Week 54 (90MC054)

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Feb 01, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. stagnant growth
  2. Growing plant

Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - This track is primarily relaxing elements stacked upon hard-hitting beat. You know, the stuff you often see me do lol. I would call this ambient mixed with breakbeats, but this generates a bit of controversy for some reason, even though to me there is enough evidence to consider it breakbeat ambient. Maybe semi-ambient lol. Everything is primarily C Major, to match the simplicity of the beautiful images (You know how much i love these sparkly and colourful images, especially if it's something uplifting. I don't know, i just like it lol). There is a few mix of samples and synths, to create a free-flowing beautiful piece of music. I like this one, hope you do too!

cotmm68030 - Beautiful moody lo-fi ambience. Love the reverse samples, feels like were going back in time for some reason. One half chill, one half unsettling. Well done!

Sansero - Really nice guitar melodies here, very warm. Everyone is right, it does remind me of Stardew Valley. The synth and string combos, really make it very calm and atmospheric. Like the subtly of the drums here, i feel it makes the whole thing move, without it being intense. All in all, lovely stuff, well done!

DJohn - This is kind of a very moving tribute. Really loving the emotional piano and strings. This is super powerful! It feels like it belongs to a movie. Lovely stuff, well done! If i could vote for this, i would. Shame i can't. Well done though!

Vaiaphraim - Any music is good music dude! The chords are super unique and kind of jazzy. Lovely GM sounds, really digging the marimba vibes. For 30 minutes, this was super solid! Like actually this is really good. Well done!

I can't do a top 3, because i can only vote for 2. I can't also do a needs work, because everyone's was awesome. Great work this week you guys!

Feb 08, 2022 cotmm68030
  1. Sunny Vegitation
  2. Growing plant