Week 32 (90MC032)

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Sep 02, 2021 Vaiaphraim
  1. Countdown (not that one)
  2. Almost twelve

@JohnGabrielUK: I enjoy your orchestral arrangements a lot, including this one. Very dark, moody, and dramatic!

@Sansero: I love the way you build your track from being very minimal to a very rich arrangement. The "metronome" was a nice touch; just maybe a bit too overpowering in some sections.


With the epic vox of David John (cool song, loved it!), and the raw recordings of Jose (I mean "raw" in a good way, you gave it your all, despite recording on a phone), and TVGs morning composition, we had a few sweet bonus tracks, too, but cmon guys, you can finish and upload in time next time - I believe in you!

Sep 07, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Temporal Fracture
  2. Countdown (not that one)
  3. Almost twelve

While i didn't submit anything that can quantify as a official entrant, i at least made my presence known with a 50 second snippet of something. I call it Jazzy Techno, even if it's simple and arguably boring. However i will vote this week, as well as try to at least upload something.

JohnGabrielUK - The clock ticking is a great idea, really sets the mood. Now honestly, as a British person myself, i'm not familiar with the source. I mean i know the show, but i don't remember this theme, only a different theme. This is what i'm referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2dhD9zR6hk

It might be the same, who knows, but this is what i'm referring to. Anyways, the string work is lovely, beautiful sounds, well done!

Vaiaphraim - Always loving your melodic ideas, you write such great melodies! A lot of you went for the clock ticking effect, which is kind of funny. Very lovely compression on the drums, very much Dubstep EDM, and really nicely produced too. Well done!

Sansero - This one sounds like a water droplet haha. Not expecting that as the clock ticking. Super nice melodies, really liking your synthwave stuff a lot, very retro sounding. The drums are also really good, although to be honest i was expecting more harder beats. The organ is a beautiful touch, well done!

Jose - You honestly have a really lovely singing voice, very unique. This could work well on top of a EDM beat or something. Although it is acapella, i enjoyed it a lot, well done!

DJohn - Why do you sing so well. Why....like i've never listened to a voice so beautiful. In a god damn 90mc. The piano just really propels the emotion. Awesome work! I would have voted for this, if it made to ThaSauce.

Top 3 - Vaiaphraim, JohnGabrielUK, Sansero

Awesome - Everyone was awesome!

Needs Work - Nobody!