414th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS414)


"It's a lovely fruitful day, and you are making your journey to the studio to make some dope bangers. All of this is suddenly interrupted, when a police car stops by you, and and one of the offices begins to call your name. You panic, and begin to run, however it's too late. The cops tackle you to the ground, put you in handcuffs, and then eventually into a prison cell. An innocent human being, taken by the cops, for nothing. You can't sit like this, you have to escape, and clear your name".

Click on the link below, and try to see if you can get out of this place. Any choice you make throughout the adventure will lead you to a theme, no matter what risks you take. It's all up to you, to prove your innocence. Each option you click on, will lead you to different rooms/parts of the story, and for the moments with no choices provided, simply click the next button at the bottom. Once you have received your theme, you complete your track, using the standard 2hts proceedings, including the 2hrs 15 minutes producing time, and the listening party which is on discord. Good luck!



The participants have two hours to make a song and additional 15 minutes are granted for mastering and uploading. The chat happens on Discord. See the attachment for this week's theme video!

Start: on 3/6/22
Deadline: on 3/6/22
Voting: on 3/13/22

Entries (8)