged.


Candy Coated

posted in OHC610 on Jun 18, 2020
it fills me up but i'm still empty
sweet on my tongue and poison in my head
chew it up to make it go away

choking on the shards always makes me feel ok

does the flavor lie
if it tastes so good
do my thoughts betray
like i said they never would

throw it out and make it stop
unwrap another shiny waste of time
empty the bag and put it over my head

there's never one more chance

You've Gone Away

posted in OHC607 on May 28, 2020

Improvised Lyrics and Vocals: Lyra Lilith 

Arrangement: Children of the Monkey Machine



No lyrics text on this one. She made them up on the spot after looking at the pictures for a few seconds and sung them with no pitch or time reference!

Drowned in Mud

posted in OHC606 on May 21, 2020

Ambience, Kalimba, Vocals: Children of the Monkey Machine

Lyrics, Vocals: Lux Delora

Vocals: Lyra Lillith  


Recording live instruments is tricky!


The roots of the willow, drowned in mud.

Feathers of a pillow, too many floods.

Trapped inside, continuously growing.

The mud has dried, the wind still blowing.


Oh! Locked beneath, no escape, I see the teeth, and the open gapes.

No! Hear me! Hear my screams! It has me. Endless dreams! How much longer can this be?

Calling willow, endless floods. Ill never know, what I owe. The wet dirt drawing bugs.


The waters, they washed ashore. Their daughters, screaming out the door.

Claiming houses, claiming land. Their busy spouses, and their empty hand.

Quickly pacing, with the buckets. Endless racing, all their screaming, causing ruckus.  


Into the Blue

posted in OHC605 on May 14, 2020

An ultraquick collaboration between Children of the Monkey Machine and his daughter.  


Hastily written ambience: CotMM

Words and Vocals: Lux Delora



I close my eyes, just to think. Its basically just a really long blink. Blinking and closing my eyes, as the colors fade, from the skies.


I slowly fall into the blue, and I see the shadows engulfing you. As I cry and scream for help, all they hear is a welp. A welp they deceive as a sound of pain, when really, Im just in vain.


I never should have gone into the blue. I see the shadows, around you. I fear what they will do to you, I never should have gone into the blue.


Help me! Can they not hear my call? Do they just want to tear me until I fall? They tear me from those safe, warm arms, and now I am so far. I write these letters in bold, and now, I am so, so cold.

The Killing Joke

posted in OHCTF2 on Jul 25, 2008
Some noise-ambient silliness, thrown together hastily for your enjoyment.

Uses the following samples exclusively, in their entirety:

Your Locals on the Fifths

posted in OHC015 on Jul 09, 2008
Hastily thrown together while I'm stuck in a hotel room away from my family.

Turns out I had a few loop libraries on this laptop along with B4 and Absynth...

The floor in here smells like sweat :(
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