Week 23 (90MC023)

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Jun 29, 2021 Vaiaphraim
  1. Bushes in a peaceful desert
  2. I'm a tree
  3. Something

@Sansero - I loved the arrangement and the instruments you picked; great mix, too! Maybe a tiiiny bit heavy on the low end for a realistic orchestral feel, but great composition either way, felt very VGM :)

@Lyra_183 - It's awesome, seeing you get better each week. Great vocals, and nice piano arps, the mix is decent, too - also, the transition after the intro (or, well, the first half of the track) is truly epic. A brief suspense, right into a beautiful release, of all the tension the track built up since the start. I loved the build, and what you made out of it :) Oh, and the bump into the mic near the end made me chuckle, not sure if you left it there on purpose^^

@JohnGabrielUK - Super calm and harmonic. The delay on one of the guitars has a nice percussive feel, so drums and other sfx didn't really appear to be needed at all. A very short piece, but I still liked the way the track evolved over time, with some elements joining in and passing by.

@cotmm68030 - Even if the title doesn't state it that way, I find that the howling vocals in the background make for a nice "windy" atmosphere. Cool drum patterns and synths. I know you said it's unfinished, but apart from the drastic volume differences between beat off and beat on, it wasn't all that apparent :)

@TVG - You might not be happy, but I am elated - I can't believe it's within the max length of 90MC! (j/k^^). For literal 5 minutes, this is actually a really quick start you had here. Great to see how you're getting faster every time. Nice syncopation on the synths, and the classic clipped drums. Fun stuff, well done!

@xRuvq8 - Was glad to hear your bonus track after the party. Clipping aside, I enjoyed the soundscape you created with guitars, pads, and some spacy SFX. Thanks for sharing!