Week 78 (90MC078)

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Jul 19, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Tree on the mountain top
  2. glacial memories
  3. Mountaintop Tree Fantasy

I was gonna put CotMM higher than Sansero, but i felt Sansero just fits the theme more for me. More serene, rather than a desolate cold landscape. Still though, great work you guys!

TheVideoGamer - I made a track using a 90's hip hop/ breakbeat sort of style mixed with some calming yet cold pads, some bells and a funky melody. It's pretty good, even with it's long ending.

CotMM - Super sweet textures. Very cold sounding, and menacing like you're anticipating an avalanche. Love this one.

Sansero - Very cute and organic sounding, love the orchestral touches!

Exubeat - Tight EDM trap vibes. Loving how hard the kickdrum sounds.

Vaia - Lovely GM stuff. Always a fun to listen to!

Awesome work all!

Jul 19, 2022 Vaiaphraim
  1. glacial memories
  2. Lonesome Tree On Top Of A Snowy Hill
  3. treescape

Very much on point, guys! Be it melodies or soundscapes, you really nailed it :)