Week 37 (90MC037)

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Oct 06, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. receiving a participation award
  2. A Friendly Handshake
  3. In the 80s you could shake hands

Yo guys i was absent for 2 days, because i was on holiday. Surprising right? Just got back yesterday, so i'm glad to be submitting. I was gonna do 2hts, but i was out, and didn't have a focused environment to make something on my phone. So i ended up missing that one, but i did managed to submit for this one. Didn't do the party, i was eating at the time, but let's vote.

@Gerych - Yes they are. It was made to help distinguish between my ThaSauce name and my Discord name. Also i thought it was a bit cool. 

@Harvey - Nope, it's a SpongeBob sample.

@Vaia - That is true, especially if you've seen the episode. I love early SpongeBob.

@Harvey - It's very Jazz inspired. Almost like funky music.

@Vaia - Thanks dude, it wasn't made in a long time, maybe about 50 minutes to an hour. Glad you liked it!

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - The track was built out of a looped jazz chord progression lasting about 1 bar. Other elements are added on top, but it's mostly that being looped, because i liked the simple essence of it. It's a complex chord sequence sure, but it's very short, so it mostly relies on looping, the drums and the vocal samples. The samples are primarily from SpongeBob's valentine's day episode, while the drums are a multitude of kicks, percussion, about 3-4 hi-hat layers and some bongos, which fit more into the background as a additional ornament. I really like this, i think it sounds really nice. Sure i would have expanded it, and maybe make it less repetitive, but as of now i think it's great. Glad you liked it.

cotmm68030 - Really nice ambience here, love the combination of Trent Reznor industrial sounds and drums, with the dark ambience, very nice soundscapes. Very unusual for the theme, this is the last thing i expect with Hand Shaking, however the theme is odd to begin with, completely took me by surprise when i first opened it up. This is definately more of the experimental variety, love the vocal manipulations. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Woah this definately feels like a Genesis game i should no, but after so much research i gave up. I hate this so much, it's literally on the tip of my tongue, and i don't know it. The only comparison i have is Thunder Force, and that's not the game i'm even thinking off. Anyways, lovely melodies as always, very nice for a minute. Well done!

Sansero - Lol is that title a reference to Covid? Lovely synth work here, you've improved so much since i've first heard you, the drums are mixed super nicely. Loving the synth melodies a lot, this is lovely stuff. Well done!

Gerych02 - Welcome new guy, i think i've seen you in PRC. Really nice tight drum grooves here, very funky bass. The piano melodies are lovely, very nice and tight mix. Loving the fade in, fade out approach, very unique. Great developments on the piano, kind of jazzy. Extremely nice work, well done!

JH Sounds - Not expecting a Starla cover for this theme, but i'm all for it lol. You sing it very well. Also it's rare to see you in 90mc, your usually in OHC. Oh well, glad to see you. It's amazing how you've managed to make it your own as well, compared to the original. Long story short, i enjoyed this a lot, well done!

Harvey - Nice synth bass, kind of funky but also uplifting. Great chords, liking the synths. Very bass heavy, i feel like the chords need to be shifted up an octave. The rest though sounds nice, like when the piano comes in. The drums could do with a few fills, but all in all great work. I'll give you this one, because i don't like outing you out as the only entry, and it was very nice stuff. Well done!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, Vaiaphraim, Sansero

Awesome - Everyone!

Needs Work - No one!

Oct 12, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Too Late (cover of injury)
    JH Sounds
  2. In the 80s you could shake hands
  3. A Friendly Handshake

we'll shake on it and call it good.

Oct 12, 2021 Sansero
  1. A Friendly Handshake
  2. Jazz Hands
  3. Office